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  1. Yoon Shiyoon, Seolhyun of AOA and Shin Hyunjoon to host 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards https://mobile.twitter.com/soompi/status/1071917119606935553/photo/1 Will YSY win an award again?
  2. 12-3-15 https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1069601892534149127 D202 military discharge, D67
  3. D203, D68 ~ military discharge, birthday Dream High performance Shot straight to my heart
  4. 8yrs ago Dream High Ceremony 11292010 https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1068105553136766976/photo/1 20141208 Hana Bank 60 seconds CF https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1071697275871748096/video/1
  5. Here's to complete your weekend /media/Dty_5EmU0AAHVhP.jpg:sma. https://mobile.twitter.com/buwanliwanag/status/1070941810111868928/photo/1
  6. YSY and JJY seen in Jeju airport.. Filming 2d1n?? https://mobile.twitter.com/buwanliwanag/status/1070941409811648512/photo/1 https://mobile.twitter.com/Siyoon_Inyeon/status/1070583971224768512/photo/1
  7. Moving on to another project, shipping with someone is done and over it's just for the show.. https://mobile.twitter.com/yunrac/status/1071242355519483904/video/1 With Song Jihyo https://mobile.twitter.com/EXODMUMT/status/1071469494948614144
  8. Countdown til his birthday It's the Christmas season
  9. Team Jini Hyuni Guni Making slime looks fun! Taehyun almost lost it! And the mini Olympics especially the basketball one.. I couldn't hold my laughter! Defconn is unstoppable they almost lost because of Jongmin! It's sure tough! @lyd89 thank you! I am about to search for that. Had a good laugh!
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