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  1. I found this! The singer of encounter's ost part 9 had live performance yesterday at mcountdown. This is sweet beautiful song, which make you feel calm too.. I can't describe how I love Encounter so much, and this thread too.. thx so much everyone.. sending virtual hug
  2. when I saw any article trending on Naver I just wanna give 10000 likes . give many many the upvotes at their comments too.. this is another article tranding in Naver, number one when I saw from my laptop now.. "There's only one Kim Jin Hyuk in this world" link https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=396&aid=0000500494
  3. aah thanks so much, I forgot what the last event that CSH attend in episode 1.. finish watch episode 12 with swollen eyes. even my tears drop when Jin Myung talking to Hye in how long he know about her feel to Jin Hyuk.. so heartbreaking
  4. can I ask something comrades? so its been 1 year they know each other? huwaa time flies.. sad that we only hv 4 episodes left
  5. https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=109&aid=0003930434 article trending number 1 now in naver.. click n give your likes by the emoji reaction in there, also the up votes too in their comment section xixixi..oooh I love every sweet moment in d 9th episode..
  6. Hi everyone~ thx for your updates.. really in love with our jinsoo couple so sad that this week no episodes new but I'm understand that this give the cast and crew more time to work and catching the live shot with some rest I hope.. I love every thing in this drama, and the one I liked the most was the OST that release in each week.. @gumtaek I happy bout the news that OST Part.5 by O.WHEN to be released today. O.When hv a nice voice and previously he sang the english song for OST Where Stars Land. at least we can have a new ost song this week while yearning our couple that we must waiting until next year to see the next episodes. Cheer up everyone~ O.WHEN (오왠)- [Mystic World] Where Stars Land (여우각시별) OST Part 5
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