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  1. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4405666175012424 Short video of JH at the press conference for the comedy festival if anyone wants to see him.
  2. Since JM and Yongjin's names were mentioned, some more information and personal speculations: For Yongjin, one of his programs mentioned on broadcast that he kinda left the program, no mention of reasons. He's been appearing on and off for the past few episodes. So, the reason could be, discussions and preparations for appearing on 1n2d (which, if true, would mean DF who's on the same program wasn't included) or just taking time off from work to have more family time (since his wife is pregnant, congratulations!) For JM, Koyote seems to have some major activities planned later this year, so if 1n2d starts up again and he is cast, then it would mean it's going to be extra hectic for him. And I think if TH and JH, especially TH, aren't coming back, it's really unlikely that JM would come back. After all, JM mentioned that TH was one of the reasons he was invited back for s3.
  3. Well, there's not a lot of new information from this official statement and I'm not sure if the translation is accurate here. What I read from Chinese sites is that Sung pd resigned from the station, meaning he won't be with KBS anymore. TROS pd is a female pd so it would be interesting to see if she really joins 1n2d since she should be the first female main pd for 1n2d. Netizen comments seemed to be more inclined towards TH and JH coming back and JM staying. They don't really welcome Yongjin coming back (not sure why?) but want a new rookie (well, even if all 5 members are back, they would still lack one person).
  4. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4403080013860653 (photos of JH inside) JH attended the press conference for the Busan comedy festival, his first public appearance. To translate what he said according to the status: I've spent time reflecting due to some disgraceful events. Today is the first time I'm appearing in a public event. I hope that everyone can give me their understanding as I had unintentionally caused a controversy and have reflected a lot. My job is to make people laugh, but after what happened, it's hard to do it again. I've thought about it a lot and discussed a lot with my juniors and company. Although a lot of juniors said that it's better not to be the chairman of the festival this time, I still came because of my sense of responsibility. (probably meaning that the juniors think that there's a smaller chance of backlash from the public for JH if he avoided appearing at public events). That's about it from the post. As for the rumours about an update from KBS on 1n2d status at the end of August, I'm not sure about the authenticity so I'll look out for more news.
  5. So I read a recent post on the korean variety reddit about 1n2d comeback. I'm not sure if it is true but I'm translating what the Chinese moderator of something similar to JM's subreddit translated from parts of an interview done with the KBS variety department. The moderator's opinion was that the person interviewed was extremely cautious so we don't get any answers at all, but you can roughly see the stand taken by them. Just to clarify again that this interview may or may not be related to the rumours of a 1n2d comeback. The translation was posted on 1 August, so it's likely the interview wasn't that far back since the moderator is very active. Translation is as follows (I'll try to aim to give the general idea since I can't guarantee the accuracy of the translation): (Q and A for question and answer respectively) Q: Asking if it's true that the program has lost its advertising and producing functions 4 months after the news of halting production A: To their knowledge, since the news of halting production, there's been no progress. Members have not received any notifications from KBS. Other than JH and TH who stepped down from the program, the only remaining members are DF, JM and DG. (So basically, Yongjin isn't even on their list now. Considering that he had never officially become a member from an intern, I'm not sure which side made the decision to cut ties. It doesn't make sense if they don't mention his name because if they still bring him in later to the program, it will feel weird when you look at this interview. Also to add, some may already know that Sung pd is already moved to another program, which indicates that any comeback wasn't going to be that soon unless you're talking about a total overhaul.) Q: What are the effects of a 1n2d comeback, an old program amidst intense competition from other forms of media (tvn, jtbc, youtube, netflix etc.)? A: 1n2d is a program that earns a lot of advertising revenue even when the advertising market is shrinking. (I don't even spot much PPL in the program, what products do they exactly get their revenue from?) 1n2d also meets the KBS definition of a public welfare program and is a program that should not be taken away. The halt on production has caused KBS to incur huge losses. The new program (Donkey Ears) was used to replace 1n2d in order to cut losses but the revenue gap is still too wide. (Last I check, the new program's ratings are similar to RM's from the same timeslot, Masked singer is higher. Not too sure if you can consider it good ratings when your program breaks even with RM but considering their average ratings are below 10 while TROS breaks 10 most of the time in the time slot, KBS still lose out majorly with the program change) They also emphasised that 1n2d is their symbol of advertising Korea internationally. The program is a symbol of time and is a valuable program for people of all ages to watch and discuss. (I'm not too sure about the translation on the symbol of time.) Q: Will there be a 1n2d s4? A: If we want to produce a s4, we must first settle all the problems left from the past. Although it is hard to identify cast members with problems, but it was a huge mistake to bring JJY back to the program. The pd team also admitted their mistakes multiple times, but the production of a fourth season depends on the variety environment and public opinion. If there's a fourth season, the key segments (travel, bokbulbok) will stay, but the cast will change and there would be innovation on multiple fronts. (End of translation) To be honest, if there is a new season with a new cast, I really don't see it succeeding. When Hojin pd decided on the s3 cast, at first glance it feels fresh even though the chemistry was unknown (you can't really fault him for what happens in the future). 6 years later, when I look at the variety programs now, the casting really feels stale. For those interested, if you look at Yoo Jae Suk's conversation with Haha and Yoo Hee Yeol in Kim Tae Ho's new program, Yoo Jae Suk mentions how hard it is to bring someone new into the variety scene because there aren't programmes that cast them. You can hear more about it from the show if it's subbed. To conclude based on YJS's observation, the program is pretty much doomed to fail if you use a cast of members who are new to variety. I don't think s3 members would join without the full team and if you bring regular cast members from other programs, interactions would pretty much be the same thing you see in other programs. if you look at tvN now, there were a lot of programs that popped out recently, but they use the same rotating cast of comedians and variety personalities even though the program concepts are different. It kind of takes away the enjoyment when you can somehow predict what the person is going to say based on what you observed from him in other programs. It's a dilemma and KBS has a tough problem on their hands.
