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  1. That's what happens when your desire to win overpowers all logic and reason and virtually blinds you. By the end of that trial he was like, "I will let all those mosters go if it means you won't have it your way". What a pathetic excuse for a prosecutor. I'm so happy Dohyun went and became a prosecutor now, Pros Lee probably had a stroke when he heard the news
  2. I really loved this episode for a number of reasons. First, how we were shown that CDH doesn't have everything planned, he's not a grand mastermind whose plans have plans but a more realistically smart guy who will take any situation and find a way to turn it to his advantage. Second, I found it really heartwarming how the police station became a safe place for CDH instead of a place of betrayal and mistrust. Complete with gentle nagging from Chief Ki about eating dinners, night walks outside and policemen shielding him with their own bodies from his foes. Third, a much needed interaction between CDH and CPS. Even when they were still apart, those scenes with CPS getting more and more agitated as his baby boy was revealed to be in trouble were cool and frankly unexpected (for me). I was surprised when he turned out to be a badass fighter in the previous episode and this time I was surprised again to learn he was this active and motivated - enough to knock 2 guards out, escape the hospital, find Oh, threaten him and then come to the police station to see his son. Right at the police station. Wow, that's dedication. I loved it when they subtly showed how much CPS loved and missed his son as he was looking at that one picture he could take with him and as he was going through a bunch of newspaper articles about CDH's professional wins again and again, but I also needed their interaction face to face, without a wall of stubborn silence, so what I got made me very, very happy.
  3. I thought it was her lashing out at him in a "I'm not angry, just disappointed", motherly way. She wanted him to hurt too, maybe so he could feel at least on some level as conflicted as her about his decision. She is also getting a revelation after a revelation, each more painful than one before, so I agree that she isn't the most rational person these days and we can't expect her to be level-headed and careful with her feelings and actions. Although I hope she will snap out of it soon. Or more like, calm down enough to start thinking straight again. As for Dohyun's new conflict with everyone about defending CKT, lol that might end up being moot again, just like it turned out with Jong Gu and his parricide case. Who knows if CKT won't get killed (or severely... deactivated) in the next couple of episodes. The scriptwriter seems to be fond of releaving Dohyun of badly smelling cases in this manner
  4. Well I'm really curious as to what Dohyun argued with Chief Ki about (in the scene not long before the last one) and what CKT said to make him lose his cool to that extend, but I'll wait for the subs, gotta savor the experience! If you say they've just been uploaded recently, it explains why we don't see the softsub yet (ripped by our gracious benefactor). Oh and judging by the preview, Dohyun will still represent him despite his heart telling him not to do that. Or maybe his heart agrees with him that using CKT and catching all the bad guys with his help is more important than sending him on the death row and calling it a day.
  5. Thank you for this! It's Tuesday and the subs aren't here yet so I guess we'll have to survive on transcripts like yours here, so thank you (it was heartbreaking)
  6. I wouldn't call that "stuck" tbh. From what I've gathered about CKT he 1. is a psychopath 2. is very, very used to all his dirty deeds being covered by the higher-ups 3. thinks himself super smart and cunning even though he isn't. So my take on his actions towards Dohyun was that he was curious about Dohyun, maybe one of the few people he can't touch, so he went and met Dohyun and got a glimpse of his everyday life (and gave himself a pat on the shoulder for excellent acting) but he couldn't predict that Dohyun would be digging into him soon after. Not that it bothers him now, I'm sure he's sure he can get away with anything and if push comes to shove he'll just disappear again and take a new identity or something.
  7. Yeah, that's too bad. The ever growing number of comments isn't very handy either but oh well, at least we have a small community there Oh that's great! I hope you will write down your thoughts here and tell us about the most exciting/interesting parts of the episode!
  8. Sooo it looks like this thread is dead. Has everyone moved to dramabeans now?
  9. Yeah, I really wanted her story to be connected to the main plot so the ending of ep6 was a nice surprise indeed. And I'm no less curious about Mdm Jin's revelation, next episode we will finally find out about her son! We could see that Dohyun had a playful side in him in the way he interacted with Yuri, but she's his closest and only friend so the fact that Dohyun started to get mischievous with Chief Ki merely a few hours after their reconciliation tells a lot about how much he needs more friends - probably to make up for the glaring absence of them during his late teens and all throughout his 20s.
  10. This week's episodes were... peculiar, to put it lightly. Ep5 was so random I still have trouble believing it was directed by the same guy, for me it dragged on forever and almost lulled me into oblivion, and generally just seemed like a dull and unnecessary filler (I guess it will become less unnecessary once I rewatch it with subs). Ep6 was the exact opposite. So exciting and fun, even the first part of it! Can't wait to rewatch all the interactions between Dohyun and Chief Kii with subs and understand what they say to each other.
  11. I was honestly surprised he even went to see the doctor at all, what with him seeming to be the type who will only address his health issues when they literally knock him off his feet. But yeah, I'm worried about it too, regardless of his prudent self care. The closer he gets to his father's case the more his heart seems to act up, and I bet we're going to see his health deteriorating soon.
  12. Today's preview (for ep5) suddenly came along with a song instead of the instrumental main theme. And, unlike ep3 that was pretty comprehensible even without subs, ep4 was an absolute mystery for me. It's so plot-heavy I've no idea what's going on now and where it's heading. Going into the Hachikou mode again
  13. You're going to recap it! Where? I'd love to read a Russian recap
  14. Thank you so much! Can't wait to watch it later today
  15. But will you do it, now that we know no one else is going to? Please? I think you're our only hope at this point.
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