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  1. 8 hours ago, louisawatson said:

    @shiqin3381 According to the preview text, king and queen did it, so kdrama followed chinese plot, but at least two do have feelings for each other while chinese didn't at the time. Little bit better, but not much.


    Oh well.



    Im just nervous how it will end... still worried. 

    1 hour ago, enzek said:

    At this moment, I don't care whatever explanation this drama will give us about the Bong Hwan & So Yong bodies swapped or reincarnation. The important thing is our current queen herself admit that she like their first hot night even that was with Cheol Jong so it should be Cheol Jong and So Bong as the endgame.credit to the owner



    Right, the king's half brother make the king to promise that he would behead the queen if she turn out to be their enemy. The king also mentioned to the queen that he doesn't want her to be his enemy.


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    Maybe this version will also follow the same scene like the Chinese version where initially the emperor want to kill the empress but they ended up having the second bed scene.


    The scene start at 25:27 until 32:00

    credit to the owner


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    I'm wondering if they will include the scenes where after the empress kind of trying to seduce the emperor after fallen for him.


    At 5:58 until 8:48, she had dirty thought while he just want to teach her.


    At 12:50 until 15:30, they had some funny sexy dance though it was bit of creepy when the 9th prince and his minion snooping at them.


    At 18:10 until 24:22, the empress initiated their third bed scene


    credit to the owner


    All anti-fans of Mr Queen happily accept all bed scenes of this royal couple:tounge_wink:

    credit to the owner


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    Someone mentioned that So Bong kinda grabbed Cheol Jong tiddies as soon she wakes up and I have been in the gutter since I read that

    credit to the owner


    That clip gives me some hope in regards to SB and the possible ending. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:

    Personally for me, I hope they did not consummate.

    Romantic that I am, I would hope that both parties had joyously participated in the union. Not a 'did we or didn't we' scenario.

    We will only know what really happened next week but we can see how So Bong has taken a liking to CJ (no matter how much he/she resists!)

    I am more focused on Shin Hye Sun's portrayal of her character and so for me, whether it is Bong Hwan or So Yong who falls in love (or remains in love) with the King, I am not as bothered.

    The King definitely became more interested in trying to figure out his Queen and I think that if So Yong had continued to live her life  (of being unhappy and lonely as the King did not love her, basically due to a misunderstanding) , she would still have a tragic end. Her usefulness may come to an end if she did not bear a heir, and Concubine Jo's position could be elevated if she did produce an heir with the King.

    I feel sorry for the King because he is caught between the Kim Clan and the Jo Clan.



    I agree I hope they didnt consumate also I want her to be more sober and it being a special moment. 


    I think it would be a very sketchy area if they consumate while shes drunk. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, poopytubby said:

    hi yall, just wanted to share sth interesting i noticed rewatching ep 5 (yes i'm already rewatching eps because i'm pathetic for mr queen ok). 


    so before so bong headed to the lake in attempt to return to his body, bong hwan was narrating about the archilles heel story. he says something along the lines of "we might not need each other if we did not have weaknesses. we are each other's weaknesses, dragging each other into misery". then soyong takes over the narration, saying "but we also make up for each other's weakness, and save each other".


    my interpretation of this is that it's a hint at a potential collab between soyong and bong hwan to help each other get out of each other's sticky situations which they are facing in both their lives? idk if this would mean like maybe 1 ep or even just a few scenes of soyong's wit being a saving grace for bong hwan (although he's currently paralysed atm there isn't many leads as to how his story is going to work out), and i'm hoping soyong and bong hwan will somehow tap into each other's strengths and help the king and themselves gain their power back:)


    anyway just wanted to share it cos i thought it was an interesting scene! may just be overthinking but didn't notice the possible implications of it before xD


    Interesting theory but I sort of dont want bong hwan to ever return to his body I hope it goes the Chinese route but what you said seems like a likely route. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

    Jumping in to say



    I think the story as it goes about a soul swap set during these times would already indicate that this drama is not going to be fully following history.


    I suppose that because the story is based on actual historical characters, there would be a big uproar.

