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  1. Cred as above Just happened to discover this video and wonder if this is our young LMH? Looks like him!
  2. I was hoping too The King would air on tvN. Not sure if it is coinciding or SBS has great interests in LMH's dramas. Including The King it will be LMH fifth consecutive dramas ( City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, possible The King) on SBS. This is only my theory please don't take this as a fact. Especially LMH's dramas are all costly productions and for local tv to bid for the right to broadcast is high risk. Unless SBS has good faith or confident enough to involve in his dramas. Since LMH isn't new to SBS they must have had good experience with his projects.
  3. It's great that you're KGE's fan cos I like her as an actress as well. I hope in the future you can find a better way to support your bias. Voicing your love for her and keeps praising her talents. On the others hands if you keep insisting in your opinion who is a better actor, why the needs to do so? For an example if someone else feels the needs in their opinion KGE can't act and their bias is way better actress than KGE isn't this the wrong way to go about? Wouldn't it be better to voice our opinion in supporting our bias projects and talents in a positive ways?
  4. I can't understand the need to compare an actress from an actor or put anyone up for comparison. Just appreciate their individual talent is enough.
  5. @gtLmh0622 Thank-you for bringing this lovely fan account. I could feel myself being there witnessing this excitement as well as the commotion. I couldn't stop laughing @ the reporters assassumption and finally cheering on this arrival. I wonder if this happened on all his awards nights. Find it hard to believe there are so many haters on LMH. What is there to hate about him? What do they normally talked about?
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