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  1. Cut to scene of Butler on phone with Auntie minion. Guess they are working together? Suddenly stupid father uncle dude grabs the phone from the minion. Blah blah uncle father stupid dude is begging minion for something on behalf of NiNa I think. Not sure what. He's like on his knees begging though. Not cut back to Butler. Some new guy she's meeting? Huh? No idea what that was.
  2. Angel Dan now in black goes and meets with Hu. They talk. Angel Dan is angry and upset and confused. I can only imagine. Think he's disobeying Hu and leaving to go find YS. That's what it seems like. Well actually he went to the bar to drink. Andddddddddddddd JK Idiot shows up!!! Wtf go away!! JK Idiot reveals he knows that Angel Dan is an angel. And he's making all sorts of threats. *barf*
  3. YS rehearsing at night. It's raining out. She's thinking about Angel Dan. Butler cooks for her and they drink. Well Butler eats and drinks. I think YS is just worrying about Angel Dan. Think they are having some cute banter now. Hurry and come back Angel Dan. Palli palli. YS goes to her bedroom and whines for Dan. Oh shizzz what is this now? Hold up.... Dan has gone to a hospital. He is wearing black. Wtf it's his father's room? His father is lying there? He is yelling at his father who cannot speak and just looks shocked. Now he's crying and begging his father why. The father can barely speak. I don't know what he says but Angel Dan is shocked. Angel Dan covers his ears. He's distressed and runs off. What the heck was that ?? And now the father just died? Why the hospital have no lights?
  4. Quick rehearsal shot. Now nighttime, Nina greets her father at home. And they go out to eat. Yeah what a great father you are *eyeroll* talk talk Nina probably whining about YS and ballet. Scene with the 2 evil Bs including the one possessed by the devil. What is she up to. She seems to be doing special favors for the other ballerinas? I dunno go away devil girl. Go be with JK Idiot you'd make a great couple.
  5. Next morning. YS puts his handkerchief on her bag. Wish she would put it on her body though. Butler asks her about Angel Dan I think. YS arrives at studio. Nina confronts her moment she walks in the door. Nina is getting an attitude now. They are both wearing fancy earrings. They are having a face off now. JK Idiot walks up. He sees the handkerchief on her bag and looks mad. They all walk off very tensely is that a word.
  6. JKW drops off YS who will barely talk to him thank goodness. He goes to Matil's temple and places his ring back in her spot. What is he saying he's gonna go love YS now or some BS like that? She doesn't like you dude! Go away ughhh. Back to YS in her bedroom staring at the handkerchief. Angel Dan still at the sea. At night. He jumps in. Or maybe just imagined jumping in. Not sure. Short voiceover. Scene ends.
  7. Quick shot of JKW at the beach where she danced. Then back to YS and Angel Dan. Think YS is crying and sad because she's lost so many in her life, maybe. Angel Dan who is truly an angel is gonna try and make her feel better of course. He's giving her back his Angel handkerchief and smiling a little. She doesn't want to take it at first but he forces her to. Sounds like new OST in background. Omg ughhh! Stupid annoying brat JKW is watching their private moment AGAIN! Angel Dan walks off and stupid JKW comes up to her and hugs or rather grabs her angrily AGAIN. Ugh! Thankfully she slaps him this time. Ughh come back Angel Dan. We don't want possessive jerk JKW around plzzz sorry not sorry but I sure don't want him around acting like that.
  8. I'm busy crying and they change to some scene with evil B auntie and her minion. I wasn't paying attention but minion seemed upset with evil B. Back to YS. In the flower field. She collapses. Hears child voice. Sees child Dan then Angel Dan. He lifts her up. Is this OST that will release tomorrow ? I hope so. She's very distressed by what's going on. Does she know child Dan is Angel Dan? I'm afraid she won't realize it but I want her to so bad. *sobs* he pulls her in and hugs her. She just thinks it's her childhood friend I'm sure. She brings flowers to the sea for her childhood friend who is Angel Dan who is standing right in front of her. *sobs more* she throws the flowers into the sea. Says sorry to her old friend. End of first half already.
  9. Guess the old ladies told YS something that makes her shocked. She's remembering that Angel Dan was abused now I think. This is so sad. We see him running from his father. Hanging from the cliff to hide. Dan is having memory of falling into the sea now. He's very distressed. This is memory of him dying, drowning. I'm crying. Heartbreak.
