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  1. (from the above link) KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night” will be holding a special film screening event to remember Kim Joo Hyuk, who passed away last October after a car accident. At the end of the episode that aired on October 21, a teaser for next week’s episode showed the six cast members visiting a space that had been created to celebrate the actor’s life and career. The cast wiped tears away as they looked at the various photos that captured memories of their time with him. Through the teaser, the show also announced that they will be holding a film screening event on October 27 and 28 that will look back on some of the actor’s best movies including “Mr. Handy,” “Blue Swallow,” “When Romance Meets Destiny,” “My Wife Got Married,” “Couples,” and “Confidential Assignment.” All proceeds from the event will be donated to help further Korean independent films, which is something Kim Joo Hyuk advocated throughout his career. Kim Joo Hyuk passed away on October 30, 2017 after a fatal car accident. He had an illustrious career as an actor and was loved for his appearance on “2 Days & 1 Night.”
  2. Ow Donggu!! this part with Jongmin is so.. But I think he can land a support role in a action comedy film with this!
  3. I didn't know if this is posted already @frozentundra I've read about DF too but didn't know the details. I tried to watch there too before like years ago but it needed to register so I didn't pursue.
  4. I quite remember few parts of The Producers I can't remember exactly what happened to the IU's character and am just curious about the one-man agency I encountered there. I also remember On Air, there are few dramas tackling about management agencies. Anyway, hope that his agency does well.
  5. Saw this and he's so cool And this one here is unexpected to me.. can't wait to watch the episode in full This one though
  6. Oh my lord... button your shirt up! I actually don't get it. What's with putting up your agency? Was it like in the KBS drama The Producers? There, IU's character got dropped by her agency so she started a one-man agency. Just her and the driver-road manager. What's the difference? And saw these
  7. Haven't seen the new 2d1n episode but this photo and video is so cool serious! I think he's ready for more action productions!
  8. @kamila01 @87yua . I observed this on MAMA years ago, that whoever attends the awards night are the ones who wins. I believe that's how things were. Well I don't know about the year end awards of TV Networks though. What's important is that he's been nominated.
  9. What I thought about the awards is that the ones who attends are those who'll gonna win. Even in MAMA. So whoever attend surely have something in the end. That's what I observe, Hollywood maybe excluded. I don't know how on year end awards though.
  10. I'm a bit confused though on the last part. I don't understand.. well I think I have to wait for the episode to be available to me..
  11. I finished watching the recent episode and I laughed hard at the game with Park Jihyun!! I just want to mention the part where they are teasing Jongmin being all serious when he said about a woman, the part where they are on the bus? And yet, Defconn's grandfather's reply was he is wishing for him to get married! And that they also tease Junho for that! Donggu's and JJY's reply letter was so touching
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