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  1. 11 hours ago, 17ncbm said:

    Not gonna lie can't help getting sad to see no updates about mh eventhough I am happy that yong pics are coming out shini too as he is in military band team n events r going on these days. minhyukaah pls do us a favour by posting something during it holiday:rolleyes::sweatingbullets:

    Ditto, same feelings. Wonder how come nobody spot him too. We did not even know which unit he is posted to.  


    HJW's drama also a mystery, supporting cast, script reading, fliming, etc are all unknown. 

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  2. 39 minutes ago, tiwul97 said:

    who among them deserves to be the main actor in Hajiwon's new drama hehehehehe ..just have fun and just for fun don't be serious okay .....


    1. Jang Dong Gun   2. Kang Dong Won   3. Won Bin  4. Jung Woo Sung   5. Park Bo Gum 6. Daniel Henney 7. Kang Shin Sung Il 8. Jo In Sung  9. Song Joong Ki 10. Gong Yoo 11. Hyun Bin 12. Namgoong Won 13. Go Soo   14. So Ji Sub  15. Bae Yong Joon  16. Ahn Jung Hwan  17. Kim Soo Hyun  18. Ahn Sung Ki 19. Choi Bool Am 20. Cha In Pyo 21. Song Seung Heon 22. Park Chan Ho 23. Lee Byung Hun 24. Ji Chang Wook 25. Ki Sung Yueng 26. Kwon Sang Woo  27. Lee Min Ho 28. Kang Suk Woo  29. Choi Soo Jong  30. Park Seo Joon



    Based on this list and my understanding of their availability, it will be 10 and 21 for me.  However, if I eat my earlier words that I hope she do not work with male lead she has previously work with, I would love to see 2. Kang Dong Won to work with her on this drama. 


    Gosh, wonder how long they take to announce the male lead. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, feelbora said:

    Meanwhile, I do not want HJW to work with the same partner again.
    Of course, if this person is not MH.
    I'd rather her be partner with someone new.
    A new person means a new page.

    They should give us something new.
    It may be obvious this week.
    A sunbae or a rookie.
    Both of them OK.
    But I can not wait.
    Because I'm so excited. moving-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?1292793

    Your icon is so cute........ I'm of the same view to wish she work with someone she has not worked with. I hope to have someone who is experienced but not rookie, I also hope to compare her chemistry with the new partner, in view that she could be attached now. I'm also excited and wanted to know who will it be the new lead. Frankly, I hope to see a manly male lead in this role. 

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