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  1. Been away for a while then I can't view IG posts anymore! It says I have to log in now! Since when?? Aigoo... Been reading here and there last Saturday - Sunday about TKEM and while others are thinking about the twists here I am just being simple minded ~ the king would be dilemma - stay in Korea with JTE or be the king of Corea. 930 Edit: oh, I think I've read/saw somewhere that I can comment here even without logging in, thru Gmail? Can I?
  2. I can't view IG posts now. It said I have to log in. Aigoo!!! Been away for a while then this... Oh so there's fancams of their shooting the drama.
  3. I know I'm missing a lot when I watched a clip of 2d1n and saw how Seonho changed~~ he's so cheeky here
  4. I can't see download option though on IG. Do you have an account on IG? Imgur requires registering?
  5. Happy 10th debut anniversary, Lee Jongsuk-sshi! Though my greeting is late.
  6. Haven't checked My Ugly Duckling. Waiting for English subs How do you get IG photo posts as photos only?
  7. @Lmangla @partyon It's Makati, Philippines. The mountain behind is a part of Sierra Madre of Benguet Province I'm watching CLOY now. actually with my mom 588
  8. Deafening silence... oohh.. And thanks to lesser cars on the street, less pollution, this rare sight of the mountain just behind the bustling city appears. Thanks to fresh air. 562
  9. 554 While here, we are losing doctors...
  10. 964 *everybody panicking* ME anyways, I don't know if it's okay to ask here but since I don't know anyone I just want to ask if Kissasian has problems? I do still watch there cause I can't do the legit sites/apps. If it's not right here, please do message me privately. I really really want an answer cause if not, I don't know how I can watch dramas anymore.
  11. 728 Stay safe everyone. We're on 'community quarantine' aka lockdown here but why do I not feel it... I've been at home ever since. At least we have Korean dramas.. I've started this
  12. Now that I think of it, I think it happened twice. I don't know what you call it but there's one time I woke up with saliva on my pillow. 624 Oh, I just want to share that The Last Empress is going to air here on PHL.
  13. Whenever I have that kind of dream, it always end up not having because I woke up! But there's one time I dreamt of kissing, I mean I felt something and when I woke up, it's my pillow! 608
  14. The fist one I dreamt like this, and the very first I dreamt of someone kissing in dreams, is Song Ilkook when Jumong aired here in the PHL back in 2007 938
  15. Is there anyone here checking out variety shows? Saw this post about a new variety show. Seems to me it's like Matching Survival/Sumvival of KBS + Yoon Shiyoon's other variety show last year. 834
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