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  1. Trans 11th Sandwich Bazaar Saturday, October 19, 2019 Opens in Seongsu-dong Layer57. Everyone, come to Sandwich Bazaar Trans Austin Reed Luxury Wedding Suit For a special and precious wedding I recommend a luxury European suit. With Guabelo & Canonico Suit Get ready for a great wedding!
  2. MOA Ent IG update Oct 11 Trans MBC <Me Too, Flower!> ‘서재희’ was charismatic, cute, powerful, and lovely Miss you YSY singing on MBN's Naturally Trans: Naturally #singing even Donggu.Avi _ (Oh) Gurye Hyuncheon Village If we sing together when we gather together, tension is up! #Your karaoke_love
  3. 20151019 Korean Drama Awards Kim Soohyun cameos
  4. I'm interested in this drama as it is JCW comeback but seeing few feedbacks here... hmmm.. makes me think that the tv network who got the rights to air this here has a jinx.
  5. And now the Lee siblings left. Well it's not like we didn't see it coming. Especially when Sungjae left. It's been well known fact already like they've been on and off of the show for the past months. I may not be a super duper fan of Lee siblings like how I discovered Sungjae but I also enjoyed their clips as well. Grow well Seola, Sua and Sian!!
  6. Kim Soohyun laughing.. How I wish we get to see this every day... ctto
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