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  1. To quote a Cnet comment I saw last time, signal house is only a miniature environment. Since the world is so big, ED and MJ's next lover could be out there somewhere. I wouldn't worry that much about ED and MJ. Back then when the show just ended, there was a rumour going around based on ig that ED had a girlfriend then after the show. Whether it's true or not I'm not too sure, but the girl looked pretty. There was a video analysis on whether a good guy has any charms. It should be this one (no subs though, so I don't understand the content). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXL2fbXNThI As for Weibo, KY, JH, GH and IW all have 1, though the more active ones would be JH and GH (GH knows Chinese, I'm not sure if JH is getting someone to translate for her). I think JH, MJ and GH are all quite popular with Chinese fans. IW likely created one at the request of fans.
  2. I'm not too sure about the exact analysis and the video has been taken down. The rough context from what I get from Cnet posts is that the two brothers were doing a personality analysis of the 4 girls and negative points were brought up during JH's part. (I'm not sure about the other girls) There's no exact details though. Since Cnets are predominantly JH fans and KY-JH shippers (this applies to Knets too, some Cnets warned that you shouldn't bring in the idol fandom culture for this show), there could be a certain bias at work when criticising the two brothers' analysis. To be honest, from my point of view, everyone in the house except ED and MJ have points that they could have done better on (Cnets posts also reflect this trend). The analysis could have been taken as constructive criticism, but then again it's a issue of perpectives. To be as neutral as possible (because I do not have the full information), you can say that the prof's analysis was not that good about JH, so it could be possible that JH didn't have a great impression due to that.
  3. I don't think Shiyoon's IG is a personal account, it's likely managed by his agency and posts are formal and offficial. @Happy Sheep may know more. There were some not so pleasant stuff that happened with prof yang's analysis of JH (not on the show, but on his youtube, which was taken down). As for Hyejin, I'm not too sure. It could be that the style of the ig posts don't match JH's preferences. There was a youtube analysis by the 3 guys' youtube channel about JH-KY meeting in the special episode. I may translate it in full from the Chinese sub if I have time, but to start with a brief summary, KY wasn't comfortable in the meeting and there was distance between the two. As for future progression, what the guys analysed is that for the relationship to go well, JH has to be the one to initiate meetings, not KY. Given how KY was acting slightly distant in the special, JH may also take a step back, so as a result, the relationship did not go well as what the current IG situation shows if your deduction is accurate.
  4. From Cnet translation so far, even the interview that I mentioned before with the 4 girls together had no new content, so Cnets were asking what was really the point of the interview. To sidetrack really hard into HS2 territory, the aftermath of HS2 ending is still felt among Cnets now. They call it the HW PTSD (though they say love catcher 2 was worse). I read something really interesting that likely explains a lot about why Cnets really dislike HW even now (they are more nuanced about YJ and HJ). I'll start with the pd interview saying that the team really didn't expect HW to choose HJ at the end and it seems a lot changed after the final trip which they don't know why. To put into context, out of anyone involved in the show, the pd team really has the god's view of point in the show since they have all the camera footage. To even confuse the pd team would mean that you are hiding a lot on the show or not all your actions on the show were truthful. The next part would be a suspected pd reveal, which mentions that in this show, all the HW-HJ 1 to 1 interactions/dates were broadcast, which implies that there's nothing else on this that the pd team did not broadcast. After watching both HS2 and HS3, HS2 with less episodes still had more even distribution of footage among the different lovelines. To be able to broadcast all of the HW-HJ interactions with so little episodes to work with really shocked the Cnets. They questioned that with so little HW-HJ interactions, pd showed so much of HW-YJ conflict scenes to try to explain HW's final choice but there's no denying that there were a lot of sweet HW-YJ scenes broadcast in there too. A Cnet conclusion: HW was trash for leaving 2 girls hanging and then making such a sudden switch for the final choice. A Cnet mentioned YJ's friend saying YJ pretty much avoided all mentions of HS after the show (pretty much implying trauma). My personal opinion is that HW really could have done much better in this during the show. Whether or not he was aware of this, only he knows. Small update: GH and MJ went to JM's cafe.
