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  1. 2 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @stroppyse thanks for translations of the before kissing n kissing scene.. Lol I m still giddy all over for the kissing scene.. SH was soo hot n was like fire while kissing

    Ohh chingu!  Saw you here! After that last drama,  this drama fill my longing heart. 


    That kiss is just a beautiful like that sunset.. I keep imagining it.  Se hee is a man,  ( reading fifty shades of grey huh) he just want to brag that JH didnt kiss him,  just a peck,  to make a move on her..  Se hee your inlove. 

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  2. This is my first time to post here,  Ammmm abt the drama,  the first episode got me surprised,  I dont expect anything,  but that kiss and the characters of this drama excites me,  and gives ame a big impact! Its happening in real life,  horang obsession in marriage, soo ji being a strong woman,  JH and SH thinking marriage is the great escape to their problems, And How the actors act,  especially Lee Min ki,  not an avid fan(maybe after this) , but I really like his acting even my bf thinks his acting is great here. (i made him watch it, even he doesnt want,  but now hes into the drama waiting everyweek) 

    That preview for next week is a bomb!  I really want to watch it already,  so as of now im rewatching the 10 episodes.. 

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