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  1. Ending just seemed so rushed and unsatisfying. Like, they just wrapped it up by doing some slow-mo summary of everyone's prison sentences LOL (yall know which scene i'm talking about ) i wanted to see HYS crying over MWJ getting arrested but we didn't even get that
  2. oof this family is so dysfunctional as usual...guess dads yoinking their son's significant other runs in the family lmao edit: i honestly can't picture grandpa and mom together lmfao it doesn't MAKE SENSE
  3. ah so WS and WJ were technically illegitimate before their mother became the second wife? thank you!!
  4. hey guys! i just started the drama and i'm still confused how the mo siblings are related. i know they all share the same dad, but how is SH the "legitimate" heir when she's younger than her two older brothers? was the stepmother (i'm assuming the older two share the same mom aka stepmom) a mistress before SH's mom died? i'm v confused lmao
  5. That last scene was damn frustrating. At least Tae Ra is doubting Beom Jin now. Assemblyman is 100% the person who ordered to have Soo Ah and LTS killed but why is Beom Jin so intent on sweeping things under the rug? It seems like he hates his father as well.
  6. Okay, so like last week, I'm 100% sure Beom Jin's dad killed LTS but now I'm not so sure about Soo Ah's murderer. Either the assemblyman killed Soo Ah because she blackmailed him or Beom Jin did because he didn't want the information of his friend being his dad's escort leaking. What's up with the female teacher? I get that she believes there's hope and redemption in all of her students but is there any hope for Joon Jae at this point? Boy is getting manipulated so hard right now into doing BJ's dirty work. He was also the one who hit the prosecutor. Also was Tae Ra content with BJ's answer and is back to idolizing him lol they really used the cliffhanger of this episode as last week's preview huh edit
  7. - Well, I think it's pretty obvious who killed JSA and LTS now. My theory is that Beom Jin knows his dad killed Soo Ah and is trying to cover it up. The fact LTS really thought blackmailing the assemblyman would work like it did on the other parents lmao.. - I'm kind of iffy about a Gi Hoon redemption arc to be honest. The writer is trying to set him up as a spoiled naïve brat who didn't know any better. - Tae Ra annoys me the most out of the four. I don't know why, but maybe it's because she acts like she knows everything when in reality she's the most clueless of them all. - I wonder who told Ji Eun to do that. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Beom Jin since he loves to manipulate people. - Something bad is going to happen to Byung Ho.
  8. are they planning to release the soundtracks? i saw the ones with vocals but what about the background music tracks? they were amazing
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