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  1. Yesssss, in my family my brothers sound similar to my dad's likewise my sister sounds like my mum and i used to get so confused on who's at home and talking lol. It takes time for your brain to discover and rewire the slight differences Creds: Twitter I have a feeling that the first sentence is foreshadowing the future angst fest. but huehue her presence is paradise to him <3 @Ameera Ali It's reaaaallly super cute and innocent that he's imagining her as her usual fussy talkative "naggy" self and how she's seen as bright and positive to him. ITS SO WHOLESOME FOR EVERYONE'S MENTAL STATE <3 Anyway to add up to the wholesomeness, I really liked that Daeju and him share videos of puppies as a reward LOL When do we see usual 34 year old men, directors in a large corporation like this ever in this current toxic human era??
  2. @triplem i think his heart and body knows how to identify the woman he loves !!! (even if he thinks they're two different person) It's like having an ideal or a charm in a person that will attract you, and when you meet such a person you will have the tendency to like them... but you might not like them for them but only like them for the idea of their charms. Just like in ep 12 where he said he hated GH, not because he really hated GH but only because he hated his previous secretary. He's attracted to Avataronica bc she has the attributes that he likes in Secretary Jung. Luckily for him, he actually likes One (1) person so eventually, that saves a lot of unnecessary angst for GH and him. Though, in a viewer's POV its quite funny and cute that the love triangle has no true rival hehehe... But I know GH doesn't know all of this, so she gets jealous because she thinks he likes "VP" for the looks, influence family and wealth. An office date..!!! I wonder if bringing Avataronica to the office will open a can of worms...? Since the office is like the place for indirect battles from their enemies, will someone spy on them and realise that the woman is his own secretary? And how conflicted will he be? lol @Forsythia Me too!! They're cuter, more dorky and natural together plus they deeply care for each other even when they don't really have to do it.
  3. I noticed too!! JKY and Hongbin (from Wednesday 3.30) also reaaaaally liked to tease her even tho she's a noona to them ;;; She has this natural cuteness that they all can't ignore and want to be close smhhh. KYK though, he's naturally dorky and friendly to everyone but his body language towards her is as if he's too smitten and he can't keep his eyes off her. Tho in the interview they called themselves siblings/brothers as an explanation to their closeness LOL
  4. @Lmangla really like your insights!! I think you are able to extract the merits of this romcom concisely. Tho it really has cliched tropes but the PD and writer are able to show uniqueness and wisdom behind this drama. I'm glad they also showed the medical perspectives and explanation behind his face blindness so it doesn't make too much logical flaw. Also, everyone previously was puzzled why Min Ik became such an idiot not to recognise his secretary's voice, they were able to show that he did recognise her voice after all (but couldn't make the conclusion) when he confessed to Dae Ju - I'm just glad they didn't leave that fact hanging and addressed it. Partly because of his face blindness, his EQ did decrease a little since it badly affected his usual interactions with people, poor boy!! It's so much more refreshing than the face blindness in Beauty Inside and Rich Man Poor Woman!! Maybe because we got to see his whole journey becoming handicapped too?
  5. Hopefully this version of hyunbin being an NK elite again isn't like the one in Confidential Assignment, maybe something that would suit a romcom and SYJ!! Wonder how Park Ji Eun would write their characterisation thooo, hopefully something that fits their age LOL
  6. That would be really ideal! Hopefully the writer & director pushes toward that kind of secret revelation reaction kyaaa maybe like "I shouldn't be so hard on her since I liked her anyways!" hopefully he lets her explain and listen to her!! that she became VP accidentally!!! istg she wants to confess in that last scene after he meets VP that she's the woman he wants LOL with wrong credentials (accidentally)... Anyway its funny that they're in a love triangle but there's no real rivalry HAHAHAHAHA
  7. Gotta ask KYK how he prepared his armpit warming scene LOL!! Special perfume?? deodorant??? @triplem I think I became obsessed before I even realised (just like the fact both leads loved each other from the beginning maybe). this drama improves my mood a loooot! Can't wait till they release the bts too!!
  8. @ktcjdrama it's very hard not to not ship them!!! but I'm trying my best to keep my reality checked LOL and stray from shipping atm.. I'll just enjoy the drama first hmm. Dont think so cuz SJS's gf quit alr tho. VP's really the queen of what was she called by GDJ in movie/theatres??, she even knows how to break the fourth wall and is self-aware that its a drama. Heroine princess being our comic relief??
  9. i can't wait too!!! it reminds me of princess and the pauper kind of switched life, VP is going to have so much fun being a fairy godmother to this pauper hehehe @Cayu18 Maybe... one of the future angsty parts or she gets hurt for him?? But JKJ and KYK were definitely making the reporters think they're a real couple in the interview but they just like to joke around w eachother???
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