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  1. Hmmm what do you think they're up to here? I know I asked for more stills but I wish for more OTP stills instead hehe. I think this shows GH is going to stay a secretary. But they are on strike I suppose?
  2. Ughh give me a face palm emoji reaction. Seriously though I'm watching last week's episodes with subs and JKW is so annoying! "Even though you clearly told me you don't like me and it makes you uncomfortable and you just want to work together as professionals...I'm still gonna keep hugging you and pursuing you and bothering you." Really? How can anyone consider that romantic? It's creepy stalkerish harassment sexual harassment like eww leave her alone. Jus sayin. Side note - Angel Dan is only supposed to be 22 years old? So young! I didn't realize. Was YS like 14 when she met him, is that right? Then she is only 24 too. Babies.
  3. I've been meaning to post something about this...but whomever said they predict RuNa will somehow be responsible for NiNa dying...this! Yes, I can totally see this happening. It should happen during the Giselle performance. Have RuNa rig something to happen to YS again. But then even more of a plot twist, NiNa sees something is about to happen and saves YS, while RuNa watches the whole thing. This would redeem NiNa (whom I think at this point is stupid but redeemable) while also ruining those 2 evil Bs and probably making them go insane by the end of the story. Anyone know, is there a good moment during Giselle for this to happen? I'm honestly expecting something major and dramatic to happen during the performance. With some intense music and dancing going on. Bring it.
  4. Man I want some more new lovey dovey stills. Lol I dunno I keep checking Instagram hoping there will be some. All I have to do is pretty much sleep and then it will be time for the new episode. But I don't think I'll be able to sleep at all! Oi.
  5. They prob just didn't want you to feel sad for not getting any likes. Even though that was your goal.
  6. What are those gifs from? I need to know now. I don't think we will get anything as hot (altho their first kiss was ace), nor do I think we will get a wedding due to time constraints. I just hoping for lots of sweet lovey dovey cutesy moments at this point with at least 1 good hot kiss. I think we will get it, since they teased us so bad in front of the fish tank. It'd be cruel not to follow through on that eventually.
  7. Y'all made this thread a hot topic on a Saturday night/Sunday morning with all your perversion. And it's a show about angels! Note: I don't think anyone is being perverted and if they are, count me in. I'm all for dirty thoughts about pure innocent angels named Dan/L.
  8. I have to say, Dominique has been one of my favorite characters in kdrama land and it's all thanks to KYK. His facial expressions are top notch!! I just watched with subs and I really enjoyed both episodes. I thought it was paced out well. GH felt so human to me and really to me also acted very appropriately. When her one last day was done, she calmly and sincerely said "I'm sorry for breaking your trust and hurting you" and took her leave with a level head. She left the ball in Dom's court and really, who could resist her adorableness? When she was coming up with secret signals for the meeting....so cute! The jealousy scene, by the way, my favorite! Dom was so jealous that she touched another man's armpits!! Haha. So I was a little confused...Dom said he was gonna have a goodbye lunch with GH...but what kind of goodbye lunch includes flowers and a cake? Dom, are you sure it was a goodbye lunch, even before you thought she got a new man? Seems to me he was planning a confession all along... Also wanted to ask everyone's opinions on the secretaries and driver. So now that the truth has been revealed, the whole embezzlement scheme, what's our verdict on what should happen to them? I've been calling the head secretary evil secretary in my live caps, but now I'm not so sure evil is the correct description. In fact I found myself sympathizing with her some. She claims she only took money that was already 'tainted or 'corrupted'. Also clearly her, DJ's mom, and the driver were all mistreated. Plus I don't think she ever wanted the driver to go and try to kill Dom for the usb. But with that said, what she's been doing, and what the other secretaries have been doing, is clearly immoral. So what should happen to them? As for the driver, why did he go after Dom so violently? That is bugging me. It didn't seem much like an accident when Dom fell over during their fight. And then he got violent with GH's bro too. So yeah, he seems pretty bad in my books. But I also felt bad for him when he got kicked by the nasty uncle. How does the writer want us to feel about these characters? Lol. All that aside, I can't wait for Monday. I hope all the office drama gets cleared by the end of Monday's episode so we can have cuteness overload on Tuesday!! I'm gonna miss this show so much!!!
