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  1. I think it's just a joke, like HWP said that he divorce twice
  2. I've just re watch ep 4, in DI's old house, is the calendar same with the calendar in SWH's moms house?
  3. Please not sad ending. I really can't bare with it anymore. This whole thing already make me frustating
  4. will det. park really kill DI? Please no. Please give us the happy ending of YW and DI, author nim
  5. Please, in the end of todays episode YW not scared of DI anymore, i can't bare with it
  6. Oh no.. Please author nim don't make DI become an evil like SWH Jebaaal...
  7. I've seen the clip, DI really turn into an evil spirit? Poor YW But, the hug scene is really something Oh noo.. Poor YW. I really hope DI and YW end up together and have the happy ending
  8. yeah.. I still wonder how can she is manipulated people so easily like that. Even the person that being manipulated seems like a possessed person
  9. Even just a little romance between matteo and gil young, i'll be really happy
  10. Yeah, both are pretty, but i don't i like younger boy with noona.. I just dont like it. So, i prefer the young one but, its depend on himself again
  11. Ok, its my delusional, but i really really hope that daniel can end up with eunbin, like sjk and shk
  12. Can i ship matteo with gil young? I think they look good together
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