    However I am not watching Yi San or Jumong but rather a fantastical spin on history.


    I had the laugh aloud moments and the whiplash between modern references (the songs!, the twerk!) and classic Joseon speak and mannerisms.


    I especially love Lady Choi going into the bamboo forest and give her own rendition of a pansori.... LOL. And she found the perfect cure for her stress (Hehe. The precious item from Ming)



    Its not based on history and is not following history btw it says so at the start of the drama. 

    2 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    They will fake death to kill king in line with history and yet not kill them


    That is the only logical ending. And this whole current chagrin of baby queen saving baby king is setting groundwork for it. They will survive and live happily somewhere (as chinese ending)



    Apart from the fact the real queen didnt comeback and was the Mr Queen and King in that ending. 


    1 hour ago, confusedheart326 said:

    Eagerly waiting for the subtitles. Thank you all for constantly posting gifs, tweets, videos. It makes  the wait less agonizing. One thing I would like to point out is the intensity and the sincerity in the eyes of the King. His eyes are sometimes like a placid lake and then within seconds they turn into smoldering embers. I find it extremely mesmerizing to watch KJH and the subtle change in his expressions.


    He was genuinely concerned about Mr. Queen when he heard the news. I don't know what he said but his eyes and expressions seemed to prove his earnestly. 


    Also, one of the tweets showed the two leads covered in charcoal. What exactly does it imply? Sorry for being so bird-brained.


    After watching KJH in a few dramas I think he has the best eye and facial expressions I have seen honestly. 



    Yeo Jin Goo is someone else whose eyes and facial expressions impress me. 

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  5. I think based on episode 7



    SY is probs endgame based on this Mr Queen regaining some of SY feelings/skills which to me means SY is fighting to regain control of the body? Also the flashback is already starting to hint with that.. they got history blah blah. 


    If this is how they make Mr Queen fall for the king im not a huge fan of it honestlly. It would be a big cop out if the souls basically merge and thats how Mr Queen falls for the King. 


    I would rather SY just be fully the endgame over what ever this is. 



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  6. 2 hours ago, Kaizen68 said:


    Ugghh, I hope it's not gonna happen. And I think it won't happen. For me, too, this is an easy cop-out, as you said. And many Kdramas exalt childhood, as if the events and person who came after become insignificant. 


    I am watching "the moon that embraces the sun" since it glorifies childhood. But it felt so different from Mr. Queen. The main theme of Mr. Queen is a comedy, and I think this drama needs to show the character development why the King fell in love with the Real Soyong even though the Chef is not in her body anymore. And it may take several episodes to convince the audience. In that case, maybe this drama is not funny anymore. It would become a melo-drama.


    Also, the center of the comedy is the Chef, while Choi Jin Hyuk is only a cameo. He may appear again, but only for a few minutes in a few episodes (the queen's imagination, his situation in the hospital, or some flashbacks, etc). Anyway, he needs to be in the body of Soyong until the end of the series to keep the drama alive.


    And I saw this on Twitter. It's in the last three days of filming. Judging from her expression, I think it's the Chef that inside the body. 


    And also, if you watch Go Princess Go, the fact that the Queen was a chef is like a hint that she will fall in love with him.


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    Because in the drama go princess go, the Queen often serves food made from durian to the king. The king pretended to dislike it, but when the Queen left, the king ate it voraciously. She serves foods so that she could get his attention, lol.



    I hope you are right I want it to go this route. 

    43 minutes ago, aisling said:

    I agree with Naver comment, Kim Jung Hyun did look spectacular even with water dripping from him.


    Everyone is praising Shin Hye Sun (and rightly so, after all I started watching Mr Queen mainly because of her) but KJH does as a good job. The scenes between Cheoljong and So Yong wouldn’t be so captivating if the two leads weren’t so greatly matched in talent.


    I want a drama where he gets praised and wins awards I think he deserves I think Shin Hye Sun would win them all over him even though his acting espically in the eyes is something amazing.

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  7. [Naver TV] ‘Mr Queen’ Episode 6 Comments and Reactions

    Netizenkore / December 29, 2020


    Shin Hyesun who wants to return to modern society VS Kim Junghyun who wants to save Shin Hyesun! Misunderstood ‘No Touch’! 

    Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 11.43.18 am

    1. [+1020][-10] Today’s episode was hella entertaining as well ㅋㅋ Soyong’s ‘No Touch’ meant for him to not touch her but the King’s ‘No Touch’ meant them living together happily ㅋㅋ In the midst of this, her saying ‘I’m not going to do ‘No Touch’ so get lost’ is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ

    2. [+914][-11] Even during this comedic scene, I’m in awe of how good-looking Kim Junghyun is…

    3. [+766][-6] Cheoljung has fallen – fallen deep inside of the lake that is the queen. Nothing is going to stop him and he’s got his life on the line so his teary one-sided love will start now

    4. [+710][-8] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Shin Hyesun’s acting is insane… She’s seriously so talented!!

    5. [+682][-7] Those two fighting while shouting ‘No Touch No Touch’ is so f*cking funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    Shocking!! Shin Hyesun, the way back to modern society was not through the lake?! 

    Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 11.45.42 am

    1. [+473][-3] When I watch Shin Hyesun, it seriously feels like she has a man’s soul… It’s mesmerising… Seriously, once again, I’m shocked by her incredible acting ㅠ

    2. [+303][-2] Maybe Jang Bonghwan’s body back in modern society is in a coma? He did hit his head pretty hard…

    3. [+237][-1] Court Lady Choi is normally insignificant but she caught on to the danger when saying “Are you still taking your time?” (T/N: to the eavesdropping court lady)

    4. [+200][-1] I saw someone say that at this point, they feel so sorry for Bongwhan and it made me laugh ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As soon as Bonghwan ended up in Chosun, he doesn’t have his phone and became impotent ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. [+185][-5] Bonghwan has become a drowned rat ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    Is he being swayed by Shin Hyesun leaving Seol Ina behind! A question towards Kim Junghyun

    Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 11.56.08 am


    1. [+868][-1] You can keep the concubine…

    2. [+709][-3] You in blue – just shut up

    3. [+644][-2] I think he’ll later betray them

    4. [+549][-1] Can you just shut up

    5. [+422][-4] I think he’ll ruin it later and he’s probably this drama’s biggest villain


    [Breath-stopping Ending] Collapsed Shin Hyesun with no pulse?! Choi Jinhyuk is also in a hospital?? 




    1. [+2209][-15] At this point, shouldn’t they include Choi Jinhyuk as a part of the main cast? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    2. [+1246][-9] Oh yeah, no more shared palace

    3. [+869][-21] In my opinion, I think the soul of the actual queen has died… If not, how can Bongwhan’s spirit still be inside of Soyong when she woke up – writer-nim, is her soul really dead? Also, I’ve heard rumours about cancelling the show – please tell me it’s not being cancelled ㅜㅜ

    4. [+818][-9] This is a great example of what ‘special feature’ should look like. Even in Marvel, Samuel L Jackson keeps appearing as a special guest and I think Choi Jinhyuk has a similar role. It’s unusual for someone to make a special guest feature to this extent in a Korean drama but I respect Choi Jinhyuk’s decision to do this for the show

    5. [+649][-13] Omg… My heart stopped when he said ‘She’s my woman’ in the preview ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ



    Pretty good comments love to see what people say. 


    3. [+766][-6] Cheoljung has fallen – fallen deep inside of the lake that is the queen. Nothing is going to stop him and he’s got his life on the line so his teary one-sided love will start now


    Love this comment but I hope its not one sided ;p



    3. [+869][-21] In my opinion, I think the soul of the actual queen has died… If not, how can Bongwhan’s spirit still be inside of Soyong when she woke up – writer-nim, is her soul really dead? Also, I’ve heard rumours about cancelling the show – please tell me it’s not being cancelled ㅜㅜ


    I have not heard this at all what? Why would a show with 12% ratings get cancelled. 

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  8. 9 hours ago, jannedrumsit said:


    Agree, the show seems like it wants us to care about her character. If not, they wouldn't have cared to write a backstory of So Yong.