  6. Good news! JH will be appearing in the upcoming Seoul Mate 3 though he won't be recording in the studio. It's essentially a comeback. His main focus would still be the comedy festival.
  7. On a slightly unrelated note, Kim Tae Ho pd (Infinite Challenge pd) has a new program planned for Sunday broadcast. Likely timeslot should be on the evening. The current replacement program for 1n2d is doing decent in ratings, not good or bad. If this new program somehow impacts the evening viewership battle heavily, KBS may be forced to make big changes to their evening variety shows again, since this timeslot is the only one in the channel doing very well.
  8. Looks like Ilyong pd is going for different feels with different cast members. Hopefully ratings are good, though the program won't be aired on a major channel. On another note, there's been so many scandals/crimes related to celebrities lately that I think TH and JH will find it really hard to make a comeback given the attention that's likely to be given to them. I don't expect it to end anytime soon until Burning Sun saga finally ends.
  9. I've heard that on the last day of Kim Jong Kook's concert recently, there was a mention of inviting TH as a guest but TH still feels that it's not really the right time yet. Hong Kyung Min also mentioned the same thing. But there's photos of TH with fans floating around insta so at least he's ok with these more private moments with fans. JH updated his insta to promote the comedy festival but I don't think he'll appear on tv anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong. JM is still appearing regularly on programs. DF has two regular programs other than Idol Room, I would recommend the one with Hyungdon for the good laughs though there's no English subs.
  10. KBS censored TH's face in the latest Entertainment Weekly. At this rate, I'm not sure if a 1n2d return is even possible within the year.
  11. He's definitely got to make a living but to let him helm a show that's basically a concert feels real awkward. I don't think you need to put in a lot of editing for effects for the programme, it's basically switching among different camera angles since it's just singing. If they were going to still delay 1n2d's return or just end it, just let the pd start on a new programme and he can hand it over later to helm 1n2d haizzzzz.
  12. Yongjin was on JM's brainfficial this week and mentioned that JM was at his wedding, too bad we didn't get a photo.
  13. Glad to see there will be no charges. The police likely also don't want to get more negative news after their image was tainted. Then again, it's unlikely we'll see news of a 1n2d comeback soon.
  14. Congrats to Yoon pd, I had the weird impression that any of the pds on 1n2d long enough would have been married by now, though Hojin pd is still not married yet I guess. JH attended a event held by Narae this weekend, so you can say it's his most recent public appearance. Glad to see that he looks to be in good condition, though it's a pity he wasn't on the 1000th episode of Gag concert.
  15. There was a official press conference by KBS today about 1n2d. Not sure if soompi will translate it, but I'll just put the main content here. The person holding the conference seems to be the one we saw welcoming the members at the start of the year, so his position is quite high. Main point of the conference is that 1n2d's production will be on indefinite hiatus (which is nothing new after so long). So to start off, the director apologised for the late statement which may have caused frustration for viewers, since 1n2d is held in high regard. Then, he talked about making the decision despite the negative impact it will have on their profits (which seems more like them trying to make their position look more pitiful). To add on, he talked about the petition against abolishing 1n2d being 3 times as much as the one for it (overseas fan make up a large part of it). To end off, he talked about the program being loved locally and overseas and how the program helped with the local economy so they are in a very troubling position. So basically, no changes in the current situation and no date in sight whether they will make a definite decision on the program. The long wait continues.
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