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  1. I finally got to watch a recent episode, what I mean was last week, and it was worth using all my data! I love the global fans being chosen, I envy them. I should have tried to send in my video who knows but it's 2000 to 6 Mike of Jongmin's team said it right, he loves this season's members. I really thought they have to know that, thankfully someone said that. And that article above surely is all we wish for, for 2d1n to be forever with this cast. the above photo of Jongmin and Joonyoung team.. what place did they got again? I already forgot. so here's to me waiting for several days before watching the new episode.
  2. Unlurking just to make post a thought for episode 21-22 I think it was @nrllee who predicted that JE wouldn't do the newsbreak or say it another angle..wow! You predicted it right! And the face to face of KH and SH! although it wasn't what I wanted though, I believe there will be another KH-SH scene again! Hope so! I just didn't get SH? Why is he so worked up after hearing the disciplinary committee from OSC dad? What was that? What does he want? Just return the money and get out scot-free? Return as judge or remain hiding? Seriously, KH is standing up for him. Is he gonna be a coward until the end? And the playground kiss scene! I knew there would be a KH-SH kiss, I thought it would be in the end though. It was a healing kiss all right but for both of them. KH after his emotional scene with SH and mother then SE with her feelings for KH. Oh boy, OSC being mad at SE admission is such a sight! Serves him right (in exchange of failed ousting of his dad)
  3. It should be available now I think? BTW. Suddenly IG photo posts on Soompi doesn't show using my Android tablet. The other one I'm using sometimes is okay though. Wonder what happened.
  4. D296 I don't know why suddenly IG posts/photos doesn't show on the thread now on my Android tablet.. had to click again..
  5. Unlurking since I got spoiled already... the kiss!! Haven't seen the episode and was thinking to avoid the thread but thought of just... a peek but oh boy that kiss made me unlurk! For me it was like "I'm in pain, please heal me" kiss.. I just don't know how to categorize it.. passionate? Intimate? Will watch the full episode when it's available to me.
  6. I was trying not to but got tempted to watch a few clips on IG and I was like "aaaahhhh!!" I want more! I have to wait til Friday for the video on VIU be available in full. But Thanks for the spoilers.
  7. Have a drink with YSY And what's with this video? Why the camera went down? Is it about the shoes?
  8. Episode 19-20 I don't get SH. What's with cancelling the phone and freeze card account? What does he mean to that? And the thing about what's that again? It was said that SH (but not KH) ordered something.. . What does SH up to? And yes @nrllee, that first part where SE campaigned for KH as special lecturer priceless. There's no denying their relationship is gonna prosper. That of SH and JE, it's just short but is it not a flashback? Line from the episode "Do you know how cruel the word "someday" can be? That word endlessly tortures people who are caught between hope and despair. Why do I feel now that KH knows the truth about LHS's circle of lies and SH being involved, next would be that of SE's sister. Saw this
  9. Yoon Shiyoon on Law of the Jungle Sabah And I'm celebrating... cause it's been exactly a year since I joined/registered on Soompi!! Happy 1st Soompi birthday to me!
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