    One of the reasons why I don't care about romance at this point is because I feel like the show hasn't revealed all its cards yet. I mean, we've seen 6 episodes out of 20? That's not even halfway. Sure, the King seems to be concerned with BH-Queen, but BH is still the man he's ever been. The King could be falling in love with the BH-Queen, but we still don't know if the King has had any ounce of feeling towards So Yong in the past. Apparently, there is still the childhood story waiting to be told. I totally welcome if they will go the BL route, but so far based on what I've seen with So Yong, I think the King and So Yong needs to fix their misunderstandings sooner or later.


    2 hours ago, kyakyari said:

    talking about King potentially fall in love with the current queen possessed by Bong Hwan soul makes think about something.


    i dont know if this is spoiler or not

      Hide contents

    what if actually King already meets so yong before she becomes a potential queen? both of them having interaction out of the palace.


    First, in Byeon In flashback about So Yong. So Yong said to her cousin aka Byeon In she met King one day looks like an idiot (before he become king), other time he looks like jade (after he become king). and then so yong said last night he looks like her cousin (wearing non palace outfit or King has some secret inspection with his brother and friend). but to cover this So Yong then added: "In my dream". maybe she afraid it is King's secret.


    Second, I guess when in scene king has nightmare then queen wake him up, but king mistakenly saying "hwa jin you save me again". maybe the truth is not hwa jin but So young was the one who helps the king. maybe King mistakenly hwa jin as the one who helps him, and she goes with it. or Hwa Jin making a lie about it and making her like she was the one who was in King's memory about that incident. judging her expression after fainted, kind of an antagonist expression. Moreover, So Yong said to Hwa Jin that she knows her lie. because of this truth, So Yong desperately said to King "You Should love me" not to Hwa Jin because the woman that you encountered and save you is me not her.


    the cold rejection by saying "Is that an order?" from King, perfecting So Yong's depression and without a second thought she jumps off to the lake. after mentally being pushed by his clan when she wants to give up as queen or maybe being on the king's side as well as the guy she loved which has loved to somebody else.


    so, to sum up I think even without Bong Hwan's help in queen body. King would learn this unrevealed past and regret not giving So Yong a chance to explain or saw her from a different point of view. Bong Hwan there just to accelerate King and Queen relationship. so if Bong Hwan, back to his original body and So Yong wakes up in her body, even her traits are pretty different from her previous possessed queen. I think King would still fall in love with her and develop sympathy and affection for her since the queen is not the person that he thought, as bad as her clan.


    besides, So Yong said she is not like herself when she looks so despair in front of her cousin, maybe there is a carefree and wild (lol) soul in So Yong like Bong Hwan, an unpredictable woman, as he learns she is not bad as her clan and just a doll, like him for Kim Andong clan.



    I think this is the obvious and expected route which im not a fan of but which I think will happen. BH will make the king realise that he loved the queen and once SY switches back they will realise their true feelings for each other. I also think they will go the route of flashback and showing that they liked each other years ago or something its a easy cop out honestly. 


    Even if they show flashbacks of them connecting my opinion wont really change because before she and the king and queen were not on good terms at all the king didnt really care about her when she tried to kill her self. 


    I also think Mr Queen can fight with the King against people while SY wont be in the right head space to do that. 


    I wish they go the Chinese route and had balls but they wont. A more interesting route is the chef and king fall for each other while the king gets revenge for SY that is what I think is more interesting. 




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  9. 3 hours ago, enzek said:


    I'm scared if I called them that there will be real no touch between them although our foolish king mean the opposite when he mentioned that to his queen.

    credit to the owner


    Kim Jung Hyun performance and his character make me rooting for him so hard in this drama.

    credit to the owner


    This is why I'm rooting for our royal couple to cooperate and become allies so hard.

    credit to the owner


    This interpretation is interesting too:

      Reveal hidden contents
    credit to the owner



    Kim Jung Hyun is acting super well but the female lead is acting super well and is more popular so over shadowing him but glad both are super good.


    Im also rooting for the king. 


