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  1. 38 minutes ago, andra3 said:

    She's more then that ...I'm speechless ...  Jiwonn, please STOP to be so adorable friendly...we only have a "sick mind" and a little heart ...please have mercy on us :lol::o 


    Hi everyone! Thanks for keeping the thread active. I have been a silent reader for a long while. How are you guys!


    I totally totally agree @andra3 she's more than shippable. God! My heart is weak! I ship anyone paired with Jiwon and always left with a broken heart!!! :joy:

    I am totally enjoying Chocolate and I always wait at 12 midnight to watch it in Netflix! Hahaha! The drama is so amazing, I am totally into it. Jiwon has become prettier too!!! Daebak!

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  2. 24 minutes ago, andra30 said:

    Jiwon is the best when it's come to express her feelings with her face expression and her eyes ! 

    I truly love her expressions! Truly the queen and the best! Nothing less from HJW. I hope I can watch Manhunt. I'm so excited to see HJW as an assassin in a international film. 


    HJW was surprised after she heard the translation of John  Woo's remarks. (Isn't she so naturally cute?) Love her reactions.


    With eng sub


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  3. 1 hour ago, monki said:

    The problem with HJW, she is always paired with guys way younger (10 yrs or more), these guys haven't been to army, young actors who are in the beginning of their careers, won't think of marrying yet even if they feel she is attractive. I don't think she is the one who date for fun, at her age, she will be looking at serious relationship to settle down. Unless in future, she is paired with one around early or mid 30s, completed army and ready to settle down, then higher probability. 

    Hope she is secretly dating now and will soon surprise us with good news. She being so passionate about her job, I am sure she will continue to act even after marriage, just like many other married actresses. 

    I totally agree. I have been following HJW for a long time and sometimes I just feel sad because there's no news about her having a lovelife. (But who knows? I hope she's secretly dating) I actually shipped all his previous partners! Hahahaha! Including KMH now. But yeah, as mentioned, he's young and just starting his career. :( I hope HJW finds someone, even not an actor. :)

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