  5. Forums were down for a while, so I couldn't access this. It seems that the aftershow events have not ended yet. The 4 girls were in photos for a group interview (really nice outfits, GH and MJ were linking arms in one picture, not sure why haha). Someone noted that with how awkward HS2 ended, the guys and girls still came together for a group interview, so having only girls is really weird. JM ig story was of her filming something with DG and her designer friend (likely not from a previous filming) I think reddit has a brief summary of the pd interviews in English (I can only find the same brief summary on Cnet). It seems to have been interpreted as JH and KY are currently still dating. I will share something from the other point of view on the matter from a Cnet (just for thoughts). I think the first part also concurs with the point that @Nodame makes about this type of romance variety shows. This was posted on 24/7 as a reference.
  6. I think viewers can choose what they want to view HS3 as. If you treat it as a drama, then ep16 will be the ending and you can pretty much forget about it and move on. If you like it a lot, you can always come back to rewatch it as a drama again. Viewers will not have to be concerned about the cast's lives afterwards since the story has ended. In this case, viewers can also move on from the stories on display here. It seems that the pd interviews for HS3 are out. From what I see on Cnet, IW and GH are drawing fire again for the spoiler pics and causing JH to get flamed during that period. I will wait for the full translation to see the context. When you thought the storm was over with the spoiler pics, it started up again after the interview.
  7. There were actually more stuff that happened that the OP did not include in his summary because those were more subtle so it could be a case of people reading too much about it. IW's accident seems to be only a minor collision from the back. I think he still went for dinner after that so everything should be fine. Update: Random ig interactions: KY shared a picture of a car then IW and MJ both wanted to be on a test drive on it. KY said that he will allow it since it's MJ. In the middle of all this, someone asked IW for a English name and IW said that he won't be thinking of names today since he's out of ideas. AN on IW's ig: Oppa looks the most handsome when you're working. Can't you work for your whole life? IW: Oh, it's really AN. I thought you were a high-grade imitation of AN, but you are AN herself. Hi, AN. IW: But if I become an old man, I will also want to retire T.T Update 2: The previous youtube channel I mentioned about the 3 guys doing analysis for HS3 uploaded a new video on HG-MJ from ep 16. A Cnet pointed out 3 interesting points after watching it: 1. HG mentioned in the interview that there was great emotional exhaustion during the one month stay at signal house. The 3 guys say that this is definitely not due to MJ. The first time is due to JH, the seoncd time is due to GH. The MJ-HG loveline was progressing too smoothly because MJ's heart was only on HG, so there wasn't any point of time causing HG emotional exahustion in this loveline. The guy on the left said that, just like how a movie's male and female lead got closer after overcoming a crisis, a relationship with totally no problems also has a reason why the "temperature" does not go up (I think this just refers to moving on to the next stage) 2. HG mentioned the part that left the deepest impression was the peanut ice-cream. There's actually a lot of events to mention here. It could be (MJ crying), tiramisu, motorcyle ride at Jeju. Mentioning the peanut ice-cream is very strange. The guy on the right says that it could be due to HG appreciating GH's courage to express herself so it left a deep impression, because he himself could not do it. 3. As for HG's regret about the unaired footage, the three guys' analysis is that the two parts (cocktail and reply letter) are the parts whereby his own charm was not displayed on screen, so he felt regretful. "The part where I was making the cocktail looked so good, why would they cut this part out?" (OP agreed a lot about this part). (OP post end) To be honest, it may be a pity during broadcast that there wasn't much HG-MJ scenes, did the pd cut their screentime because they're aware of what the current state of their relationship is. The less fuel you feed the HG-MJ ship, the milder the firestorm in the aftermath after the special. Currently, there isn't any further statements out from both sides. A Cnet pointed out that this is good that you keep it to a bare minimum. Both sides stated their stands so people won't blindly support one side but they also did not drag out the argument online to deal further hurt to each other. I'm not sure if the 3 guys will talk about the other 2 lovelines in the special. I will look out for Cnet summary if they do. There was a DC post reposted by this Cnet saying who will IW choose between HG and MJ (it's in bad taste). Honestly, I'm not sure IW is getting his peace of mind after the show with these fires starting up (HG-MJ, KY-JH) haha, especially when people know that he's close to someone in both lovelines.
  8. HS3 is going to turn out to be the messiest season because of the cast and not the netizens. MJ recently insta deleted a ig story saying that what you told me was obviously different. As for what that means is up to the reader's interpretation. Since IW, ED and maybe KY are close to MJ, this is definitely a difficult situation for them. To make it worse for IW, it seems IW had a minor car accident in the morning from his ig that was deleted. (He was asking for help on what is the usual procedure for this in Korea after being in US for so long. I guess it's also a kind of digital footprint in case the other party decides to twist facts and cause trouble since he's seen on tv.) A Cnet summarised the happenings for HG-MJ so far. It's a bit unpleasant to read. In a sense, ED is lucky that he did not go too deep in relationships with anyone on the show. It's a pity he did not get a good result, but he's pretty much uninvolved in all the firestorm.