    3 hours ago, Annie12 said:

    I have not watchef the chinese series nor read the webtoon BUT there was a tv seried in my country (which was a remake of an argentine comedy) which dealt with body swap-a guy wakes up as a girl-

    At first she(he) was trying to fix it and wanted to get rid of her new self, on the other hand she was feeling ever more like a woman.

    and eventually she remained as a girl. And the girl who woke up as a man was happier as a man.


    But in this case i would want the body/soul swap back in place, and the king to fall in love with the real queen, lets say that the chef just brought them together


    i doubt that would happen thought. Propably not.



    Im not sure I want this but its most likely what safe conserative Korea will do.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Kaizen68 said:


    I think somehow the production team will manage to solve it. It depends on the execution and audience's perspective about 'justice.' Is it sympathy feelings from the king? Is it love? Or the ones who cursed her get a just punishment? Or Hwa Jin's lies exposed, and she got the punishment as well? There will be no justice if it's totally like in c-drama, no flashback about the real queen. In the kdrama, they even haven't shown the child actors yet, which the news has been around before the drama aired. And what kind of the stories they will tell, we don't know yet.


    Yeah maybe the ones who cursed her and Hwa Jin exposed thats the justice this drama has so many routes it can go.


    The one I want is Chef and King to be a thing its selfish but I hope So yong is gone because otherwise will be very complicated if King falls for Chef then So yong returns and then they fall in love? What if Chef was feeling something for the King also then he returns? It would just be a mess overall. 


    So basically original chef body would die and hes stuck in the queens body and has to live as her then falls for the king or something? Im not sure that would happen based on preview though. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, kyleatreides said:

    Hello! I’ve been a silent reader here but I have a question to ask.. so I’m wondering which clan does the King belong to? Pyungyang Jo? Since the Queen Dowager said she didn’t give birth to the King and the Great QD said she brought the King from the countryside.. What’s the deal here? I thought being a King Is a lineage thing? If anyone knows the answer, please tell me..


    on the other hand, I guess we can say now that the “door” isn’t the lake but the shaman. Plus, Kim So Yong herself is nowhere to be seen. I mean, she’s not living as the chef in the modern world. So where did her soul go?


    I personally think it’s great if the King falls for Bong Hwan in the Queen’s body, but I think this will cause an uproar of sorts in Korea? I mean, this drama has received hate from the start due to its depiction of “history”... even though I think most people with common sense would know not to take it seriously since the drama is a comedy and only loosely based on the past.

    All in all, this is a really great drama that pulls me in since the trailer came out lol


    Then those people can stop watching and the uproar was over blown it says at the start of the drama its not based on historical events. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Kaizen68 said:

    Hi guys, did you see this picture already? I am so excited omg. I think it means they'll execute the romance between the king and the current queen (like in the original webseries).



      Hide contents



    The storyline in Go Princess Go.

    The king went to a war zone and the queen chased him because she believed he forgot his medicine. And the ninth-prince committed treason and he is punished. This happens in the near end episodes.



    There cant be justice for SO Yong if people want it to go the route above the only way for Justice is if So yong returns and like leaves or something which Im not a fan of but yeah you cant really want Chef and King together yet want Justice. 


    I wont get too excited over that spoiler picture could also mean original So Yong and King leave or something.


    45 minutes ago, enzek said:


    Yes, it will be weird and how could the king don't realize if it is the past queen?


    Some people grossed out with king and current queen possibility of love line because to them it kinda forcing straight man like chef to be gay and all but I really don't see the gay thing at all because physically, the king is a man and the queen is 100% a woman. It just now the queen's body is possessed by the soul that inhabited different gender before.


    If the theory that Bong Hwan is the reincarnation of the past queen is correct, I think rather than the BL, the message that I get is more about loving someone despite how people perceived your beloved is.


    I mean in the modern time, it is not weird for a woman to behave like the current queen but in the historical time, society view that as unsophisticated and unladylike manner especially for a queen.


    It is like a man love a woman but people complained:

    "Look, she did this and that! That is not normal and unladylike!

    She seem to get possessed by so and so. How could you love her?"


