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  1. This part.. ugh! That OSC. And why does I always have less or running out off time/data whenever I'm on Soompi (my connection ) will try to have more comments later Twitter feedback Edit I'm back. I Still have enough. So yeah, we all go giggly at that "spend the night" but it's just that.. And then after last trial all KH staff.. esp Mr Jo! And the dinner date by SE House turned upside down.. what will after that? I wasn't able to take note so I have mixed comments here and there.. anyways I think this is all for now. Will gather myself a note next time.
  2. This... someone said he cleaned his lips after the kiss? I don't think so! (YH thread) Twitter feedbacks
  3. D286 Sleep with him?? I lo.. I mean we love you Kim Soohyun!! Do you hear us?
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