  9. Hyunjoo and Jihyun gave me very similar first impressions, but the difference lies in what Prof Yang analysed in HS2 about Hyunjoo, Hyunjoo is open-minded and has that charm that allows people around her to open up to her. You really can see DG's playful side a lot around her. As for KY's ig comments asking from help from IW, the more rational Cnet analysts think that this is likely a sign that JH and KY chose to remain friends. Though KY and IW do hang out, I really think there's a lot to be seen from KY asking help for something related to JH from a ex-rival like IW. (What kind of fate is this that IW has with JH lol?) The reason for this intense ig war is likely due to the stark contrast in atmosphere between the special and the previous lovey-dovey scenes. It makes people question whether it was all for show. (I think it's still legit) The problem with IW-JH-GH relationship dynamics is that GH and JH are really very close but they really did not mention one word about IW during their house stay between themselves. I have a feeling the two of them still have not talked about it after the show. IW is in an awkward position for this and I think his hands are tied for any solution to this situation. Compare this to HJ-DG-JM, JM was really open about it even in the house, helping DG to land assists on the HJ front when she pretty much knew who DG's heart was leaning towards. The three of them sorted it out pretty well. DG-JM interactions on ig sometimes blur the line between friends and lovers, but people pretty much find the way it was presented to be interesting and that's it. HJ and JM still hang out too. I am not sure if you can attribute this to age difference (thus social experience, the 2 maknaes vs the oldest unnie, even HJ was older at the time of filming). HG came out with an apology for the fire at his side that has been started for a while. Ignoring what his true intentions were, he really should have considered the kind of effect that the photos and actions on ig will bring. MJ became an unwilling victim too. Update: MJ has unfollowed HG. -Haha, someone asked MJ to think of an English name for him/her. MJ said this is not her expertise, then dear Lucas joined in to think of one.
  10. Prof and Jaeho's 15-1 analysis Moving away from this translation, I actually really like to repaly HJ-DG scenes from HS2 a lot (not sure why haha). Comparing these 2 to IW-JH, HJ and DG definitely ended off with a better note (of course it may not really have ended, small wish haha). HJ-DG doesn't really have a heavy atmosphere and though these 2 did not really lay everything out, they have a subtle understanding of the other person's thoughts and it's less hurting that way combined with the constant laughs they had, so these 2 can still occassinally see each other in cast gatherings after the show. For IW-JH, JH really is too deep to read with the high wall she sets herself too. IW really tried too hard and too long to get a full answer (kind of like ED's advice to walk until there are no paths left). In the end, the hurt is much more and I don't think these 2 will ever see each other again. For IW-GH, though I am still holding on to the little hope of the progress in their relationship, my bigger desire is for these 2 to not totally become strangers. It would be such a pity. Edit: Since today's friday, ig is on fire from the cast. Someone asked IW to think of a name for their dog and IW asked for the gender. MJ happily commented on IW's ig that she's followed the 30 min rule and has arrived to comment (IW previously mentioned he will focused on replies for the first 30 min of the post) There's a huge war happening over at KY's ig over the current KY-JH relationship status (lol I was right that that special really didn't make it clear). KY is now seeking help from IW on ig lol.
  11. @NodameI can't seem to have the time to finish dramas so I gave up for a long time haha. Jaeho mentions in 15-1 that though the one month is short, the experience feels like a year has passed. I guess only the cast themselves will know what's the experience like. In my opinion, I think Jaeho helps keep the S2 cast close. For the S3 cast, I am not sure if there will be a person to do that like Jaeho. ED and MJ have relatively less unhappy happenings with the rest of the cast, so maybe these 2 angels will keep the cast close?
