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  1. I definitely don't believe Jiwon is the sweet good wife she pretends to be to Heesung and her family. She knows something, she might have an idea Heesung isn't all that perfect too. The way she is completely different inside a crime scenes/at work is so fascinating and different from her wife persona. She becomes a different person. She seems dedicate to her family, but the first chance she had to get out of a family dinner (when she was so eager to impress her in-laws), she just ran away and left it all behind. She knows nothing about her daughter, isn't close to her. But she is all for her work and crime. There is not much balance on her. She was described as someone how "put her guards down" in front of Heesung, but I actually believe she is putting a big show to him. Both of them are lying in their own way. Edit: On Instagram Kim Jihoon said he will show up on episode 3! Hmmmm
  2. And I think tvN is aware about how late the episodes are being aired, as they are promoting the reruns lol Gosh!!! I wish they could just change their airtime already!! tvN, make it 9pm!!!
  3. The drama is good, so whatever the ratings are... We still get a great story. It could be because of the dark theme of the drama, But knetizens unfortunately are still complaining...
  4. Since before the drama airing, knetz had been complaining about the timeslot, but tvN decided not to change it even though they could LOL I mentioned this before here. They should've changed their Wed/Thur slot back to 9pm, since their thursday 9pm slot is empty, since Hospital Playlist ended. Also, Wednesday/Thursday nights is when they air two super popular Trot/singing shows from TVChosun, that have crazy high ratings (yesterday, one of them got 20.8% ratings), that's why every drama in this day of the week is struggling... If you look naverTV after the drama ends, all you can see is trot performances! And Flower of Evil airs exaaaactly in their airtime (they go from 10pm~12:30)
  5. I'm just assuming, because that news article calling BHS a "math genius" sounded so... not him. Wouldn't his adoptive parents push him to a "better" career if he was such a brilliant student? Something is fishyyy
  6. I was thinking that maybe the parents killed their son, the real BHS. The dad is a doctor, always thought he could easily hide someone's death so easily, if he wants... And both of them knows the bad deeds of one another and live threatening each other... A nice harmonious family LOL!! They are so nasty, my god......
  7. Namoo will be releasing a video of Moon Chae Won, tomorrow at 8am kst https://m.vlive.tv/video/205252
  8. Those are Heesung's parents.. They look like some nasty people Jiwon only have her mom, based on the chart
  9. Flower of Evil will be available on VIU, Viki, Line TV, iQIYI and WeTV... Does anyone knows if any of these, besides Viki, will have the episodes in the same day?? So far I saw VIU, iQIYI and WeTV will air it a day after Maybe Viki got the same day exclusivity??
  10. I always go back and forward about Heesung being the serial killer Jiwon is investigating, and right now I think he is not. He might have done something in the past, probably just a accomplice to his dad, but I don't think he was the one doing the crimes (maybe not till he freaks about maybe losing his family, then he goes back into doing things) But I think it all began again with a copycat killer! In the highlight you can see him bumping into someone in the crime scene, a masked guy, that he is surprised in seeing... I'm just ramblings lmao Cant wait to wednesday!!
  11. They do take some hour sometimes days with subs, and with VIU only releasing one day after (i might be mistaken), that means we will have to really wait for it
  12. As we are getting closer and closer, there's so much content!! Exciting!!!!
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