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  1. Hi aIl! It feels like awhile since I’ve said anything in here, but upon reading the last couple postings, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts. I know that conversation (BoYoo fever) has dwindled as we have not seen our OTP together in awhile. We all knew with new individual projects and due to their young age, sailing on this Boyoo ship would not be a breeze. We cannot expect a flame to burn fiercely bright all of the time, can we? Real life does not work that way. Well, I saw the alleged photo discussed above and I personally do not see any threat there. If KYJ has vacationed with that guy, I do not think it’s exclusive as the pose looks platonic and there’s even an ajumma in the pic. Perhaps they are childhood friends- something like Jin Hyuk and Jo Hye In in Encounter? And even if they get romantically involved I do not think I would lose my respect for KYJ as I’ve been hearing others have on IG. Anyway, KYJ and PBG will have their friends/acquaintances in their personal lives and some may be of opposite gender. They are surrounded by many support after all. It’s sad to realize, but they might even get in relationships with others along the way. (PBG is very busy lately and a girl like KYJ might need more attention.) Still, I cannot forget that look in their eyes for each other and glow they possess when they were together. If they are meant for each other and truly compatible (“destined” as some of you say), it’s something to believe that love can bring them back together as a couple in the end. Like someone else said, let’s not be hasty, jump to conclusions until there is some real confirmation. On a good note, I am ecstatic to hear Jin Young and Kim Yoo Jung will be hosting an upcoming event together. Indeed, the reminder BoYoo fans may need that that “Moonlight” connection is still going strong!
  2. Poeme by @Bogummy translated verse by @Vatthavara When night falls.. I have a home to go back to When tired..I have someone I really miss When lonely..There is someone who sings me nice lyric song. @boju Just wondering if you or anyone else can explain the verse from above. Was it in a song or excerpt from Encounter? I’m confused as to how it’s associated with the grad photo with his parents. Also, any thoughts on Bogum’s kiss on Encounter? To me, it (along with other touchy scenes) makes me cringe a little just knowing the actors’ background (age, personal connections). But that aside, I thought it was shot in a lovely fashion and professional. It’s bit disheartening seeing our beloved BoYoo moving on with these romantic scenes, eh? BTS looks like they are each very immersed in their work that I cannot imagine them having time for each other at this point of time. I really miss them together though. But will continue to support them individually. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, keeping safe and warm.
  3. It’s likely a strategic move either between the two people involved or their agencies to downplay their connection. With their new dramas launching, naturally the professional focus is putting attention to their new work. It’s strange that they cannot openly support each other, but also a bit of a subtle hint itself (like Knowing Brothers has shown us) that there’s “something”. Honestly, the last thing they need to worry about are rumors or dare say, “scandals” much like the ending of the Episode2 Encounter. If there is indeed something btwn YJ and BG, it is special that they would like to protect it as part of their personal lives. A YJ cameo just seems like it wouldn’t fit in that kind of drama in my humble opinion. BG in CWPFN sounds more fitting BUT small network and big star-so no. I really believe the fact that these two are young it is good advice by their “bosses” to keep any signs of PDA (including public support of each other) out. Their careers are rocketing and comes first at this point of time. Going along with Encounters use of grapes as a metaphor for BG, he can get sweeter give it time. We just have to wait and see. I think once YJ is in her mid 20s and BG approaching 30 and done with his military obligation, it would become more appropriate /accepted for them to come out about any relationship. We can only delulu for now that these two are supporting each other in private. ps Wondering if maybe Min Do Hee (Gil Oh Sol’s BFF) might get some shout outs by BG or KDY? She’s our 6degrees of separation. pps Thanks @LynneL for your help! I look forward to watching.
  4. Overall, I’m just thrilled to be able to see and hear BG and YJ on the screen again! Nice to kickstart convo in this forum again too. I am in tandem to what most of you are thinking. It’s awesome that BG is doing great and I’m happy that his drama is taking off with much love and support. However a little perplexed as to the sky high ratings. It’s definitely all due to having two sensational actors together and maybe a more popular network? Yes, we expected Encounter to do well, but to the point of knocking it out of the park?? After two episodes I’m still grappling with the main leads’ chemistry. The writers haven’t sold me yet on how these very different characters can fall deep for each other-it seems like it’d end as a short term infatuation. The CEO just has an inner conflict which JinHyuk seems to fulfill, but how can she really mean so much to him? I am definitely more engrossed with CWPFN from the clips I’ve watched on IG. (So sad that I’ve yet to figure out a way to see a whole episode with eng sub here in US.) Still, Iove the laughs and vibe of CWPFN. I am also fangirling about YJ; how is it that girl can look good doing absolutely anything?! I’ve said it before but her acting just reminds me of a young Jin Ji-Hyuk with those comical yet pretty facial expressions. I also like how the CWPFN cast is comfortable with each other BTS. Now, I truly can see how they say YJ is a human vitamin. Even with an unlikely person, you can feel she can make good chemistry onscreen with anyone. I wonder now upon seeing how she interacts with other males, could we have been just blinded by her relations with BG. Is it possible she is just as nice with BG as any other man?? I pray not! I still have my hopes for this OTP. Soo wishing that YJ will also attend MAMA in Japan. Don’t know how much longer I can take it-I long to see them in one shot or even just attending the same event again would be super. P.S. @LynneL I want to know the story behind the 97 pencils. @kkwattana I thought BG’s drunk acting was one of the highlights of that episode. It makes him seem so young though, right?
  5. I’m like everyone else, counting the days to see YJ and BG in their respective dramas both after 2 years of hiatus! Yes, definitely I agree-you can not compare CWPFN and BF and from my humble perspective don’t think ppl will be putting the two dramas against each other. Aside from being romantic, they are so different (one looks to be comedic while the other holds a more serious tone)...and besides they are not even airing on the same days so no worries about competition! Nothing but much love for YJ and BG’s teams! I do feel from seeing their teasers and posters, however, that CWPFN couple has more chemistry (yes, even despite the age difference). I don’t know if it’s bc we know the actors’ personal backgrounds or if it’s actually the ambience that is intended of the BF drama, but I cannot feel a connection between PBG and SHK (yet). Sometimes when you put too bright actors together it doesn’t create that great of a spark, you know? Well, I’m hoping to be eating my words because PBG and SHK are seriously good in their profession. I’m just speaking of first impression. What I am actually fretting to see is literal skinship (like touching/kissing) between the drama couples. Omg, I love BoYoo so much! Just how are we to deal?
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