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  1. every episode i love seol ji hwan a little bit more! he’s been written as such a gentle, humble and heart-melting character, and LJW is doing a wonderful job injecting little nuances and actions to bring ji hwan’s kind character across... case in point, in the scene where scarlett’s coffee truck arrived, when they showed ji hwan’s team touching his makeup up, he had ‘manner legs’ to lower himself down to the make up artist’s eye level, and he also pushed his manager’s umbrella so that the manager wouldn’t be in the sun as well. not to mention he looked genuinely embarrassed for his 2G phone ringing in the quiet subway train, and told the person on the other line he would call when he got off (so that he wouldn’t bother his fellow passengers). and when he passed the subway billboard with his picture, he looked so touched that i literally felt it as if the feelings were my own..
  2. read somewhere that scarlett’s character association is a tiger. completely apt to her personality, although she just degenerates into a soft ball of kitten around jihwan. hahaha *sorry i couldn’t embed the link into my post above... please feel free to merge my posts if required!
  3. from the subs, it did seem that way, cos Scarlett asked morgan if he was really the boyfriend, and he said ‘dog-owner’ lol. but with the absence of pronouns and etc, maybe the meaning is misconstrued..? haha.. i actually half expected him to say he lives in her fish tank or something..
  4. @xxPeepsxx, @Visually-wandering, @ktcjdrama, thanks so much for your fast and detailed translation response!!! i’m loving tvn’s description of them so much, accurate to a T. LOL at jinwoo’s sociability rating, he’s really bad at it haha... and i love that visually-wandering has even updated the original images with te english translation. so awesome!! its really funny that park morgan called himself tammy’s dog owner when in actual fact he’s the puppy clinging on to her for tummy rubs lol..... golden retriever suits seol actor so well, the teary eyes that say so much!
  5. hi guys, some help with translation here: whats the animal associated with Seol Ji Hwan and the description? for future fanart reference i am considering to draw the scenes of scarlet and her makjang actor thanks in advance!!
  6. i’m totally enjoying scarlett and JH’s bond and budding romance, it’s all i’m watching this drama for! JH’s patience is quite something considering the general craziness of that morning drama he’s shooting. and scarlett’s drama reactions personifies dramafans so hilariously. i’ve replayed like 50 times her reaction when she found out the drama killed off JH’s character and still find it entertaining.
  7. @LoveMY1224 i couldn’t agree more with your post. actors and actresses are humans too and need the privacy and respect they deserve. also, some shippers may disagree with me, but i have decided to ship their characters, and try to leave the actor/actress alone. labit is an amazingly strong and sweet couple, who created many beautiful memories and that is enough for me.... @Hikikomori13 i usually comment neutrally, but i could not help if replies to mine are of a different trajectory. i’ll try to leave some reminders on my own insta, and hopefully more people will understand.
  8. yes, my own comment was in english, subsequent comments by other fan also. and the subsequent comment tagged PMY’s insta handle....
  9. i’m really glad to see the shipper’s thread and main thread still very active! it’s been a great ride with everyone, silently spazzing along. however i am here with a slight bit of caution..it’s lovely to ship in our forums, but to err on the cautious side, it would be wise to refrain from shipping them on their individual SNS insta accounts. i say so because i think i had a comment deleted from KJU’s insta post. i made a comment (non-shipping related) that quite a number of fans also hit the like button on; the thread to the comment took on a slight ship nature of some sort, and yesterday when i scrolled through, i couldn’t find my comment anymore. this would be weird because for the other posts which i also commented on, my account would show my comment on the top of the thread. but not for this one...just couldn’t find it anymore! this might be an unfounded theory, perhaps i might still find the comment if i sift through 20k comments (i would be crazy to do so)...and it’s also not terribly important either , but it doesn’t hurt to be careful, especially if you don’t want any chances of your comment being deleted. anyway onwards to more spazzing keep it coming labit fans!
  10. i’m usually a-lurking the forum but i’m darting in to lament about how i am also already suffering from pre-ending post-withdrawal symptoms... boo boo hooo! have not felt this since LUTYN days.. let’s embrace the last 2 episodes with preciousness and love!!
  11. ‘dead but back to life’ fangirl checking in! this is for all the ryan gold fangirls out there!!
  12. the author had already set up a hint that Ryan and Shi An are brothers since the first episode... at the Shanghai Auction House, Deokmi had already thought to herself that Ryan's side profile looks similar to Shi An and she couldn't stop herself from admiring him
  13. exactly!! they can't be right in the open verandah and nobody sees them. right? riiighhht???
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