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  1. @AgentQuake if it's up to me I am so ship him to the US and have him study English under you to perfect his English. Then we can look for popular script. By the way what is popular in the US? What genre catches their attention?
  2. I was tempted to watch when we have our rewatch party during LMH military duty but somehow let it slip. Sageuk put me to sleep and the setup story involve slavery one way or another. For the love of LMH I gonna give it a try. Hope it is not too unbearable.
  3. Hopefully after Abs poll comes Axx. I'll ready to vote. @mademoisellesia shouting out for you to nominated Axx poll if there is one
  4. I second everything you said. He doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. His achievement over the years is an accomplishment in itself that not many actor in any generation could achieved. Even with die hard naysayers tried over the years to bring him down but with no luck. Yes indeed it would be a bonus if he can bagged prestigious awards but this days those awards seem to fall into political games. Correct me if I am wrong but I haven't seen someone in SK with world influence (popularity and buzz worthy) and have many prestigious awards under their belt. If LMH managed to do that he'll be the first. To keep the competitiveness balance I can't see he going to get it anytime soon. Also he is still very young. For him to achieve everything too early can be a downside to his career. Let imagine he going to achieve all of his at aged 35 than in the next 20 years what else he got to look forward to ????? Worst even if he couldn't achieve better the next 20 years all we hear is faded star or faded actor etc. Somehow I like his current achivement and prefer him to slowing add new mile stone every 5 years in upward trend. I totally agreed with you. I have tried to watch other actors work and can't watch all their work due to hit and miss projects. With the exception of LMH it's his micro expression that intrigue me. So much emotion are poured into his eyes acting. His facial movement can easily seem in GIF. All his work is very watchable that being said I have yet to watch FAITH because the genre isn't my cup of tea. Often all his projects creat big buzz. You can see all bloggs filled with heavy traffic with many comments. Trolls love to follow him too. I used to go to English Blogg to get deeper analysis on LMH projects but now I avoid those sites. And I also avoid their articles as well. Too much hate and unbias opinion. The generally audience would have their input and move on but the trolls continue to bomber the sites even after airing. The funniest thing is their opinion happened before airing and continue on to other articles that got nothing to do with LMH. If someone comes to LHM defense the trolls would shoot them down with oppa fans category. We know all so well they're group of people aim to target LMH and tried to bring him down and I have learn to ignore these trolls. It used to upset me deeply. Now I understand those sites want click bates. Being LHM fan also required patient and thick face. LOL!
  5. Thanks @gtLmh0622 for bringing this article. This survey has been going for many many years and LHM has always been the No1 actor on the list whereas other actors changes every year. This is enough to prove his influence and contribution to Kwave. I was scratching my head on some articles trying to downplay his attribution. We need more articles like this to shower more love towards LMH way.
  6. Sorry I am still back reading and just in case no one answered you yet you can try transferwise debit card. You can apply anywhere in the world and can use it worldwide. When I was in South Korea some places don't take international credit card or international credit doesn't work in some shop. I was lucky that I made a spare transferwise debit/credit card. That saves me travelling around SK.
  7. Yes please yes. I would be over the moon. Could you imagined a good slap in the face for those media?!! I so want to put a side by side article with this success next to the nonsense articles and do the rounds on SNS. If they want to do the unbias article they should include all the pro and con and would be fairer for the whole of TKEM team including everyone involved in this project. My sincere wishes.
  8. Please don't need to apologise. My post isn't aim at you or anyone just couldn't rationalize why we can't focus on this amazing achievement TKEM has. Even now or in the future for any Kdrama to reach this success and accomplishment isn't easy. Normally haters would try to swipe it under the carpet and pretend nothing happened yet we got proved and facts to shove it in their face. We should be more prouder than anyone out there. Could you imagine if it another famous actors they will parade it like no tomorrow. Sorry I shouldn't compared but we should give it more love because it deserve every bit of it success being now top 13 in the yearly world ranking and it going to move up more. I am so very proud
  9. I second you. These two women done amazingly to get to where they are. They didn't become famous simply through luck. They earned their place just like our boy. His international success is partly thanks to them. The one to blame are those nonsense articles and haters alike that want them to fall and are trying hard to cover their accomplishment.
  10. Seem like we all have different views on LMH next project. Some wants TKEM s2 and some don't. Some wants him with certain actresses and some don't. Regardless of which way he chooses kmedia gonna hammer him one way or another.. I have a strang feeling even if him has high rating locally and didn't make his mark internationally the Kmedia going write something along the line like LMH lost his Hallyu influence or he no longer has the X factor. My whole point is I hope we can come together and have louder voice than those Kmedia or haters. Just like this time when TKEM has great international success and yet we're still butt hurt with local rating because of media selective choice of words. We should celebrate this amazing achievement that no other Kdrama have done it to this scale of success. We should address more and be proud more and speak louder.
  11. Lol! Not another one. Been hearing this forever and not sure where their resources came from always put the same actor at no1 spot. Sorry not having a go @willenette Just the article itself. And the strange thing is every follow articles gonna use this as their resource.
  12. I got excited when opening this thread thinking there must be new news for LHM since it's moving so fast. Lol! Everyone is missing him and I am too. Not sure about movie this days since pandemic is affecting movie industry maybe when things are more stable. But yes to Netflix. Hoping incredible script landing his way. No more rating related issues and he focus on his craft. He can starts a new trend and becomes world renowned actor. He can starts LMH virus in Nigeria and eventually worldwide.
  13. I am glad you noticed that too. This article should check their fact before writing as some new fans may not know and can mistakenly take it as LMH's father. Lol! If memory serves me right I haven't come across him posting anything related to his father nor photo.
  14. I am missing LMH so much to a point I'm re-watching BOF to get rid of TKEM syndrome. Lol! This strategy isn't working at all. Now I am back to this early thread and reading early posts. What interesting is as early as after 2 epi of BOF so many people already predicted he gonna be the next Hallyu star or the next Asian sensations purely base on his charisma and acting alone when he was an unknown newbie at the time. LOOK AT NOWADAYS all their predictions came true! Reliving the moment is gold