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  1. I'm on track on this drama! Made me come back to kdrama land after several months! Kim Seonho's character gives me Jung Haein-While you were sleeping vibes
  2. Yoon Shiyoon Top 1 for most handsome Korean actor for the month of October
  3. And I'm back to kdrama land! Thanks to Start Up! Kim Seonho's character gives me Jung Haein-While You Were Sleeping vibes! And oh! I don't know why but Soompi on my chrome is weird.. ~ the background or HTML stuff?? -2
  4. Checking the thread! It took me a while to now really watching Train
  5. So how's kdrama land?? Been away! I don't know what's happening to me.. I think I'm being lazy nowadays in terms of kdramas. It took me like forever to finish IOTNBO and now I'm watching Train like how ongoing kdramas are being aired weekly Anyways. Just checking the thread since it's been a month since I last log in.. -2 still on Sub?
  6. To know more about them you can visit this site https://atinxsb19.com -2
  7. Hello Soompi pips! I'm back! Been a while but I was about to log in when the site crashed! Just wanna promote this guys! Get in the zone, break! They're SB19! SB19 is a five-member Filipino boy band who debuted in 2018 and consists of Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They are the first Filipino act trained by a Korean entertainment company to debut in the Philippines. Wikipedia page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SB19 They just dropped their debut album titled GET IN THE ZONE and is out now on various music streaming platforms with their title track Ha
  8. Boom! Update completed! Mine is dark violet! So change of font color! -2
  9. I really really want to participate in the thread before but I thought I have to read other pages but then I'm still on page 39! Haven't seen ep 4-6, I know I have to catch up. I like the quotable quotes here on IONTBO. Would love to have those compiled. I need to watch til episode 6 before I can join the discussions.
  10. @angelangie I go through the notifs now. Didn't checked the "run support tool to use default theme". Well hopefully next time I log in, it's already okay.. well it's okay of its not okay 152
  11. The way he reacts to compliments. So cute Update and new still
  12. Ooh! I'm in Team Sub now. Too bad I log in too often. Now I'm back to this guy Can someone explain to me what update #8 means? The profile page is out of order? I usually get to the thread from profile. 158
  13. https://twitter.com/soompi/status/1275713650322542599 Yoon Shiyoon looking back on his acting career
  14. @yuzu16 will catch up later! Anyway, is there anyone here who knows/a member of Kim Soohyun Philippines FC? I'm following their FB page and then just this Thursday I checked my lists and the page is gone. The other Kim Soohyun page that been hacked long before is also gone.
  15. Since everyone are active now, just wanna flex these guys. They are Filipino group-- --- SB19! Edit: refreshed and the number doesn't go well with the next
  16. Giving you this for maintaining the thread! We'll see soon on TRAIN thread too!! @Happy Sheep
  17. So I was able to watch IONTBO and yes I love it! Will be at the thread later! After episode 4 I guess! Just finished episode 1!
  18. Woah!! I've been just away for 12 days and a lot here happened!? The last I saw is the IG update and now there's Soompi points? And even the layout of the forum/thread! Oh wow there's also emoji GIFs too!! I even avoid GIFs sometimes cause of the data it consumes! But it's cool!! 446
  19. I just hope that my brother knows this drama. He's the one whose been making us watch on Netflix.
  20. I actually didn't notice at first, I'm watching with my family and my brother pointed out that guy.
  21. Better late than never! Though I've always been late! I wasn't able to catch up with so many pages as well! About the finale! I think it's a good ending. Why choose one or the other if you can have the best of both worlds, or rather, the universes. I find it funny that even in prison, PM Koo is with that guy that served as her secretary! This is actually my first very active ongoing drama thread.
  22. Yes, the drama that made him Kim Takgu YSY in violet
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