    But despite that, the man still fall in love with his queen.

    credit to the owner


    King is fallin:fullofhearts:

    Thanks for the gif @Kaizen68

      Reveal hidden contents








    No touch celebration haha

    credit to the owner


    I really enjoyed the some of the king witty remark beneath his dumb appearance that he show to people.

    Like when court official discuss about Hwa Jin possible involvement the night So Yong fell in the lake because someone saw her, he's going "oh ho ho She's with me that night because I'm a healthy young man" haha

    And when his threaten to punish the second male lead with long apology letter if he crosses the line again LOL

    credit to the owner


    Many people seem to fall for the second male lead and shipping him with the queen but I'm not. Maybe because I'm rooting hard for our main male lead as a king to raise since it really annoyed me that second male lead disrespect him just like how his other official treated him like crap.




    I mean there is such a thing as bisexual and its not forcing anything if said "straight" man likes the king and if the king knows that the person inside the body is male?




    I agree im not falling for the second lead at all I think the king is much more interesting. 


    What I think could happen is the male voice over stop and people will just accept what they see. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, aisling said:

    @Kaizen68 Your post was very insightful! I’m rooting for the whole Mr Queen to stay strong till the end. If they wanted this drama to fight against the stereotypes I hope they’ll stay true to their words. I have no doubt they could make this drama groundbreaking if they wanted to (not giving into complaints and pressure from conservative Koreans).


    1) As I posted before the most acceptable and for me most romantic conclusion would be that So Yong and Bong Hwan are actually the same soul. In this case it wouldn’t matter whether it’s So Yong or Bong Hwan who Cheoljong fell in love with because they’re the same person. And it wouldn’t feel that unfair to Cheoljong if he wasn’t told the truth.


    2) Bong Hwan and So Yong are two different souls and they will eventually switch back to their original timelines. In this case the writer should make Cheoljong and Bong Hwan platonic friends with BH helping Cheoljong to understand So Yong more. But this conclusion would effectively make the drama pointless. 


    And with the preview from episode 7 when Cheoljong proclaims the queen is his woman (and made me swoon), it doesn’t look like they’re going with platonic here.



    Even if they are the same soul they are basically still different people I still wouldnt be very happy if he falls for Bong Hwan but then SO Yong takes over again.. Even if they are the same soul not

    happy with that. 


    5 hours ago, Min2206 said:

    It is indeed.  Choi JH's voiceover is done so well , matching perfectly with Shin HS's expressions as the Queen.   Hope to see more of him in the drama.   Initially I thought he would be in just for Epi 1 and 2 and, am I glad he is here to stay. 


    If he returns and So Yong returns then the whole drama is basically pointless honestly. 


    5 hours ago, enzek said:


    It will be weird if So Yong's soul (if So Yong and Bong Hwan have different soul) return and the king will just be obliviously lovey dovey with her.

    Actually, I really don't quite understand why people want the king with the past queen since the one who change the king's heart is the current queen LOL


    If there are Korean dramas with main female lead falls in love with main male lead that are robot, vampire, half-man half-gumiho and others why a main male lead couldn't fall in love with main female lead that is a queen in the historical time and a carefree man in the future?


    If the screenwriter not using the "the same soul, reincarnation of the past"  theory I wonder how the screenwriter will explain it. But it still Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun so I have no problem.


    About historical accuracy, actually in the drama Love In The Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) with Park Bo Gu and Kim Yoo Jung before, Park Bo Gum character, Crown Prince Hyomyeong died in real history (at the age of 20) but the screenwriter make him alive until the end.




    credit to the owner


    Some info, mother to Park Bo Gum character there, Queen Sunwon, is the grand queen dowager in this drama that observe behind the scene on the court and make King Cheoljong as the puppet king.



    Kim Jung Hyun is :fullofhearts:


    credit to the owner


    Cutie! Actually, I don't hate Hwa Jin yet so far in this drama, I have soft spot for actress Seol In Ah especially after watching her in drama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life with Kim Jae Young.


    credit to the owner


    I agree makes 0 sense people want So Yong with the king when the King will love the current one. 


    Of course I feel sorry for So Yong but if the drama goes the typical route of them both returning to each others body's and the king and queen live happily ever after to me that is not a good ending at all. The King didnt fall for that queen. 

