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  1. Is the thread for the drama up yet? Link please? If the schedule is Saturday and Sunday, then it will be available on Netflix in Sunday and Monday? Oh, no. I don't think I can watch the Monday episodes... might try other options then.
  2. From WYWS photo book Credit to https://mobile.twitter.com/leejongsukkky/status/1266306096811012096?p=v
  3. 56th Baeksang Arts Awards Announces Star-Studded Presenter Lineup • Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin, the stars of the upcoming OCN drama “Train,” will present the Art Awards for both television and film. cr https://mobile.twitter.com/ysyphilippines/status/1268438660417941506?p=v
  4. My last post was 8 days ago at p507 and the last time I checked, last Monday wee hours, p637 and now? Wow, the page is not resting. I can't keep up. Fortunately, it means I didn't see any spoilers/ photo stills but the theories I've been reading since p610-611 and p 637, my brain is spinning. So let me just be on the side and be your audience. 1M views cr https://mobile.twitter.com/hyunaexovelvet/status/1268597378103349248?p=v If we didn't get a happy ending, or if TKEM is a hanging ending, i demand a season 2! Or at least have a special episode!
  5. Though I'm a bit late... Happy Birthday, Kim Goeun!!! Episode 11&12 is super duper mega GREAT!!! This is what we look for! Too bad it means the end is near! Episode 11 I roared "yay!" When yoyo boy let TE escape! So he is a balance keeper, or some sort. I haven't back read. Ep11~ (recap) Before leaving, Luna asks why the yo-yo string is red to which the kid replies they strung it themselves. ~~~ red string of fate?? too bad though that they made everyone from the bookstore dead. I think at least one should be a
  6. Siyoon reminding us, taking responsibility is two steps forward Fluffy_yoon on Twitter cr https://mobile.twitter.com/fluffy_yoon/status/1265051473202655233?p=v
  7. I can't remember SeGa @partyon but here on TKEM, this is the rundown of what happened before that. FL was abducted and brought to Kingdom. She woke up tied up in a warehouse with goons and a young boy (mysterious character) showed up and let her escape. FL fought the goons with also a knife (used by the boy) and was able to get a car key on one man and drove far away until the fuel is up. And when she's on an intersection she saw a phone booth and dialed a hotline specifically for a personal happy new year to the king and left a message "its me, I'm here, someone is chasing me"(non verbatim) a
  8. Yeah, Yeah, been on hiatus. I have lots of catching up in real world. Will be active soon. ++++++++++(((((((((())))))))))+++++++++++ New kdramas #FlowerOfEvil starring #LeeJoonGi #MoonChaeWon AND #Trainstarring #YoonShiYoon and #KyungSooJin will both be available on Viki when they air cr https://mobile.twitter.com/BluKimchiKdrama/status/1262534117075320838?p=v
  9. Twitter cr https://mobile.twitter.com/edsiyoon/status/1262811674492284929?p=v You don't cross my mind, you live in it.
  10. I don't know what's with about Lee Minho in page 5604(?) I'm not a Lee Minho fan but I enjoy TKEM. I only got to watch coz my brother turned on his Netflix account on our TV since the pandemic crisis and our favorite TV network regular programming got affected (they replay/rerun previous dramas now). I didn't became a fan of him becoz.. 1. I heard/watched it in Showbiz Korea years ago that the 2nd generation Hallyu Wave Kings are Kim Soohyun, Lee Jongsuk, Lee Minho and Kim Woobin. Among the four, the first 2 are the ones I got to like.. and super love Kim Soohyun! So the latter beca
  11. Wow! I have a thing for parallel world now. I'm watching LMH's TKEM. Thanks for updating the thread!
  12. Episode 9&10 is so great! This is it! The turning point! I don't have much time to back read so pardon me if I repeated a same comment. ~ the yoyo boy, is he some kind of a world balance keeper? Or just a keeper of that loop? ~ PM Koo, is she gonna play villain now? ~ when LL appeared to P.Buyeong, I was like "uh-oh!" ~ that sudden appearance and kiss... KGE's cry gets me. And this is the first time I watched her. And why did I just know this cutie pie?
  13. Since Shinjae remembered he was from KoC, the possibility that Yeong and ES being switched might be true right? Or should the other be dead before getting switched? New here, I've been reading the thread after ep2 though not much. We've been watching through Netflix since the pandemic/quarantine started here (March) and I don't know if my brother knows TKEM or he has just casually seen the search list 4 weeks ago/the first episode. I don't know much abt TKEM, so when I heard it deals abt parallel universe I thought there is only 2 things~ the King's would be dilemma, stay on RoK wi
  14. I've seen video clips of this part... I actually don't mind noises especially if it would give me a hint
  15. Shin Hye Sun must have done some good in her past life because she had Lee Jong Suk and Kang Ha Neul as her classmates in school. #leejongsuk#kanghaneul #shinhyesun pic.twitter.com/cK7ZyUEAkI Twitter post cr to https://mobile.twitter.com/leejongsukkky/status/1258081258883575808?p=v Me when Lee Jong Suk gets back from military enlistment ctto https://mobile.twitter.com/leejongsukkky/status/1257491364159164416?p=v
  16. It's Children's Day yesterday ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ cr https://mobile.twitter.com/fluffy_yoon/status/1257441649824849929?p=v
  17. Yep, I'm still keeping this drama. It's the only ongoing I'm watching thanks to my brother's Netflix account. 778
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