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  1. I have the same concerns. I hope KJW won't be influenced by the rumor. But the lady causes rumor on KJW for the second time!!! Does she do that on purpose???
  2. Guess which suit will he wear when watching the show? I love no.2,3&6
  3. You may find some of the radio program here. It has been translated into Chinese, if you can read https://space.bilibili.com/30664675?spm_id_from=333.788.b_765f7570696e666f.2
  4. Where to find the KJW's fanmeeting video? I'm eager to watch it.
  5. He looks so sexy in the CF!!! I don't know why he has no CF in recent years!!!!
  6. The gold heart can be watched here https://www.bilibili.com/video/av54992076/?p=1
  7. I definitely have the same feeling as you. I knew KJW the first time from Coffee Prince in 2007 and was so impressed by his black nail color. But I didn't feel anything about him and did become a fan of Gong Yoo. Then among all these years, I skipped all his dramas as there is an attraction to me. Then I happened to watch HPL and surprisingly find that after so many years, KJS becomes so sexy and hot. He got talent for comedy also, which is a contrast to my old impression for him. And I watch BTS also. He is talkative and laughs a lot, not as cool as what he looked like to be when he was young. It took 12 years for me to become a fan of him!!! I also finished VOICE recently. I guess I would fear of him if I watched VOICE before HPL as he is really a psychopathic in this project
  8. Yes, usually these shows can't be found on the internet. Or at most very few clips Korean fans post pictures on DC gallery. Maybe also Daum Cafe, which needs register. But I can't read Korea
  9. when he was young as "bad guy" feels so differently see gif here I don't know if I can attach pictures here
  10. KJW and RDH are really very good friends. Mr. Kim made cameo in RDH's thread “Quiz of God V" and they had a lot of interaction on IG. It is quite natural in East Asian countries to be so brotherly.
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