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  1. Yehey!!  Happy 1800 page!! 

    Too happy to celebrate this with you guys!! 

    I can't just believe that its been a few months since I have joined this fandom... 

    And the fact that I never regretted it!! 

    Hope every one will still hope,  and will believe in our two boys!! 


    Congrats again minna-san! 

    Love lots from me! To our our boys!  And to our Soompi Family here! 

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  2. 2 hours ago, bearology said:

    Ahhh, this is such a nice fancam of ZZ when he was singing his Cat song. ZZ wrote this song himself. To be honest, I feel this is more like a love song. Waking up in the morning seeing the person face and nestling by the person's side are not really sentences to describe fans unless his fans are all his cats 

    I do believe with this.. It's just to me its a love song too.. Won't make sense if he were to generalize it that he is going tell us that it is for all his fans..  For those who love him..  For me...  It is more like the title of the song is more likely pertaining to ZZ himself who fell in love..  Happy for the fact that he will wake every morning seeing that someone's face..  Let us just say thay he fell in love with his cat but the song really have the feels that he really is smitten with that someone he is talking about...  And that is not a cat..  Like seriously!! :o:wub:

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  3. 5 hours ago, bearology said:

    JY studio weibo update


    Ok I shouldn't put my hopes up lmao. Anyway,


    7 Dec - Marie Claire event in Beijing

    9th Dec - Variety show event (announcement) in Beijing

    15th Dec - Media event in Beijing

    17th Dec - Media event in Shanghai 

    24th Dec - Birthday party in Shanghai 



    Thanks bearo for this wonderful news..  This will be the first time(cause I am still new here)  that I will witness something big... (hoping it will happen)  ...I think I will cry because of happiness .. I can't contain myself now... Can days be faster...??  I want that day to come like right now.. :D



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  4. My post is too long..  But I just want to post this..  Sorry for the inconvenience in advance.... 


    Happy Birthday Huang Jingyu... 

    Though I want to post a picture but I still can't because I don't know how to... 


    Okay so my greetings to you... I am still new to this fandom... As I have remebered I watched Addicted where ZZ and JY acted there.. It was August 17, 2017...


    At first I was not into this BL series for the fact that I found chinese language (sorry guys but this is what I felt before I watch Addicted but I realize that I love Chinese language just how I love Japanese language)  funny on my ears... Sorry for those chinese people here once again but then I considered watching this series because of some various people online who told me that this is a very must watch series.... 

    So I watch this... And I didn't feel that chemistry and the sparks that everyone is saying..  I got disappointed.. 

    I asked myself... Why do people love this series very much.. ???


    I open my social media account one day...  I think fate is telling me to love this series because that time when I open my account a bunch of pictures of Addicted popped on my news feeds and then suddenly I saw this post that if you watch Addicted you must watch the BTS...  Lots commented on that post..  So I told myself... I must watch this BTS thingy they are talking about... Then boom!!! 

    I saw it... I then understand what those people felt for the series... 

    I watched and watched every single BTS available online then I felt it..  Then I cried.... Why didn't i understand this while watching the series??  So I decided to watch it again..  And on that second time..  I then felt what everyone felt watching that series... 


    I wanted to punch myself for not being a fujoshi last year..  i missed a lot..  I have regretted to be a normal person last year beacause I missed those happy moments...  Those happy moments... 


    Now I am happy..  i am here with you guys now..  Reading every single post of this thread..  Back reading everything that is supposed to be read...  Then I am now a proud member of this fandom..  I will never regret the fact that I became their fan... 


    I even let my two cousins (the one is a bisexual and the other is a straight girl)  to watch this series...  And to my amazement... They are into it!!  Especially my girl cousin... She is too in love with the series... And then I was so shocked when she told me that she wanted them to be together in real life because she felt it also...  The love..  The sparks... 


    So now.... 


    Huang Jingyu...  Happy Birthday...  I didn't know a thing about you on the last 2 years but now I am grateful to know a person existed like you..  Thank you for being Gu Hai...thank you for everything..  I am may be late but I will promise and will try my best to stay being a fan and being a shipper... 

