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  1. Please not sad ending... Oh please please.. Anyway, thank you so much @kaedechan for recapping... I hope tommorrow will be our scooby team victory.. DI and YW are really so sweet, they're the perfect match
  2. Please not only DI's dream... Let it be real please not sad ending, i need the ship sail..
  3. if he really say out everything, that would be SWH victory, she's know something to destroy DI
  4. That can be possible. And if it true, it'll be the huge plot twist
  5. I trully am sorry, for quote videos or pictures in several times. I am newbie in this field. So sorry
  6. Really? They hinted DI as a ghost? I hope he can settle down with eun bin
  7. It'll be perfect if the baby is their child They deserve to be happy with each other
  8. oh no i dont like that idea... Please don't make them hurt any further...
  9. Yeah if that happens, its too cruel for both of them.. This is already enough to hurt them, just dont hurt our OTP again authir nin, PD ni...
  10. Why SWH have some bruises? And according to the preview, seems like her body become smell bad? Why? is CW suggest to kill YW because she's knowbthat SWH after YW's body?
  11. Why SWH really want DI feel miserable? Uggh i realy hate this evil lady
  12. Yes, it's really breaking my heart seeing them so miserable... How can it be so sad like this?? Please no more heartbreaking scene like this.. I really can't cope with it Please let our OTP sail safely, please make them happy author nim.. Jebaaall
  13. I can't cope with tragic ending either. Hope author nim not make our heart broken more than this
  14. The way DI said "yeol wo-ah" and his eyes, it seems like he's longing for her so much Anyway, i think CW said to kill YW is because SWH tried to manipulate everyone around her, and to stop her is killing YW, not because YW being possessed by SWH. But i don't know, its just my interpretation. Any other idea?
  15. I haven't watch it too. Why?? Oh my.. Our Yeo wol-ah... I hope so. Need more episode... Can it be 20 episode??
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