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  1. he seems to have A Lot of conflict, but yesss i wonder if he's sincerely wants to see what he hoped for with PMJ and has he sort of repented?? (cuz everyone seemed to have repented whenever PMJ trusts them fully, then we have the super emotional and creepy ost playing at the back) I don't know about you guys, I'm still convinced that he's the VIP even tho it might be a stretch. He's always holding his handphone and Tailor Kim and the lackey has only been talking to the VIP on the phone. And I think that there was a reason that Gen Eun interjected Hanmo asking about the mole in BH, making the sentence seem like the mole in BH is the "VIP" during the interrogations, followed by long pauses as if in disbelief. Tailor Kim also did the same when he called out PMJ lolol. Im sure the director and scriptwriter had a reason why they wanted the viewers and interrogation team at that moment, think that the VIP is in the BH or the VIP is PMJ lolol.
  2. Amazing! ep 15 was able to reel me back into the show despite having some kind of distrust in the scriptwriting and the directors to let the show be a disappointment!! i honestly was disappointed with last week's that i could not even comment how it felt, and it felt like the show could really be dreadful to watch. Just like how, the ppl are consistently getting distrustful of PMJ's administration and getting disappointed with how hes handling things, the show somehow wins me back on track very "weirdly" just like Cha said. Honestly, I started off the ep thinking that they'll just fail everything since the VIP is really impossible to penetrate, I even thought Kim was gonna get killed LOL but this episode was really fulfilling, touching and really thrilling. Esp Sec Han's acting!!! I'm convinced he's the VIP but I just really don't understand why too. His expressions scares me (ot to mention, in add. to the OST that just makes u wanna kick ur pillows and mattress bc its so suspenseful) and he's finally showed some more emotions and i'm not sure if its really coherently linearly or his words resonate double meanings. as if theres an agenda into letting us witness him, and an agenda to control PMJ the way he is. Was he really sincere in his intentions in ep15 on making sure PMJ survives in the government as president or was he just ??? faking it all?? or instead, did he repent?? Has he really given up on this country and is actually VIP who plans to destroy the whole of korea? bc it was such a "cruel" journey for him
  3. Their daughter reaaaaally looks like the parents!! they picked the casts really well huuu i love the family photos
  4. i'm really not sure what to expect for the last two eps and have around 30 days left till the Pres elections... just hope they wrap it up coherently if they wont make another season! Though they paced it really well that I didn't realise we're going to see the last episode so soon :(((
  5. I think Kim Nam Wookie is the main scene stealer of this show and maybe Park SukKyo too!! They're really funny lol
  6. they knew what viewers wanted ;;; i admire this so much. really ideal korean drama married couple!!1!!1!1 honestly at the start i thought they were going through have problems on agreeing but she knows, understands where he is coming from most of the time and vice versa. this mutual understanding is so beautiful in relationships and unlike usual dramas wud portray married couples lolol thank gooodness, cuz we don't need the extra tension. this ep was really good, tho i honestly couldn't tell whether Yun was really offering help or somehow trapping PMJ... (esp maybe at midnight lol) and Han keeps on portraying himself as a protective aide towards PMJ, using what Yang has went thru, and I'm still not sure whether he has a sincere concern for PMJ getting hurt and all for being the good guy in politics. He's silent most of the time it really scares me that the other BH aides arent even suspecting Han. Why did Han say SK doesn't deserve a good president? Reaaaaaaaally hope they don't leave this to the last episode and his intentions, since I believe he's the VIP. tho I can't detect it immediately whether its really him.
  7. Naseong chemicals/electronics was mentioned again... is there really a connection? Seems like the old ceo guy might be the ceo to naseong?? (could this be paralleling the family conglomerates corruption prob irl??)
  8. Maybe they didnt physically rescue him? since both tae ik and the other guy were no longer around, so maybe they called the mother? but then again, we also didnt see if they got to the place where they hid the kid ;;; i hope they dont leave this untouched man
  9. 4 more episodes... and i really thought they were gonna reveal who VIP is... since they introduce different recruits in the tailor shop. Even though I feel VIP is Sec Han, whatever he says shows that he does have empathy, huge wisdom and seemingly wants to protect Park from something really bad, like him telling his wife he regretted putting Park into the seat, or those looks last 2 weeks he had towards Park and then when Park talked about his son, Han seemed like he really could resonate with him and did have some regrets about his own role as a father. That's what I feel like it doesn't make sense if he's really the VIP or someone that betrays bc he seems like he's truly concerned with Park as a person and not as a pres and towards everyone he works with. but like some of you did say his views on the DEFCON levels and to the military, he did have to make sure he isn't suspected. Hence so far, the person who's really suspicious is Han. Esp cuz of his convo w Park at the YingYang court and the voice recording of calls? He's just so pensive and guarded most of the time and his words resonate so much wisdom all the time. So Yeah, they showed Oh talking to someone who had his shoes focused on, afterwards I tried to see if Han's shoes match but i cant rly tell.
  10. Yes!!! in the first place, he didn't really have idealistic views or even said much about them, he just wanted to make sure that when something works and it wud work well. not just for fluffy popularity
  11. She does right? She keeps pouting sadface and seems concerned but im not sure if its bc of nam wookie. tho their chemistry from the start was not baaaad!! actually i really liked that the head of security finally went to investigate things secretly and independently for Pres Park. And their propositions to become allies was thru violent means LOL
  12. Idk u guys... OUR SECRETARY SHIP T.T its so touching that Cha immediately came to Sujeong after the gunshots... HE LOVES HER ALR Theyre starting to have expectations of each other but... no clear understanding until they talk it out. And Sujeong is totally misunderstanding about the call Cha did, im totally sure that he's not the bad guy. Kim Nam Wook and his infatuation though and Sec Min catching his feelings lol, too obvious
  13. I think he's either good or bad... it could be that he's also trying to figure out who's been really suspicious in the BH and thinking on his own to help the Pres or he's the informant who just lies about following the rules and procedures. jksfhsksfhkdf trust no oneeeeeee im kinda sad that we didnt get to see the date between Cha and Jeong I guess we'll see it next time then
  14. On Netflix... the title of episode 11 is "The Acting President Oh Yeong Seok"...
  15. In the end, Si Wan figured out on his own and at least he didnt create a fuss and understood where they were coming from. Esp the part when PMJ said he won't ever let him have that kind of father even for a day ;_; Figured that his real father wasnt a good person and his true dad is PMJ. I actually really love how these weren't elaborated with details, it was all implied, even the romance cuz hello!! we have around 40 days and 7 eps left!!!!
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