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  1. Up thread Posting photos of some scenes and maybe with edited ones or like this Can I comment consecutively though?
  2. Happy birthday Yoon Shiyoon! Happy birthday Kim Jongmin! note: please delete the other post (with only YSY)
  3. Looking forward to his future endeavours! Leaving you a huge smile of YSY as Your Honor ends!! See you guys again in his next projects! But of course we still have 2d1n! Happy Chuseok everyone!
  4. I'm now on the cliff again as my connection is in jeopardy. I just make some if not more of my comments so yeah.. Final episode, I'm not disappointed, all of the characters got their end game. OSC succeeded their company, bad guys went to prison. KH, SH, JE and SE. You think it was rushed, for me it's just lacking. But bear in mind writer nim is a guy. It maybe just straight to the point. But first things first, I just want to say that we all got worried for nothing. The switch wasn't revealed. Writer nim must have known that it would be chaotic to bring it up and might be a problem how to get out of it before the show ends. It was only to SE, when Mr. Jo said that Judge SH can't cook, she just put all the pieces. Episode 29-30 is a tear jerker, I cried several times. And yes, they got separated too long. Oh the agony. It's just that.. why is it so easy for SE to delete those photos.. while KH got so worried when he saw SE being dragged to the police station he called SH and Mr. Jo. And the conversation with Mantis.. About KH and SH, @nrllee was right. They were okay after the gf&PJH2 tandem kidnap scene. Ep29-30&31-32 we saw a shift on their relationship as well. At ep29-30, KH begged SH to help him he said he'll treat SH as an old bro, then on ep31-32 he recognized SH as old bro and then help came. But their mother... just that? Just a sorry and a little but emotional talk. That's what I said lacking. But writernim is a guy so it is just like that, no drama whatsoever.
  5. Ooohhh.. I love this! Just in time cause it was just last 2 weeks.(correct me if I'm wrong) Of course the first kiss was done first so it was uploaded first. Not because of something. ! ) .
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