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  1. I'm interested in this drama as it is JCW comeback but seeing few feedbacks here... hmmm.. makes me think that the tv network who got the rights to air this here has a jinx.
  2. And now the Lee siblings left. Well it's not like we didn't see it coming. Especially when Sungjae left. It's been well known fact already like they've been on and off of the show for the past months. I may not be a super duper fan of Lee siblings like how I discovered Sungjae but I also enjoyed their clips as well. Grow well Seola, Sua and Sian!!
  3. Belated Happy Birthday Yoon Shiyoon Better late than never! Super late! 10days exactly! Been busy lately, but II'll get active again from now on!
  4. This article was from 2014. So I guess KJM pretty much done with 2d1n now. Well I guess I'll have to wait for updates. Kim Jong Min says he won't join season 4 of '1N2D Kim ng the change in cast lineup of '1 Night 2 Days', Kim Jong Min stayed on for season 3 as an original member from the past season, but it seems he doesn't intend to continue with the next season. During the recent filming of 'Full House', Kim Jong Min was asked to relay his feelings about season 3 of the hit reality series '1N2D' as well as the reason why he chose to stick with the show. He stated, "I stayed on because we were going to do season 3 together... I think I may have just lacked tact," adding, "It's still awkward with the new members, but I think everyone will do well together as professionals." Lee Kyung Kyu of 'Full House' asked, "What are you going to do about season 4 of '1N2D'?" Kim Jong Min replied laughing, "I'll have some sense and leave." How have you been liking the new season? Ctto https://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/01/kim-jong-min-says-he-wont-join-season-4-of-1n2d
  5. It's been a hectic month to me! Exactly a month! Oh! Belated Happy Birthday Jongsuk! Better late than never! Super late! Don't worry. I greeted you already at that day.
  6. @hwonhwon_stv He's been the Sun, Star, and now moon. I wonder if the next is related to sky...
  7. I haven't watched Hotel Del Luna. But him being the ending cameo, I remembered him on Miss Granny
  8. @aqua123 I totally feel you. As much as I wanted the remaining 5 members + 1 (Lee YongJin) to be back, I don't want to expect too much. I remember the episode where they said they won't do it (2d1n) if TH would quit that's why. Among all the names mentioned on the article, I only agreed on YongJin and Jongmin. I'm okay if atleast them and Yoon Shiyoon. But, oh. I think YSY mentioned that he'll atleast be on the program for 2yrs when he joined. It's been 2yrs too. When he joined, I watched 2d1n regularly. But it was The Producers drama that made me be curious and watch the show. I only know Cha Taehyun then and the first Cha Siblings episode made me hooked on the show, then I began to like all the casts as well. And it's also been 2yrs since I signed in here on Soompi, and that's because of 2d1n.
  9. 2d1n comeback news is making me feel blank I don't know why. Maybe because it's been too long I already have forgotten and gave up. I almost forgot to check the thread just now. I'm even not in a mood watching any dramas for a long time now except those being aired here on national TV. I don't think Yoon Shiyoon will return with 2d1n. Return of Superman is keeping me company nowadays. That and Happy Together sometimes. Will still keep in touch for updates
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