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  14. I honestly dont really care about SoYong soul or her happy ending if it means that we get a crappy story development which would be chef returning and queens soul returning and king and SoYong live happily ever after to me that would be boring and nothing different or unique. 


    To me the more interesting story is Mr Queen and King becoming a thing but Im not sure if Korea will go that route but I do think the King will fall for Mr Queen. 

    2 hours ago, agenth said:

    I am also more interested in the real SoYong's story. When she told the concubine, that she, too, will lose something precious, I don't really think she meant the king. In the flashback it shows that she was prepared to become the queen, and yet she seemingly easily wanted to give up her position as the queen. 


    Of course there are a lot of puzzle pieces still missing: What did the concubine lie to the king about? Why and when did So Yong attempt to kill the king (without his knowledge, but the concubine knows and hasn't told him about)? 


    And the preview shows that SoYong is in Bong Hwan's body enjoying the modern world. A nice twist, which explains why he couldn't return to his body. 


    I really enjoyed the scenes between MrQueen and the kitchen staff - I really have a soft spot for the Royal Chef, the poor cynical guy, and of course Hong Yeong and Court Lady Choi and Mr Queen dancing in the rain while they try to cover her up. I enjoy it far more than the scenes between the concubine and everyone else. So far she either looks teary-eyed or glaring in all of her scenes. It's funny Mr Queen tries to find favour with her, and yet doesn't understand the contempt shown by the concubine towards him. 


    Preview doesnt really show that? Im pretty sure that club scene was his imagination

    8 hours ago, aisling said:

    I read people speculating the most probable ending would be Jang Bong Hwan and So Yong switching back to their timelines after Cheoljong falls in love with Bong Hwan. That Bong Hwan was only meant to mend their relationship so that So Yong and Cheoljong could live happily ever after. And people seem to be okay with it. Seriously?


    Am I the only one who would be insanely furious if that turned out to be the ending? Like seriously what kind of freaking message would it send???!!

    They’ll literally make one man falling in love with the other (because let’s be straight, it’s all Bong Hwan that makes Cheoljong interest in the queen again) and they’ll make So Yong come back because we’re in 2020 and people are still “NO HOMO”?!!


    I know I’d be very unhappy with that conclusion and it would ruin otherwise so well written and acted drama. That would be the most “bury your gays” ending in the history of television. 


    Nah I would be annoyed also it would make me very mad. 


    Regarding episode 7 preview



    im guessing while trying to save the chef his soul returns and the queen stays unconcious until he returns?


    I sort of hope his chef body dies so he cant return. 



  15. 7 hours ago, skibbies said:

    Ruthless and empty sounds like him, it fits his background in the novel. He's not really popular (comparatively to other protags) according to the book fans, some of them just treat him like a pov character to see the far more interesting supporting cast & story. It's common to reduce abilities of characters, since they are often overpowered and it can be unrealistic, some people get annoyed about it though. 


    For the drawing

      Hide contents

    It's Grand Princess isn't it, the hair style looks like it? 


    I'm still hilariously behind on the drama lolol, so I'm mostly tracking how it's doing domestically, s2 progress, effects of the leaks etc. The leak had an effect (less hits on both iqiyi & tencent) but it's still topping every chart it's on. 


    Very tangently related, for those who like plot twists, fast pacing and natural humour from JoL, with drizzle of adorable characters on an adventure, do check out scriptwriter Wang Juan's original (!!!) historical drama Young Blood that aired earlier the year. It's fairly underrated due to mostly fresh faces and wasn't picked up by major sites. The subs are almost half way through the drama and updates regularly! 


    tell me when young blood is fully subbed ;p 


    On 12/26/2019 at 3:31 PM, Aisha Gresee said:


    Yes. Shocking. Hurting. I was like to punch the led screen seeing that unbeliavable ending. Lol. Absurd.


    Thus I was trying to reread the web novel for the first 400 chapters if there was any evidence that the glorious xiao zhan's character fame  (the effect he was praised highly for another character in other realm) could do such a thing to his savior.  And still I don't have any clue at all. Backstabbing for real... 


