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  1. Finally, some news updates for Yoon Shiyoon. I haven't seen/watch a drama after Dear Judge. I do have some of this year's drama that I'm Interested in but my internet connection was limited. I didn't have much enthusiasm in his 2 saeguks (recent and last year) though I tried to watch last year's but only the first episode. Those were a bit dark for me I think, or I just became lazy watching. I finished MOTW though he's not the main character and his role had short exposure for me as saeguks tend to have many characters. I think I want him to do a saeguk in MBC because for me, they do great saeguks. . I think I'm also on board for YSY to do a villain role, I've commented it here before. Though his character is not really the villain, I'm curious as how the story will be.
  2. I am late again... Happy 12th yr debut anniversary Kim Soohyun https://www.instagram.com/p/B0sGQK0gdfB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Oh, wow! So much has happened?? Been away from Soompi for half month. I think I'll be active from now on. Oh, Mr. Lee... look what have you done.. everyone is so concerned about you. Hope you're fine.. D517 ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/JongSukDailypic/status/1156434104499474434
  4. #JoJungSuk, #HanYeRi, #YoonShiYoon, And More Say Goodbye Following The Finale Of "Nokdu Flower" soompi.com/article/133895…pic.twitter.com/yOFcuHMyzFyOFcuHMyzF Ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/soompi/status/1150953807225868289/photo/1
  5. That's where KBS is good at. They upload their shows full or In parts with English subs. Especially variety shows, i understand ongoing dramas. Other networks don't upload in full or if there are parts, no English sub. Ugh, the concerns of international fans. You don't know how Brainfficial, Happy Together and TROS have healed me. That's done and closed already, he's sentenced and in jail. I think people have forgot already, or maybe the international fans/audience.
  6. DPC weibo making countdown to Soohyun's 12th Year Anniversary. Some old projects of Soohyun were shared. #KimChiCheeseSmile #JungleFish#KimSoohyun Ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1149993799080431616/photo/1 Will it Snow? Ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1149994190849417217/photo/1
  7. "Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it." - Benjamin Franklin ~~~~~~~~536 days~~~~~~~~ Vogue Taiwan 2016 Ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/JSHINE_FC_LJS/status/1150915043816439808/photo/1
  8. You can judge the heart of a man by the way he treats the animals. cr @LynFlor67111712 Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/LynFlor67111712/status/1144603994251124746/photo/1 i couldn't help not to sing
  9. Cr dramapanda http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/07/kim-soo-hyun-completes-his-military.html
  10. Kim Soohyun approaching https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1145487407308951553/photo/1
  11. I'm happy that another kstar is now back after military service but I know it would be unfair with you guys so here's to another day waiting for LJS 551 days https://mobile.twitter.com/JongSukDailypic/status/1145578755244613633/photo/1 ctto
  12. Welcome back, Kim Soohyun!!! Can't wait for your future projects!!! Cr. https://mobile.twitter.com/KoreanUpdates/status/1145480169924116481/photo/1 Cr: https://mobile.twitter.com/k_popped/status/1145481463401369600/photo/1 Kim Soo-hyun → December End of agency agreement Oh, I knew it would come to this since KE has been acquired by SM and... how long has it been since BYJ gone in KE? (Sorry if gonna bring back the past)
  13. Brainfficial JongMin with Yongjin I just subscribed. Been watching his episodes for quite sometime now. I think I almost watched all Missing this man
  14. 15 days!! It's getting nearer and now it's real!!! Oh, wow! His father too?
  15. Jo Jung-suk x Yoon Shi-yoon x played by Han Ye-ri 'team work strings.' … 'mung bean flower' is blood. 기사입력2019.06.12. 오후 2:09 [The Sports Chosun the dot com a press spokeswoman Lee] Laughter flowed amidst the set 'mung bean flower'. Sbs geumto 'mung bean flower' (Jung Hyun Min and production play singyeongsu Kim Seung-ho) drama is 125 years ago, the grass roots, that shook the land of a Green in earnest to the Tonghak Uprising of a declamatory speech.A historical drama people.A strong story, strong bold production and scale, and message beyond the age of colorful mixed reviews, and it is shown in the message that cold shower. 'mung bean flower' has recently introduced two started from.The first half to a localised area based on the grass roots only showed why she had not been able to stand up and make the stage of play from the second act, extending it to the turbulence of Joseon, and more.A big shock for.In particular, the Japanese army advanced on the Kyongbok Palace and 27 to 28 times to the ending made to the small screen a heavy a state of shock.Why is 'mung bean flower' a monumental work, how I'm going to uncompress prove a powerful story. A strong story and so each film scenes 'mung bean flower', but in premature heat to a gruesome hot rolling out a cordial enough to blow all the laughter.There doesn't. A picture released on June 12, were filmed 'mung bean flower' from place to place the acquisition with a bright smile of the actors in.A detached force up colon on the part of an old East West ran up the strapped him to be (Station final baegi), dochaebi with a fierce look in his eyes in the face of death and had fired a gun.Yoon Shi-yoon (station baegiyeon) inform the birth, independent woman character played by Han Ye-ri, such as (Song Ja In Station).'mung bean flower' the three main character's bright smile came to be helpful to good mood. Ara Park Hyuk Kwon, which shows mean the end of the play only (station baekka) showing the uncle, a heart-warming Kim Sang-ho sticky for duty and a good laugh, (station choedeokki).And Min Sung Wook (station choegyeongseon) and had been called the couple, shell casings and Yoon Shi-yoon ardent love pain, bakkyuyeong geolkeureosi and (station hwangmyeongsim) heroine No Haeng-ha thick, (Beodeul Station).Hwang Young Hee to add the pleasure of play with an accent (Chae Station) a sad death, the master bedroom.Byung Hun, who managed the theater (Station a lightning strike), strapped him in, and glutinous rice cake with partisans Ahn Gil-kang showing their breath (station haeseung) and Jung Kyu Soo, such as (station dongnokkae) appealing smile. 'mung bean flower' actors are actually only met a big smile and eyes, cameras found that witty and delightful film scenes such as posing with a message.Thanks to all actors do my best and we take care of each other by working in unison with crew and staff to pay. " As soap operas is 'mung bean flower' associated with this crew is solve more powerful story, and to turn those curves.All the actors ' concentration and can also need more energy.'mung bean flower' actors have strong teamwork and passion, committed with caring to create better work.These actors ' efforts and teamwork are dissolved in the work think thank you.Viewers like it always has been in the past you with a warm heart 'mung bean flower' actors and crew support and affection I ask you, '' Gibbs said. On the other hand, sbs geumto the Tonghak Uprising of 1894 is 'mung bean flower' the drama of farmers separated into military and a punitive force. half brothers, who had to fight in the vortex of an eventful human story.The stronger the story 'mung bean flower' with the second act when broadcast and Saturday at 10 pm every week. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003428130
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