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  1. I cant really help myself smiling in excitement, hallucinating what is really happening with our PPC...The higher the curiosity with all the hallus, the deeper the excitement that we are getting at.... they know how to tease us. Nothing much we can do except be very patient and I supposed somehow both our shippers 'teach' us to respect their private life being private only for them and in return they need us to get our support on their works. Hahahahahaha..... this ship really rocks our mind and soul..... what such hilariously super lovable couple!
  2. @yujien thank you..... got it ! hahahahaha.... effect of being too deliriously happy with this ship.
  3. Hi all.....just want to share my silent shipping on PPC...really happy being in this ship...thank you Capt. @minseojoon but cant help myself to be too silent... too much to bear alone being super excited on PPC joining reward vacation anyway...
  4. thank you very very much for having me to be a silent member and it is such a great honor to be in this group... What a great drama...daebak!!! Such a heart flattering moment every time watching each episode run ..... a cotton-candy-like-girly love crush ....hilarious funny refreshing yet very touching... wishing and praying hard for the lovely Park-Park couple. I will ship them in a low-profile mode... ...
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