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  1. I made screenshots of last week episode. I wish I can upload here. I don't have any social media aside from my 2 accts on Facebook. During the 'greed relay game', Junho's face when DG said about "2nd daesang"! And my entry to Donggu's greed 1 he has a greed for good photos/ photography 2 he has agreed for diving And when it's Jongmin's turn, someone said "he has to meet a woman" so I think this was after their episode on that show. And also I watched a Happy Together video of Yongjin and he said he got invited to Donggu's housewarming party but he had that HT shoot so I think Donggu has moved in to his new house. JJY not greedy
  2. translation I want to know more! Interview with Korean TV drama vol.89 Shi Young starring the drama "The best one - Time and space (beyond)" "posting subscription The postcard is also wonderful
  3. I am loving the song of Brave HongCha!! I already liked the video above in YouTube! About JM and Mina
  4. Sigh.. There's no video of Dating DNA on YouTube.. 2d1n @siyoonism Twitter More ADS @yunrac Twitter
  5. 2D1N new episode YSY photo screen caps Him singing, his voice.. that high note/last part! New song please, Shiyoon!
  6. Cha Siblings part2 This woke me up. It's 9:30am now here and I haven't sleep yet and was sleepy before I saw this video. Excited to watch it with full episode and sub
  7. @yunrac Twitter ADS ______________ Sorry if I had to put this without the spoiler tag as it's Off topic, but I nearly had a heart attack when Google asked for my email add when logging in to Soompi. I thought I lost my account. Feel free to answer me in spoiler tags or maybe PM. I just really have to post this cause I didn't know if it's just me.
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