    Be happy hope you will enjoy this day and hoping that the person you love will give you greetings and sing a happy birthday to you just like when you celebrated your birthday last 2 years ago... 


    To everyone in this fandom:

    So far..  This fandom is the best that I have been into.. I just love this fandon for the fact that you all support them you don't own them.. Thank you for the great accomodation guys..  I really did enjoy staying here... Thanks everyone.... 

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    4 hours ago, lovehaiyin said:

    Our Zhou baby's flying away again...! The last few pics looked he's a bit emotional with tears in his eyes..?!... He must be as it's the first time he's been away for so long from home, and of course from his Whale!  We're crying with you both, dear YuZhou...! ''Please'' meet up 'at least' for Christmas!;((()....!!!

    I have joined a GC in weibo.. and one of our memebers there talked about something pertaining to the gc that ZZ's management had created... because Alse have joined one of the gc...Alse told us that many BaiZhou's are talking about frying a fish thingy on the GC.. and it is obvious already who are they talking about right? They are being too mean to JY...and I don't like them for being like that... Alse (the one I am talking about who shared this) said that maybe ZZ is being stressed with the group chat thingy.... and maybe that is the reason why he has teary eyes yesterday??

    By the way credits to Alse

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  6. To me about ZZ's drama... i am quite looking forward to it beacause the story seems promising to me.. and of course ZZ is there... i think ZZ really did a great job there though....I don't care about the main characters because it feels like while I was watching the trailer I only saw ZZ..:tongue:


    And for JY's drama it is quite alarming to me to know that she has a string of dating rumors as leonis said (can't seem to mention you...my phone is acting crazy once again).. though it's just rumors but I think it is also one of the reason why they casted JY and Victoria together to create such a rumor and shut everything out about ZZ and JY.... that is just my thoughts but i know JY he is choosy so I think he will not fall for her like he fell for ZZ right?

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  7. 35 minutes ago, lovehaiyin said:

    Hey guys, DON'T let those crazy menace BZ get to you, it's NOT worth our energy! I'm SURE our boys are just being ''superficial' with them whenever meeting/entertaining them as I'm sure they (our boys) are SO MAD TOO ''inside'' about how these extreme BZ behaves and good on Zhou for showing that by giving them NO answer/direct answer to their questions such as 'any girls in new MV Zhou?' ;(()..  They are SOOOOOOO annoying people we all know and the worse is giving them 'any response' because that's what they enjoys -  'tension' and 'attention' from CP fans.  Let's just 'stand firm' and let 'nature' rub mud on their faces lol... don't know what that means lol... and how's that gonna happen??... hmm... PRAY??! for YuZhou!lol... and us CP fans definitely, against these bad buggers LOL.........Errrrhhh... I don't hate people, but I seriously hate these extremist BZ fans!!! They REALLY have no care and love for our two boys, they just WANT TO CONTROL THEM!  ;((...Keep praying for our boys...! Our boys needs us.  DON'T allow these nonsense only fans get to us or discourage us, LET THEM MAKE US STRONGER FOR YUZHOU, OKAY EVERYONE, bros and sis's in YuZhou??????!!! LOL... ''KEEP FIGHTING'', our YuZhou info Queen! - @bearology;(()))...  

    Somewhat I find this BZ fans thingy annoying.. can they just let it be? They are a bunch of control freaks!!!

    Was thinking that they can have the authority of ZZ because they are the official fansclub... can't they apprciate the works of the CP's?? 

    I might be new in this fandom.. but as far as I have observe.. when ZZ and JY got very famous.. the CP's are those who first supported them!!

    Too selfish group of gals and lads!! 

    Somewhat I also find the Q and A thingy with ZZ as senseless because of the fact that the only people who could ask are those BZ...

    They are being too unfair!! Too lucky for them that they can express their love for ZZ publicly while the CP fans is in the dark.. but the CP still supporting the two of the boys...

    Can they just let us also show our support!!?? Like seriously..!!

