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  1. 2nd CP does not have much interactions this episode though.. (The only interaction I remember was at the police station.) With a total of 20 episodes, they might only start getting close around the midpoint I guess? I'm happy that it seems the main characters (or at least Shao Fei) seems to be gay/bi, as he doesn't reply with the usual "I don't like guys/I like women" answers when confronted about his feelings about Tang Yi. Examples: Li An mentioning about Shao Fei's obsession with Tang Yi "People who don't know would have thought you had a crush on Tang Yi." Shao Fei replied "Crush your head, he is Triad/Mafia, I'm a policeman" And also Li An mentioning that Tang Yi is so handsome when he smiled, that he should have been an Artiste (Actor etc.) instead of Triad/Mafia. That with Tang Yi's handsome smile, he would have alot of fans, not only girls will like, guys will like too! Also a few spoilers on the wiki page of the show that reveals some backstory ( probably gonna get revealed later into the show.) We know that Tang Yi was the sole survivor of a shooting case 4 years ago , total of 3 people were shot including Tang Yi.
  2. Loved episode 1, so many subtle flirting scenes already. Really makes you feel like ShaoFei and TangYi has a crush on each other after their interactions these four years, especially the way Li An teases ShaoFei about it XD
  3. So excited for their "not to be missed" bed scene
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