  10. YS goes to talk to the old lady by the sea from last week. Don't remember who she was, just a townsperson I guess. Think she's talking to the lady about her childhood memories. Both her and Angel Dan are having memories in this area. Dan is having memories playing hide and seek in the field of flowers with her. Now them on the beach she danced at. Her giving him a hat. Him drawing her as a ballerina on the side of the building. Back to YS talking to the old lady. Two more old ladies come up. She has memory crying in the field and him comforting her. Cuuute. I really wanna know if she remembers him dying. Then she'll realize Dan must be an angel. I want her to know that. More memories of her dancing in that one spot. Lots of memories. Good job child actors!! Voiceovers now from both Angel Dan and YS.
  11. Next day. YS is at ocean. JKW calls her. I guess he's mad that she isn't coming. I dunno. He hangs up. And there's NiNa's old teacher the craycray lady. New ship? Lolol. She says some words then walks off. Back to YS. She suddenly turns around and there's Angel Dan. Standing wide eyed with the drawing in his hand. He drops it and steps closer to her. She's probably like why are you staring at me like that Kim Dan. He's kind of stumbling over his words. She walks by him and walks off. But once she's walked a bit, she turns around and wonders about him.
  12. Begins voiceover of Angel Dan. We get to watch YS' dance a bit again. We see her talking to JKW after the rehearsal. He seems mad. Mentions Angel Dan. JKW really angry. He walks off after pleading with YS to do something not sure what. YS went home and I think tried to call Angel Dan. Think he left his phone at the house. She is having memories of him. She dreams being in a field of flowers and young Dan calling out to her and smiling. So this is everything that is leading up to the end of last week's episode I guess. It's middle of night now and Ms. Butler finds YS cleaning the ballet studio. Is this a PPL for the vacuum cleaner lol. Me. Butler and her talk. I love that YS is still wearing her fancy earrings in the middle of the night.
  13. Well, I'm way behind again, haha. I went out after work last night and didn't get home till midnight, ooooops. I'm going to try and live recap best I can, but to be honest, I still haven't had a chance to watch the last episode with subs. So this should be interesting Anyways, happy viewing everyone! We get a hug we know at least. Hopefully more by tomorrow!
  14. This was cute. The little 5 year old girl I watch all the time is also totally into ballet. On Friday night, I was playing music from Swan Lake and Giselle, and she was dancing and twirling around. I'll have to get a video of it next time cuz her eyes and face were intense, man. Reminded me of our beautiful ballerina YS. @briseis Your latest post legit brought tears to my eyes. Esp the part about wanting to see YS caress Angel Dan's wings and tell him that she loves every part of him. Omg the feeeeels. If that doesn't happen now I'll be so disappointed! I'm telling you, this show has the most FMVs I've ever seen for any show. And I absolutely love it! I've been listening to every sad romantic song I know and thinking 'Boy this song would go great in a FMV for ALML....'
  15. Kiss would've been nice, but I'm okay without it since they just got back together, or really just got together for the first time. They are soo cute too no matter what they're doing. Love love them! I don't want there to be only 2 episodes left now!!
  16. Dom is at her sister's play theatre. He looks back and sees GH. He instinctively calls out her name but then hides. She is with oppa. Omg they sit in front and Dom thinks it's a date. He sees them whispering and holding hands. He's so jealous lolol. He follows them out of the theatre. Omg Dom I love you so much. Oppa buys GH flowers. Dom watches it! Now they have ice cream and Dom is so jealous of her wiping off oppas lips! Dom gets a call from a restaurant. Aww he had made some kind of plans for GH I think. But now he's remembering her "date". DumdumDom c'mon she wouldn't move on that fast now! Dom calls GH. She is still with oppa. He invites her to restaurant I think. She leaves sis with oppa and runs off to Dom. Dom is about to leave but she shows up. He runs down the stairs to her. She's not wearing her cardigan but I think he can see her. Awww I think they said they loved each other. And big tight hug!
  17. Uncle going over that file with someone in his office. Evil scammer secretary comes in. Uncle realizes his painting is now a fake I guess. He pulls it down and starts stepping all over it. Evil secretary yelling at him. Him talking back. War is beginning. Dun dun dun. Evil secretary meeting with the driver now. Not sure what they talk about but they seem to part ways. GH and oppa getting dressed to go somewhere. Well actually oppa is dressing up. GH is just doing makeup.