    I don't want any war thingy happen because of this but they are too immature to the point that I want to smack them one by one!!

    Though I don't have the authority yet because I am still new but I want someone from the old generation (CPF) to smack them awake!!

    Feeling like an old hag ranting here!!

    But @bearology please bear with their nonesense.. I know u could do it !! Let's just continue supporting ZZ... I know that one day all your efforts will be notice by ZZ.. 

    JiaYou everyone!!

    Let our hearts be as rigid as possible.. because I know there will come a day that all our hearts will be filled with happiness.. let's just understand them..

    Let's not stoop to their level!!



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  8. @crystalclear18 i understand your post. I do believe on what you have said. As I have posted last last day I have read until 117 of this forum.. but right now I am on 179.. and I do feel the love between them... those moments around November I really enjoyed the delulu theory.. about the Goro necklace..it is a solid evidence for me so Jia you for YuZhou!

    But we people do have our own opinion so this is also my opinion... 

    And I am happy on deriving on this conclusion..

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  9. Hi everyone!

    I have posted already that I am new here around 1 week ago but here is my thoughts about this thread and the fans itself of Shangyin

    I actually stopped reading the thread around page 20 because it was about the series and the book discussion.. (beacause I have already read the book the moment I have known this thread)but then I realize that I need to continue reading it to understand how the fans felt the moment the show is still airing.. I read read and read until I reach the part when the ban was mentioned... I felt every ounce of emotion that the people of the thread felt that time..it was like I took a time travel and I was there with them feeling the pain and the anger they felt that made me continue to read the thread...

    I have actually read some on around 1000 page.. it was the reason why I discovered this thread actually..I was asking google about the real score between Zhouzhou and Jingyu but then suddenly this thread appeared.. so i clicked on it.. as i remember I have read from November to December that time but then I realize to backtrack because I want to understand the people on this thread more.. though I am late but still I am willing to waste my time reading the posts of the fans of Shangyin.. 

    Thank you everyone for the efforts and everything!

    I am new yet I could promise that I can stay here as long as I could.

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  10. 1 hour ago, clediver said:

    no one can answer your question.... but you wont be disappointed believing in them, they are the most active talented idols i ever seen.. read this whole thread you will enjoy your journey with them and become hooked.. 

    To be honest I am reading this thread from the beginning. I am on page 117 right now and I indeed enjoy the posts in here.. looking forward to the posts further. 

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  11. 4 minutes ago, lovehaiyin said:

    Our boss Yu is definitely 'keeping a close eye' on 'who' is collaborating in series and movies with his wifey Meow haha... it's no coincidence (I don't think) that both male actor and actress are known by JYu who's starring alongside Zhou lol... ''These two can be trusted.  My Meow is safe with them'' JYu's thinking when studying the movie and series 'offers/projects' for wifey haha...(you know what I mean?  JYu is GuHai, he IS A VERY JEALOUS one when it comes to his beloved BaiLouYinZZhou, so OF COURSE, our Yu HAS TO 'APPROVE' of who's 'collaborating' with his beautiful wifey in work offers!LOL... Yeah, it's my own delusion/thought... but, it could be so true, lol... One thing I'm totally sure though, that is, they WILL talk about EVERYTHING, including all their project and movie offers, so there is some truth in my delulu haha...And they ARE 'protecting' each other from 'temptations' of 'any sort', lol...~~ Two thumbs up for them!

    Yahh!! I believe on what you have said..JY is just protecting ZZ in his own little ways... 


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  12. 5 minutes ago, gesseki said:


    darn itttttttttttttttttt!!!!! their smiles especially our kitty zhou is sooooo PRICELESS......the first GIF...zz's look is like a kid finally getting a toy he wanted all his life and is right in front of him at that moment......i am waiting for the day this will happen again.....keep holding on strong and tight my yuzhou baobeis.....OUR SPECIAL DAY WILL COME....ONE DAY!

    Zhou zhou's smile is so .....!!! Don't know how to describe it like seriously...!!

    I am staring in awe right now...

    Let's pray very hard for us to witness something like this between the two of them once again!!

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