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  1. I love their insults towards one another! Did anyone see the clip where Xiao Zhan was like I never eat snacks. And then Yibo immediately followed that up with a richard simmons you just ate one XD and XIao Zhan went to hug him~~~
  2. Yes omg I'm loving the current few eps. Especially 26, it got me bawling my eyes out. Over the last few episodes I feel like xiao zhan and yibo's acting has reached a whole new level. The improvement they've made has been astonishing and it's a far cry to the first few episodes. I can feel that soulmate bond thing between them and that rain scene... Was. So. Intense. My heart was breaking alongside theirs *cries* @outsanity I agree wholeheartedly!! The book was amazing but the drama team brought it to life!!! I think they've truly captured the essence of all the important scenes between WWX and LWJ.
  3. Sooo I was watching ep21 and became curious about what chenqing (the name of WWX's flute) meant and apparently it means 'old feelings/friendship/love'. Ahhhhh my heart.
  4. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av59103024/ Ahhhhh I'm getting so much diabetes
  5. Omg thank youuu \(^ 3^)/ I've been scrolling through bilibili non-stop for clips about them
  6. Omggg my heart will break from that scene. LZ looks so sad there. I wonder if they will also film him in his heartbroken state when WY dies > I believe he got drunk on Emperor's Smile and also he made a similar burn mark on his chest as WY's.
  7. Ahhhhhhh the stills are amazing!!! I'm waiting it out for a bit too (currently done with 18). Can I ask for spoilers please? That scene of WangJi...
  8. Omg I'm dying it's too funny lol XD thanks for sharing!! On a side note, I wish there were more BTS videos of them.
  9. The trailers and posters look gorgeous that said, the three lives three worlds drama was based on a plagiarized book. Majority of the author's content was copied from a danmei/BL book 'Peach Blossom Debt'.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the drama schedule is 2 eps per day, from Mon to Wed, so 6 eps per week. Apparently, premium users are 4 eps ahead of others (I'm guessing they're at ep24) As for the subbed ones, I guess it depends. You can watch the raw ones here: https://qdramas.net/cn190627/ as per the schedule listed above. Latest ep is 20.
  11. Ahhhhh I knew it'd be a tear-jerker episode!!! I haven't watched it yet. Been holding out till all the episodes for this week comes out so I can mitigate the pain from the Lotus-Pier segment with WWX making his kickass reappearance. Poor LZ tho :') I suppose their contentious relationship will last for a while... Can't wait for present day WangXian to happen!!!! Though like what @shuwei said, I think many of the more controversial present day scenes will be cut out due to the censorship... all those drunk LZ scenes T.T though I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping some of it will remain intact.
  12. Ahhhhhh same omg *squeal* I'm fangirling so hard right now. I wasn't expecting much romance between their interactions either but with that scene, I think the drama team has pretty much convinced me of their blooming romance~
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