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  1. Kim so Hyun! You're the best! Thanks for being so hard-working and overcoming the negativity. It has been hard on you. Thanks for being so vulnerable in your interviews. Latest teaser so awesome! What's better than one cross dresser? Two!!! haha This is going to be fun.
  2. https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/k-drama-review-love-alarm/ “... I’ve watched Kim So Hyun’s previous dramas, so I could rely on this girl to deliver as Kim Jojo. As always, I’m impressed by how talented this young girl is. For her young age, she pulled off such a heavy character laden with emotional baggage from her past. My heart literally went out to Kim Jojo, who was so unlucky in life. When she broke up with Sun Oh, her pain was palpable that I wondered what kind of heartbreak Kim So Hyun went through in real life for her to execute such emotions onscreen. Another thing I loved about Kim Jojo is her outfits. Her transition from a young high school girl to a young woman on the verge of becoming an adult was done subtly but it was very beautiful. The changes were minimal as she traded her school uniform for neutral and earthy colors. Small touches were added like jewelry and a very simple and basic sense of style. But Kim So Hyun was gorgeous in the latter part of the drama.”
  3. Well thought out scenarios! Bravo! I’m hoping for the second outcome too !
  4. 99 percent chance there will be season 2. Director said it depends on feedback and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
  5. It's a fact that the webtoon is still ongoing. The writer was on a break due to health problems but now she's improving. She's working on the webtoon once more.
  6. it seems to be strong reception for love alarm! I'm 99 percent sure there will be second season. I can't think of any show on netflix that doesn't have at least 2 seasons
  7. ahhhh that's too long. but it was the same for the kdrama kingdom, their season 2 is coming out a year later too. on the upside maybe there will be a new movie/drama next year that will come out before season 2.
  8. @Elif Ataş thanks for sharing your input! Her chemistry with both were wonderful even with her ex- dojo boyfriend. For now I'm leaning more towards sun-oh since i only watched 3 episodes. But my heart for sure will still break for the loser in the end. S2 me too! maybe they will start filming it in the fall after mungbean?
  9. How did everyone like the drama? After watching three episodes I can say that I absolutely love so hyun protrayal of jojo. Her acting is so expressive and beautiful. I was really surprised at how melancholic this drama was. I was thinking it was going to be light heart drama with some emotional scenes. It was different in expectations but I loved it. The cinematography is stunning and beautiful. I'm thankful that although jojo is a pitiful character, she is also a strong character. I love the scene of her fighting her cousin, she held nothing back. at first i thought she was just going to stand there and take the hit but nope she knocked her to the ground. I was like gooo jojo!!! This is my most favorite role of her since let's fight ghost. my fears i had regarding this drama was thankfully just fears and not truth.
  10. We prob shouldn’t worry too much since she still will give us a superb performance even if she gets a subpar script (looking at you ruler...). Yeah ah I agree. Let’s just lower our expectations of the drama as a whole and only look forward to seeing her performance and cross our fingers for a season 2. If not, a different drama soon (I’m too greedy even though Mungbean is around the corner lol). I still want miss granny to happen because I would love to see her play a cranky no nonsense old lady and also I want to see her sing and dance (disappointed they never post her performances at her fan meetings)
  11. I read a comment on dramabean that said her character is unlikeable in love alarm. The poster read the webtoon. It kind of worries me but then again Kim so Hyun has played unlikeable characters in the past and made them winning and loveable despite the characters having deep flaws. She makes you root for even the most unlikeable characters written in paper.
  12. first episode of secret birth. This episode is all kim so Hyun. Her acting is so rich in this. She wearing a disguise to hide from people was hilarious. And her crying skills. Wow.
  13. aw glad she is doing well! she's such a hard worker! soon she will prob have to do press con for two dramas around the same time. what a trooper!
  14. awwwwww this is so terrible! I'm glad that her injuries weren't too bad. Recover soon in body and in spirit So Hyun!!! FIghting!!! You are an amazing and strong person!!! You're the best!
  15. if love alarm is coming out next month, wheres the trailer? japanese fans... please release so hyun japanese songs. it's such a waste if her songs are only shared to a small number of people. : (
  16. : ( the actress who played Kim So Hyun mom in school 2015 passed away. Crazy. So sad https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/06/actress-jeon-mi-sun-48-reportedly-found-dead-in-a-hotel-room
  17. The fan meeting is being live streamed! i tried to register for free act but it says you need a credit card even though it’s free for validation : ( https://medium.com/@irdinahelen/live-streaming-kim-so-hyun-live-2019-full-show-b2cb97ee47cc
  18. I’m kinda disappointed that there’s no articles about So Hyun taking horse back riding lessons or martial arts courses. It’s seems like every female character in the mung bean drama are terrific in terms of fighting minus her character. I hope they don’t make her character weak like they did in ruler although she did drawn out her sword a few times but was super limited :/
  19. I'm so thankful for the behind the scenes video of the fan meeting!!! I wish they would upload the video of the entire event esp the videos of her performing the songs in its entirely.
  20. thank you everyone for posting and sharing photos and videos! her haircut is so cute and pretty on her. It's not too short, which is perfect! i hope there will be more videos of her
  21. @Elif Ataş good investigative work! If they’re filming it end of May/early June, they should most likely be done filming for entire drama by the time it airs unless they film it super slowly. @faye406 it does look like her from the behind haha btw I’m not sure but did so Hyun say that she was singing an original japanese song at her fan meeting??? It’s not a cover but a brand new song??? I hope someone post it online.
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