  12. I did a search online and it seems my sun sign is pisces, moon sign is gemini (lol two twin signs), ascendant is libra. I think you really need really good knowledge to combine all the star signs together for a good analysis. As for recent HS3 happenings, the girls gathered together to watch the special. IW shared a photo of his gathering with ED and HG and mentioned KY. From MJ's interview in the special, she also met IW lately (these two really feels like HS2's DG-YJ, best alliance, MJ praising and poking fun at IW when he was singing was adorable). JH and IW likely totally cut off contact (not a surprise to me). JH started a youtube channel. IW's teary face got made into an emote for his in office chatroom app by some colleague lol. To give a brief overview of Cnets' reaction to this special, it's the worst out of all HS endings, not taking into account KY-JH shippers. The pd likely brought up too much hype last week for this special to be such a downer haha. It's a historical scam, for all the shippers fighting till now, there is currently 0 couples etc. For the individual lovelines, HG-MJ: I kind of expected this ending since I only based my observations on the show itself and didn't read too much into online shipper analysis of the scenes. HG is really drawing a lot of fire from Knets and Cnets now over leaving subtle hints about the relationship happening after the final choice episode to turn out having an ending like that in the special. People think that the later episodes really became a promotional stint for him. Knet comment: the person who looked the most devoted was the most rational (HG), the person who looked the most rational was the most devoted (IW). KY-JH's parts are basically causing the DC forums to burst with essays analysing their current relationship status. Current trend seems to be leaning towards somewhere between friends and lovers. To be honest, I'm not sure about HS contract terms at this point because I don't think male-female cast are forbidden from meeting up? There are friends meeting up, so why not lovers? Won't that make it easier to guess who became a couple? I don't think they forbid lovers from meeting. To quote a Cnet, he finds it incredulous that you don't meet up because the program has not finished broadcast, it's likely that the two don't like each other enough so they did not get together. Others mentioned the special part of signal house like @endeavor and think that this is like a reset for the couple. As for me, I'll be sitting on the fence and waiting for ig reveals haha (but I really am not a KY fan so I feel conflicted on this). As for IW-GH (my ship haha), Cnet shippers are really pulling their hair out now because that whole interview was very vague. There was no mention of a word that accurately defines their relationship status now. I am still hanging on to the little hope that it will come true in the future (my tears hahaha). I blame the photos for the current state haiz. A Cnet was saying that he won't believe any spoilers for the next season unless it's a offical statement or a photo of them kissing. To quote a Knet: the HS team is really letting people deduce until the end. Just one sentence is all I need about whether the couple is still ongoing or whether they are dating. Why are you making this kind of open ending? This isn't even a drama..... The Chinese subs for Prof's 15-1 analysis are up. I'll try to translate it asap when I have the time. Feel free to come back to check for updates haha.
  13. @NodameHaha, the Cnets were talking about Mars, sun and moon in the horoscopes which I don't really understand. Supposedly, IW and GH are really compatible from their analysis. I think most of the casts' horoscopes are clear. Gemini: Euidong, Gaheun, Daeun, Dogyun Aries: Jangmi Virgo: Inwoo, Hangyeol Cancer: Minjae, Kangyeol Pisces: Youngjoo, Jihyun Libra: Hyunjoo Aquarius: Hyunwoo Leo: Jaeho Likely Taurus: Anna Likely Scorpio: Gyubin I'm not sure if you know the planets and sun well for the horoscopes so I didn't dig further. (I don't know them haha). Some stuff about the DG-HJ line. DG appeared close by to the place when HJ and DE were doing a charity bazaar. HJ mentioned in an interview that she didn't know she was the only person that DG smiled like that towards until watching the show. DG recited the poem again during the video with Jangmi and her designer friend. It was the episode with the Christmas gifts (Lol after close to 2 years?) The poem scene really is my top 1 across seasons (actually the DG-HJ dates all are). IW-GH are a close second haha (because they really showed too little of it. I felt like the HJ-DG footage were more somehow? Not sure why.)
  14. @Nodame You're welcome haha. I think HJ, DG and JH all went to JM's new shop/cafe recently based on ig. I don't think JM has broken up with her boyfriend yet according to Cnets. HJ seems to have started a vlog. I'll share some posts by a Cnet about the editing direction/storyline. OP supported IW-JH from the start but is quite unbiased in the posts that I'm sharing. He pretty much thought IW will choose GH at the end but got shocked by the twist lol, though he did predict IW choosing JH based on HS3's first love theme much earlier. First post is around the second last episode. Next 2 are after the final episode. For anyone interested in horoscopes, I've see some netizen comments that the reason why HS2 was so explosive was due to the amount of wind and fire horoscopes in the house. HS3 was more mild due to the earth horoscopes (but HS3 is really missing HS2's explosive truth or dare to spice things up lol). I dug really far back to see ig with the full HS2 cast minus HW together. I can't say I have that much hope for this season's haha.
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