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  1. I'm already late for this but anyway.. To the ahjusshi who's afraid of ghosts, our favorite appa, with a contagious laugh, laughing vitamin that heals a melancholic, low-spirited soul.. Happy Birthday!!
  2. Harper's Bazaar 2012 Cr https://mobile.twitter.com/yatta_marie/status/1109284490667417600 Cr https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1106390546614894593
  3. Radiant background but emotional photo Credit https://mobile.twitter.com/lrwhailen/status/1109119316748689409
  4. Kim Soohyun ZIOZIA Spring Fashion cause it's spring now on S.Kor 2013 2016
  5. Last photo Haven't finished watching the last broadcasted episode yet.. and just recently, I remembered I have recorded 2 of 3 2d1n songs that they made in the Make A Song episode so I've been listening to it. It feels empty, especially I'm not into ongoing dramas for a long time..
  6. Love this post's caption but I don't want to say goodbye And this one.. A letter to every fan This is a good read https://www.instagram.com/p/BvSFq88gNua/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. D101 time passing by so fast! It's already halfway of March!
  8. So with the drama ending, its officially the start of counting down the days til his discharge Sorry @ibru I didn't know I haven't copied the link of the photo yet so I stumbled and posted my comment accidentally. Struggled a litlle bit to edit it. Was about to say to delete this when I finally was able to delete the IG post and copied this photo using my android tablet
  9. Like what?!?! What is happening?! I'm only a day away then there's another? I believe he had many variety shows in the past esp the seasonal ones, that made me search for his filmography. What I see here is like during the earlier life of Facebook with the games, you post your progress and sometimes ask for life, help or coins, etc if you got stuck. What games are for, really? I don't know about online gambling or betting though. I don't think that doesn't have to be used against them, like they are not the issue here. Or maybe there's one but within KBS jurisdiction. Like @aqua123, we know JH was a gambler so it's not surprising and that was back in 2016. We don't know if they continue it for a long time. Then I got to search about JY regarding his birth year. Saw that he's year of the snake and it says snake people are unlucky this year of the pig. And, oh, 2d1n is running for 11yrs this year right? So the show is year of the ox. And according to what I searched, Ox people might experience misfortune. Like, yeah, it's happening.
  10. 2days 1night is my first variety, thanks to the drama The Producers. But it wasn't til the first Cha Siblings trip that I got hooked on the show. He was my bias/fave at first before YSY joined. Not really a fan but became to like him. It just so sad that it becomes to this, to him, more importantly to the show. Just like @mentarisenja, I don't mind a season 4 with 2 or 3 s3 members just like how Season3 started. No to cancellation of the show. I remember they started ng Hangover race is route 1. Actually, I searched it earlier. The full list of full episode from KBS World is in private but some episodes outside of it is still there. And in Hangover race episode, someone said that since there's 51 national highways they have plans as to other route. Ilyong PD says "until you cover all 51 of them, you won't be able to ever leave 2 d 1 n" and the caption "they are contracted for life". I want to hold on to that. although there's TRoS that I became a fan just recently, 2d1n is different. I don't want to say goodbye... to the show, to this thread. I registered here on Soompi and was a lurker when I read that KBS YT uploads 2d1n 3 weeks delayed and made me watch it on VIU. Petition done
  11. Giving myself a dose of good vibes after so many bad news happening in S.Kor eventhough it's still disheartening
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1310590wpp/2-days-1-night-to-go-on-indefinite-hiatus-following-jung-joon-youngs-controversy "KBS “2 Days & 1 Night” will be halting broadcasts and production. KBS has banned singer Jung Joon Young, who is being investigated for the filming and circulating illegal footage, from all programs. Furthermore, it has been decided that “2 Days & 1 Night” will halt broadcasts and production for the time being. With this, another program will be scheduled to take the “2 Days & 1 Night” time slot starting this week. In consideration of the viewers who wait for “2 Days & 1 Night” every Sunday evening, we reviewed the option of editing out singer Jung Joon Young from all the footage of the two episodes that have been filmed. However, realizing the severity of the matter, the decision was made to reorganize the program overall. KBS deeply apologizes for not managing our cast members thoroughly, and we will prepare measures to avoid a recurrence. Especially as singer Jung Joon Young had a similar controversy three years ago, we feel strong responsibility for simply accepting the decision of the investigative authorities to acquit him and not verifying completely before deciding on his return to the cast. KBS will prepare fundamental measures including intensified screening of cast members in order for a similar incident to not occur again." By the way, so the episode that KBS Entertain uploaded from last Sunday no longer available? No upload at KBS World YouTube on Sunday as well? <Sigh> hope VIU still have it. So the shoot they had this day, what for?
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