    Truly a novel twist.


    Poor Fan Xian....


    Eventhough if the sequel truly exists, out of nowhere Fan Xian is able to be saved to continue the story...it will still leave such a discomfort to those who witness it. 


    Waiting for the miracles in the next sessions.




    sort of some spoilers there that should be in spoiler ;p 

  17. 6 hours ago, MK916 said:


    I have created an English translation ePub of the novel and have read up to Volume 4, which ends around chapter 253.  The novel has 7 volumes with about 746 chapter. At the end of volume 4, Fan Xian returns safely back to Qing Capital with Yan Bingyun. 


    Base on what I've read, which is 25% of the novel, Teng Zijing is not dead, he was severely injured during the Nuilan Street assassination and ended up with his leg permanently broken/handicapped.  He's just the Fan family's bodyguard, no connection with the Overwatch Council.



    Does he fake his death at the end of volume 4 though? 


    Regarding episode 28 does anyone have a better explanation of what went on regarding the big reveal. 

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  18. 9 hours ago, an-naum said:

     Search the web novel. They have translated it to English. Might took weeks to finish it if u read it little by little everyday. 700++ chapters til end. 


    9 hours ago, MK916 said:


    I actually created an ePub for this novel. I'm currently reading/editing the english translation.  It needs alot of proofing such as names, titles, some grammatical errors. I've read through 225 chapter and haven't gotten to where the drama ended.


    Wonder where in the novel it over takes the show, if you find out come tell me haha. 

  19. On 12/12/2019 at 11:44 PM, crackaddict said:


    @ForgottenSoulx where is it subbed up to 21 already? can i dm you? asking first, in case you needa keep it private and i wanna respect that. 


    I'm waiting for the "drumstick girl" hijinks to be over. I think that's the only plotline that annoys me (although the reference is funny). Everything else, especially FX closest relationships are great. 


    edit: saw the hijinks sorted out in episode 11. it was cute how it was resolved. 


    Its up to 27 now and its a facebook group PM if you want it.


    On 12/15/2019 at 3:47 AM, rosierosie said:

    Just finished ep 21!! Love how slowly the plot is unfolding. Would we be seeing FX and Wan'Er wedding in this season, or no?


    I think we will.


    On 12/17/2019 at 10:42 AM, rosierosie said:

    Wow, we are almost half way through----I wondered who wants to kill FX?? Anyone knows? Is it just me, I can't feel any chemistry between the OTP?? Perhaps, because they don't have a lot of lovey dovey scene??? However, their love is so pure and genuine :)!!!!!


    I feel the romance and chemistry its just pure and sweet.


    7 hours ago, epinklyn said:


    Hmmmm well FX has indirectly murdered Ling Er half brother Lin Gong, so yeah he is really really in a difficult position like you said. Ling Er is closer to Lin Gong than to her own birth mom, and I saw Ling Er is more shocked when she knows that FX has something to do with Lin Gong's death. So FX is surrounded by In Laws that want him dead, especially when the truth about Lin Gong is out.


    I dont think he was indrectly killed by FX.. They tried to kill FX so his guard killed Lin Gong but its not like he was ordered to and FX may be surrounded by those in Laws but he has the Emperor and Chen Pingping.


    After watching 27/26 



    The scene with the Princess was just so good where his hands were around her throat you could tell he really wanted to kill her but couldn't. He finally got the key im so damn excited and that Poem scene was really amazing hes so quick on his feet so so clever. Guo Baokun was pretty cute in those scenes haha its weird to say this but I felt that way. 



    Joy of Life is slower then viet subs because we need to wait for Chinese platforms to sub before we get them. 

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  20. On 11/16/2019 at 11:04 AM, bluehibiscus said:

    Bad news, the drama apparently got reported to the Chinese authorities so it is uncertain when further episodes are going to be released. On Youku platform, it is stated the release schedule will be adjusted so hopefully it can still be screened and not suffer the fate of Investiture of the Gods. Not sure if the release schedules on overseas platforms are affected.


    really? I hope this gets fixed

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