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  1. I think she inherited it from her father. Since he mysteriously disappeared, maybe all those years he is trying to find a solution to solve this mystery.Hope that is the case.
  2. Both of them feel vulnerable , so they are always in defense mechanisms mode. Since now they know each others secret, they can worked together. Things seem to be moving along and i hope its in the right direction.
  3. I hope HSG's condition will get better or even back to her normal self as she aged. Anyway i just going to enjoy the drama even if it go either way, as long as the story flow smoothly. i am more curious about SDJ ability to recognize her even when she is in different appearances, is that why she wear that necklace?
  4. Greeting to all, nice to be here again. She look great as expected, A drama about fate and fantasy, a divine forces for them to meet and pair up. It a match make in heaven. Totally in for it.
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