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  1. 5 special episodes! Directed by P'Aof this time. Excited to see what those episodes will be
  2. Let's look at this objectively. To some people, only someone who is at Adele's level can be considered singers to them. To others, Justin Bieber is considered a singer. Everyone has their own expectations, but end of the day is you don't have to be good at music to love music.
  3. In that sense the Jennie react episode is similar to an episode 13.1 of the series in that we get to see the POV of Sarawat. But near the end of the novel, it suddenly switches around to Sarawat's POV and everything becomes much clearer (For this maybe the series way of doing it was through the various flashbacks we have, like "Sarawat snapping Pam out of her delusions that he loves her", "all the past times Sarawat has proven to Tine that he truly loves him" when Sarawat asked him if Tine can trust him again.) Because the story is being told from Tine's pov so we tend to feel more with Tine, we tend to get more upset when Tine is upset etc. (It's the same way as the novel, we get little pov from Sarawat like the music clip and the discussions he had with his friends when he first saw Tine etc, but mainly the story is still Tine's story and that made us relate more with Tine) One mistake of the series was of course how it ended, Pam could have appeared on 11 and ended the Pam conflict on 12 to give us an episode of pov or happy moment on 13. But overall I still love the series, just because the ending could have been better doesn't make it a bad series overall for me. It's given me too many moments
  4. I try to forget the S*x scenes in bl novels generally, because alot of them can be disturbing XD Look at Vee and Mark for love mechanic for example :X
  5. So many perspectives from "Sarawat" and it hits you right in the heart
  6. No season 2 yet. (There is one more program listed by GMMTV that is called Play2gether that will air on 25th May, related to 2gether the series. maybe its like an afterparty show for the series now that it has ended.) The 2 books covers the whole series. (Book 1 from chapter 1 -19 iirc? or 18. and Book 2 covers the rest up until chapter 25, with 5 special chapters, two about ST, 1 for Phukong Mil, 1 for GreenDim and 1 for ManType.) I greatly recommend picking up the novel because of how much they changed the characters near the end in the series(Novel is soooo much better)
  7. Our journey has come to an end One more program to go next next week, 25th May play2gether
  8. Tomorrow's the final episode!! It will be longer than the usual episodes! (Line tv rerun starts at 11pm thailand time instead, so we can assume the show ends at 11pm thailand time for the tv broadcast.) Also here's the second song by Bright Vachirawit for 2gether the series~ It's all in my head right?
  9. Read the novel afterwards I guess haha, the official eng trans of book 1 is for sale already. Yeah but mainly interfans. Thai fans only became aggressive after finding out in this episode they totally changed how Pam's character was and how Sarawat supposedly reacted when Pam hug him and Tine saw it etc. (Though we did see Sarawat attempt to push her off to chase after Tine, and the episode cut off after Tine was crying out.) So we'll only know what really happens next episode (maybe a Sarawat pov)
  10. SOOO not ready for ep 12, everyone (Thai fans and novel fans alike) is mad that they changed Pam's character totally for the series like wtfffffff. Plenty of drama in the novel as it is but they had to make even more. Upset much right now... Anyway this is the Scrubb Song for when Tine is sitting there listening when Sarawat goes to sleep Run Away
  11. Yeah, well this is all part of the novel (Spoilers below) Not the bus of course, that one is new scene
  12. The novel's lines coming to life here is urghhhhh, so sweet, I'm soo not prepared for ep 12's drama
  13. Yeah hahahaha he wanted taller crutches to be more comfortable :X
  14. Easiest gauge of timeline would be roughly from start of school to the end of exams period. If we assume the moving in part is after their end of semester exams (And not midterms) it would be around 3-4 months.
  15. Errrr Tine met Sarawat first time is at the orientation night when Sarawat performed but said he is only a replacement so he don't want to introduce himself. Not sure about the timeline for the series, should be months