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  1. The last time I was crazy about a TVshow like that was at the beginning of Pretty Little Liars. I was lurking on the internet and trying to find any clue about who's A.

    And now I feel the same with that couple, by reading all your "theories" and investigations, you make a good job and I really enjoy the fact that I am not alone in this shipping. 

    I hope that we'll not have our "answers" in two years but having some clues any time when JCW will have permissions for example hihi :ph34r:

    Ps: I hope my english is not that bad :flushed:

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  2. 1 hour ago, ajmamor1976_30b1 said:

    I am not worried with the post of Yewon wearing exactly the same hat of JCW when he enlisted in the military. For me it a big hint that our ship is sailing.


    Check the post again of Yewon on instagram. You will notice the looks like apple icon and heart  in the end of caption exactly the same with NJY post of apple in her head and heart that comes to her mind when JCW enlisted in the military. 

    Ohhhh you noticed a sweet thing too ahahaa

    I'll keep this one and the other about the peach and hearts meaning the pat on the butt hihi

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  3. @attriste you made me laugh ahahahaa no pb we need people like you.

    yessss I was liking and reading everything but it's the first time that I say smth here. 

    Actually I still dont know how the forum is working but I try to manage hahahah


    Also I stopped in page 63 but I was curious about the recents topics so there I am :bawling:.


    While reading I found myself having a lot of worries and maybe it's my realistic mind doing that. I'll say all of them when I'll found the time to write something in a correct english:flushed:

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