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  1. Hii @Blastilonic, as far as I know there's no official English version of Addicted novel. But there's unofficial English translation of that book. You can visit this site http://saehan01.com/addicted/ Book 1: http://saehan01.com/chapters-1-111/ Book 2: http://saehan01.com/book-two/ The translators had posted a link for Book 2 (pdf format) so you can download it there. But I can't find the link for Book 1 in pdf format there. IIRC, they had posted the link previously.. but they may have deleted the link now. So you need to read Book 1 on-site. Sae, Sienna, Nancy et al. are really dedicated translators and translating the whole book is not an easy job.Please show them your support by liking/voting/commenting their page. If you're interested in other translators, there are several English translated Addicted chapters scattered around in Wattpad. But the translations in wattpad aren't complete, they only translated certain chapters. Andd welcome @manifester to our YZ fandom If you have some questions just ask away, I'm sure some of the members will know the answer.. but I'm afraid it may takes a long time to be answered as Soompi is not as active as before. PS: Shout out to all CPFs that have recommended me YZ fics! You guy are so sweet I'll try to read them asap PPS: Im sorry if I reply your message late as I seldomly visit Soompi, I'll reply faster if you dm me in Insta. And don't worry guys, I don't bite and I'm friendly haha
  2. Hii everybody! its been a while~ so good to see that soompi is still alive.. we have to thank @tuzicr for that. Your updates are really fun to read @yeammyIf Im not mistaken, Red Sea Operation was also in Netflix so you can watch it there.. but if you guys have some problems w Netflix (like me ) you can watch it for free using the link below but you have to get through a lot of ads before you can watch the movie. But it worths all the hassles because the video is in HD. Link in spoiler. If the link is broken, you guys can dm me in IG (same username) because I might not notice it if you dm me in soompi. But if some of you are hesitant to watch the whole movie (like me bc I also dont like watching war movies at all) but still wanna watch our JY in military uniform holding his big guns, I rec you to watch this instead. This is JY's scenes in ORS compilation. Anndd thank you @sohocomo I dont know why but its really hard to find good high quality english YZ fanfics online. But your fanfics are my saviour! Im proud to announce Ive read all your fics and reread some. You are one of my favourite YZ authors in Wattpad besides AbbieButtonbee and Beloved_Sienna. These 3 authors' works are in my top list. Check out their works guys! They are great! And Im still searching for new YZ authors too. Someone please rec me some good YZ fics or better yet, introduce me to other great YZ authors. Im craving YZ fics rn @TakeMeSomewhereNice I think most of the CPF Soompiers have moved to IG. No worries dear. YuZHou ship is still sailing hard! like @tuzicr said, CPFs are still going strong! Especially when YZ are in the same city during this Valentine"s month haha How I wish I understand Japanese rn GH and BLY in that manga looks real cute. @snowlight351 Do you have the link to the original dojinshi?
  3. Dear my fellow CPFs, I'm sure many of you are upset with the latest rumour about JY. It's alright. Let's cry, smash a pillow or two, get a group hug and then become stronger again together. Let the whole universe knows that no matter what happens, we will always believe in YuZhou. Remember, we have diamond hearts. We can do this.
  4. Yup, the 8 years thing was made up based on the Addicted novel bc YuZhou's love story is uniquely parallel with its plotline. All I could say is that the official ban which is "YZ were banned from appearing on tv" has been lifted. As we can see, they are no longer being edited out from any shows like before. ZZ even reappeared in HC and said "I'm back" in his song. I'm so happy for him I cried when I listened to that song. However, the unofficial ban which is "YZ can't appear together in public" is still enforced. Nobody rly knows how long this damned ban will last.
  5. Maybe you have seen this vid, but I have to post the link here because ZZ is being very very cute. I mean more so than usual. I don't know what really going on but he's busy playing with the banner stand and being a real meow. ZZ legit wiggles himself inside the banner (exactly like cats when they found narrow spaces) and having trouble walking with that thing engulfing him. https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzc5NzY3OTM5Ng==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0 And today ZZ posted 3 pics on his weibo. One of them is this pic. Fans zoomed in on his neck anddd.. JY is in Shanghai too right? He attends the Elizabeth Arden event and he's super happy today. I wonder why lalala Cr: chan2-s
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