  18. VP at home. GH's sis brings her something in a jar. Cut to VP at GH's house with sister. I think VP and GH are gonna fight over who gets to keep the sister haha. Oppa comes out. I dunno what they talk about. Cut to Dom at the office. He's so misery without his GH. Cut to DJ with VP coming to his place. Oh my she's gonna be ripping off his shirt again. Lol his phone rings again. It's Dom. VP gonna be mad that Dom and or GH keeps ruining their happy time together. She grabbed the phone from DJ. Probably said uhh quit calling my man and go get your woman. She said original VP again lol.
  19. GH eating with secretaries. She's sad and mopey. She gonna get drunk. Ughh evil scammer secretary shows up. The other secretaries mention Dom. Evil scammer secretary looks shocked about something to do with Dom. GH goes home and sadly thinks about Dom. Meanwhile Dom is sadly thinking about GH while watching the sick moss ball. He pets the moss ball. Aww he's comforting it cuz it's sick. Cute Dom.
  20. Back to the meeting. Dom remembers a notebook he had written and shown to GH. I think it was also a notebook of people's movements. Like one guy who always pushes his glasses up with his fingers. Think he's being honest and going through everyone's little habits. But I'm not sure. Uncle puts up his medication list on the big screen. Maybe Dom hasn't admitted it yet but is going to? Ahh I wish I could understand! Dom is addressing the meeting. He's being very sincere. More memories making charts with GH. Everyone seems to be taking it well. Dom finishes speaking. Cut to GH waiting anxiously I guess for DJ and VP. Back to meeting. Dom looks anxiously for GH but she's not there. Instead she's rushing DJ to the meeting. DJ enters last minute. I think Dom won the vote. Rooftop meeting with Dom and DJ now. DJ gonna spout more nice words about GH. Dom returns to his office and sees GH standing there with her bags. Goodbye time again wahhhhh. She left a lot of things for him to get by. She goes to leave and he stops her. But just to kind of sadly say thank you. GH sadly sulking away. End of half episode.
  21. Meeting. Uncle gonna test Dom by bringing in all these men that look similar. Not fair. He scans the faces. They're all blurs. He is panicking. He looks around and spots GH looking at him. He winks at her a few times. She remembers the wink. She is panicking now. But she gets a clear enough head to make a plan it seems. Cut back to VP and DJ at the temple. VP is trying to undress DJ right there in public hahaha when he gets a call. It's GH. He hangs up. VP is kind of mad about the phone call. He remembers about Dom's facial blindness and seems sad. He tells VP what's going on. They talk. DJ leaves VP to go help Dom. VP whines for a minute. But then she comes riding up on a horse omg so extra. They are gonna ride a horse to the meeting really?? Hahah
  22. Everyone is getting ready for the election. Dom and GH in a meeting room by themselves. Dom is very thoughtful. GH tells him a story of her mother comforting her brother when he was a child. Wow the resemblance between oppa and young oppa. Not sure what mom is saying but surely something encouraging. I knew there would be a parallel between oppas blindness and Dom's face blindness. Aaaha they are coming up with a secret signal. GH first does a Korean heart then is like wait no hehe cute. They settle on a wink. Not sure what the signal is for though. Cut to DJ playing a video game. Flashback to rest of his convo with evil scamming secretary. He's very hurt. Cut to VP at some temple, listening to a music performance. DJ shows up. She yells at first then sees it's him and is like awesomeeee. She hops down to talk to him happily. They talk some and happily skip off.
  23. Starts where we left off. Be my secretary 1 more day. Let me put your sweater back on and come in close to make you all hot and bothered. Back to intense part of drama. DJ is looking at the weird file. Wondering about it. Lightbulb goes off. He goes to meet with scam secretary. Preview. DJ yelling at her. Cut to GH house. Brother smiling blindly at sis who has returned. Maybe he thinks it's all a joke. GH isn't laughing though. I dunno sis just looks mortified. GH gets to work and looks at her moss balls that are no longer floating. Dom arrives. GH is all excited. Dom is kind of down trodden still. His mom comes in. GH lets him know it's his mom and leaves. Dom is a little smiley now with mom. GH is peeking. She smiles big when she sees him smiling. She scolds herself. Other secretaries show up and greet her happily. Those scamming secretaries haha. They tell something to GH that makes her look worried.
  24. I'm trying to catch up on the thread before the new episode, since I didn't get on at all this weekend. I'm getting there! I love the new stills with the hug. I want YS to hug back though! A nice tight hug between the two of them plz and thank you.
  25. I think GH will sulk away after her day is done, but then of course Dom will go running after her and say "Of course I don't want this to be your last day! You can't leave my side!" Smooch smooch smooch. Lol I dunno
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