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  1. 2nd CP does not have much interactions this episode though.. (The only interaction I remember was at the police station.) With a total of 20 episodes, they might only start getting close around the midpoint I guess? I'm happy that it seems the main characters (or at least Shao Fei) seems to be gay/bi, as he doesn't reply with the usual "I don't like guys/I like women" answers when confronted about his feelings about Tang Yi. Examples: Li An mentioning about Shao Fei's obsession with Tang Yi "People who don't know would have thought you had a crush on Tang Yi." Shao Fei replied "Crush your head, he is Triad/Mafia, I'm a policeman" And also Li An mentioning that Tang Yi is so handsome when he smiled, that he should have been an Artiste (Actor etc.) instead of Triad/Mafia. That with Tang Yi's handsome smile, he would have alot of fans, not only girls will like, guys will like too! Also a few spoilers on the wiki page of the show that reveals some backstory ( probably gonna get revealed later into the show.) We know that Tang Yi was the sole survivor of a shooting case 4 years ago , total of 3 people were shot including Tang Yi.
  2. Loved episode 1, so many subtle flirting scenes already. Really makes you feel like ShaoFei and TangYi has a crush on each other after their interactions these four years, especially the way Li An teases ShaoFei about it XD
  3. So excited for their "not to be missed" bed scene
  4. Awww did not manage to reach home on time to catch the live guess I'm gonna watch the episode in my own free time... Motivation lost
  5. It is the law whereby if they managed to get a petition approval rating of certain % (I forgot how much) then the government is obliged to conduct corresponding actions to reflect that results. No matter what, there will always be people who are against, however people in Taiwan have once again proved that love is equal ^^ Anyway its been concluded that there has been enough signatures for the supporting side as of this afternoon! (Thank goodness~) So the referendum will be dismissed. There will be another public vote on 24th November, whereby people will need to vote for equal rights again in Taiwan. It's a long arduous fight, but it will be worth it ^^
  6. Yeah, but I doubt so, since the mentality is there for many years, its hard for some people to just change their views. Though Taiwan really is the first asian country to have so much support for the LGBTQ+ community, just that everything still has to be by the law.
  7. You are allowed to register same-sex partners, but of course its still not the same (benefits and such) as marriage. Until the 2 years is up or the constitutional law is changed, then same-sex marriage is legalised. However it is still a heated debate and recently there was a big petition event to help combat against "Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance" and their referendum petition to prevent the constitution from being amended to recognize same-sex marrriages. So the subject is still on a very tight-rope
  8. Eh I'm not saying that they are tanned until brown, but just a light bronze tan kind, to give them a healthy look. In History: My Hero, Mai Ying Xiong (Hero) is already that kind of tan. I think Jiang in Obssessed ain't very white either. In fact, both leads in Red balloon aren't your typical pretty boy looks in terms of skin color and body type as compared to the japan bl kinds. (usually thin or skinny and skin is VERY fair/white) I think japan set the trend for the pretty boy looks in bl way back in the past
  9. I think its sad that this has become a social norm to the point that it gives free passes for people to put down public figures, especially on a personal level... Especially if some of the comments are just nonconstructive ones aimed to beat down a person due to jealousy or other reasons.
  10. I think this is less prominent in Taiwan though, they tend to go for a more healthy bronze/ tan color for guys Sadly there will always be people who are keyboard warriors and are jealous of the success of others
  11. Not if Mork felt hot, thus started to undress himself and then fell back asleep shortly after. ( Been used plenty of times in dramas hahaha) I mean Mork woke up with with his pants still on him, let alone his boxer shorts, kinda weird to put his pants back on after sex haha. So the furthest I assume happened is they kissed or something. (Maybe Mork mistook Au for Tee if they really kissed) But I don't think with Au's character, he would do something to Mork while Mork is disabled
  12. From my point of view, Tee does care though, just that with his own problems to handle, plus the fact that he has no way of helping Mork with the expulsion. (Maybe he did ask his mum for help in the end, since right now the big question is still Who helped Mork?) Tee's best way of helping Mork is to just divert Mork's attention to something else, since he has no way of helping Mork, there is really no point of adding to Mork's stress. (Thus i think bringing Mork to see Ahma, who he misses dearly is a great move) I don't have the time to rewatch the recent few episodes cause of work, maybe I might see more of your point after rewatching
  13. Mork is very impulsive though, we see one scene where he threw away the ring (I think he did, my connection lagged for the front parts) and asked Tee to get away from him, then later on when Tee suddenly appeared to rescue him from the robbery (which I think was hilarious, holding a knife but being chased away by another boy) Mork suddenly became close with Tee again
  14. Ah ma is just great in general haha Everytime I see her smile, I have this itching feeling of happiness in me as well
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