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  1. 7 hours ago, Yana Mujay said:

    The researchers in this drama plots little bit confusing, anyone have idea why the missing scientists told the Secretary  KSH/JKY is little girl boss fathers? 

    Or i missed something in flowers  garden conversation ?

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    It's could possible a 9 year boy have sperm ?

    Or the researchers take the his dna to cloning?



    Thats right, i'm bit confused 'bout that.. And how 88 escaped?

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  2. 5 hours ago, Lady_Fay said:

    Hey everyone,


    I really looked forward to this show since it was announced as I liked the published story concept. I was so intrigued that I checked out the first episode right on the same day. This has not happened to me since a while as I’m having a hard time to connect with dramas since a few years. So I’m happy to have found a show that seems to be able to pull me back in and even bring me back to soompi although real life is bitching about that.


    But this first episode was awesome and hopefully the rest of the show can keep up to the bar raised with it. But as it’s a show on OCN I’m actually not so worried at all, cause all the OCN shows that piqued my interest over the last few years were able to delivered.


    I really enjoyed the backstory laid out in this first episode but I have to admit that half way through the episode I realized that the show somehow gave me ‘Man to Man’ vibes and not just because they have the same actor playing a Russian but also because of the concept of a (anti-)hero(?) with an mysterious past that we just get to see glimpses of but that shaped their personalities as quiet, introverted and sealed off.


    One scene that really got my brain into overdrive was the murder scene of the CEO. Right before Soo Hyun is killing him the camera focused on the CEO’s hunting rifle and zoomed in onto the golden emblem on the weapon – a wild boar in the woods. The way the camera highlighted this symbol made me wonder whether it’s going to be a recurring theme that may connect all the supposed murder victims the lady ordered Soo Hyun to kill up until now (a bit like the under-used dragon symbol in MxM connected all the baddies as well).


    I really like the chemistry between our resident killer and our cop – even in the few scenes they shared until now you could feel that Mr. an Ms. Smith vibes of tension that could boil various ways and will make their cat and mouse play so intriguing to watch.


    And let’s not forget the Leon: The Professional references throughout the first episode. Pavel is a lot like Léon in taking care and raising So Hyun instead of killing him and Soo Hyun is most likely following Pavel’s footsteps as the last scenes imply that it is Soo Hyun who killed the journalist but could not kill the little girl instead taking care of her head wound by stitching her up. That girl grows up into his high-school land lord. It’s not really clear yet but the vibes I get from the way Soo Hyun and her interact indicate she is well aware of who he is. The sass she shows around him is indicating she’s not afraid of him and knows him well (or at least better than anyone else around him right now) – at least that’s what I hope because it would be to obvious and a too-often used trope if she’s not at least subconsciously aware of who he is and he is trying to take care of her and protect her without her knowledge (a bit like daddy long-legs).


    I’m really looking forward to tomorrows episode now that the story is properly set up and Hyun Jin is unsurprisingly revealed to be his next target – at least we know he’s not fulfilling this job (yet) or we would not need a 16-episode run for this show. Let the game begin…


    Is it 16-episode or 12-episode? I've seen some post, that said it'll be 12..

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  3. 35 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Quite confused myself.. both guy is just to die for. Haha both seriously want to court the fairy. But if i really need to choose i still prefer sassy and antique Prof Jung (i think im minority here haha). Geum is just too nice for me. I wonder what will be the story moving forward. The drama is quite interesting and not ordinary for sure. 

    I'm with you... I prefer the sassy professor too... I think he's just perfect for the calm ON

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  4. 11 minutes ago, meetoon said:
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    If this drama ending like webtoon, ji hyun just like other second lead male fate... 

    His life just like ordinary.. then a fairy came to his life... chase him.. convince him as her husband.... then when he fall for her.. it's just misunderstood.. she can't be with him because he isn't her husband reincarnation...

    Isn't that to cruel...

    This drama succeed make the viewer confuse to choose between two male ..



    Yeah... It's too cruel for YH..

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  5. 8 minutes ago, latuadi said:

    The women professor keep interupting other person and irritating when she spoke. 

    When kim kim want to ask about the cracking egg, the professor interrupting with a question about Ok Nam's age. 

    Yi Hyun ask about "does we have any experience taking a bath together" and make Ok Nam really happy thought that it was his husband remember when their first meeting. 

    But when the caffe manager came, Ok Nam started to realized that they don't have any memory of taking bath together. The manager said "then whose memory that Yi Hyun talking about"

    I assume YH interpret that scene as bathing together, but dunno...

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  6. 9 hours ago, kasjady said:

     I'm a bit saddened to hear all the negative comments on Yoon Hyun Min too, since he's an established actor - he definitely can act (Tunnel, Witch's Court, Cruel City etc). The particular character he's playing isn't in his favor, but maybe when more is revealed later down the track then maybe I'll come to understand. 


    For the mean time I think I'll hold on until the drama is finished, or at least until I am spoiled on who the husband is. That way I have peace of mind :D

    yeah.. It's poor for the crew dan the actors/actress especially YHM.. They already did the best..

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  7. 28 minutes ago, heyshownu said:

    i love ep 1 so much. but for ep2 the first half is quite slow. the best part was towards the ending. 


    about yoon hyun min acting, he seems a bit overacting but does the character in webtoon like that ? i didnt manage to finish the webtoon before but they already locked the rest of the chapter. 


    i hope they dont change the storyline for the husband. i want this drama to be successful. Im a big fan of Chaewon unnie and this drama should make her name big again in dramaland. 


    please dont be like Cheese In The Trap. 


    hopefully netizen stay for ep3 and the rest. rating please increase to 6% next week juseyo. 

    Indeed, YHM's character a liitle bit over, but it's funny and hilarious...

    Yeah I hope, the rating keep increase, bcs its good show:heart:

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