  9. Why the mood on this thread suddenly go from funny and happy to suddenly super sad? Y'alls posts have me crying now. Not to mention I'm watching all these FMVs that are giving me the feels. I get that sad endings tend to be more meaningful but I'm really gonna hate a sad ending here and be left wondering if the message is just that God is too cruel. Or I guess the message would be then that God is above humans and humans are just meaningless. Anyways I don't want that to be my takeaway message from this show!! Has this one been posted? It's so good:
  10. Since some ppl are talking about endings, I will just say this.... I don't want to believe we will have a sad ending. I just can't believe it! I think we will be made to think it is a sad ending...but then something will magically happen and it will be a happy ending. Please please writer I have a heart defect, so you must not make a sad ending, for my heart isn't allowed to break, okay?? You hearing me, right??
  11. It would not be very becoming of a prima ballerina to be kicking and flailing around now, though. She has an image to maintain even when about to go splat and die
  12. I'm trying to think how I would react....Super Hot Angel appears out of nowhere and saves me from going splat on the ground. Would I be shocked? Or would I be turned on?
  13. But why does the preview look so sad and angsty? We can't have more than 1 episode of love and happiness? She seems mad at him in the preview, whyyy But she also seems to discover he is her childhood friend....i don't know! But they seem separated in the preview
  14. It's raining and nighttime now. We see the old man who was meeting with butler is dead! We see JKstalker get a text from YS. Guess that's who he wanted to meet. Cousin minion has YS blindfolded on the rooftop in the rain. He gets the order from RuNa to kill her I guess. JKstalker down below and sees YS on the rooftop. Did he call Angel Dan to tell him? I hope so!! Minion takes off her blindfold and unties her. Then he kicks her off the building. She's falling and Angel Dan swoops in with his wings out and saves her!!! They land on the ground and she just looks at him like whaaaaaat.
  15. Auntie has some words with uncle about something. RuNa goes to find Nina. She's in the bathroom crying. RuNa remembering all the times NiNa has cried cuz of YS. She's scheming. The push and fall is coming y'all..... JKstalker meets YS after she's changed back to her pink suit. They have some words. Then she goes to meet Angel Dan who runs up and gives her the biggest happiest hug. Cuuute. Eww what is JKstalker doing? He's at some restaurant with a big bouquet of flowers. My stream died for a minute ughhh. I sense something bad. Oh no! Angel Dan and YS were walking. It started thundering. Angel Dan went to get an umbrella and also bought her a heart shaped balloon. He waved to her from across the street! Then a van pulled up and Angel Dan helped a kid who had fallen and when he looked back up, she was gone. Kidnapped!!
  16. It's YS' turn! Angel Dan is watching her intensely. He's standing up to watch her. Voiceover from him. Dan has tears in his eyes. Omg the uncle is crying haha. Aunt slaps him. Nina was crying too. Angel Dan walks by her afterward and touches her hand to let her know he's here for her. It's time for the voting results. It's a tie right now with Nina and YS. Angel Dan gives YS a 'fighting' pose from the audience. He's #1 YS fan hehe. Oh the dancer who was popping pills earlier....i think they want her to make the final decision. She chooses YS. Angel Dan is so happy for her. But now auntie and cousin gonna be scheming some more we know....
  17. Oh is it audition day for the lead? Think so. Angel Dan and YS have a moment outside the dressing room where his handkerchief falls and he picks it up and firmly places it in her hand. She wraps it around her wrist in the dressing room. Of course JKstalker sees it when he's talking to the dancers who are auditioning. Umm YS goes up and walks to one dancer who is taking pills for the audition. Seems aunt and cousin schemed something for the audition probably to ensure NiNa gets it. Angel Dan and Miss Elena are both in the audience for the audition. Nina comes in dressed all black for her audition. We see a flashback of her rehearsing with Elena and whining a ton about YS. Miss Elena took her to a graveyard yo rehearse ? Boy that's not creepy at all....but NiNa def looks to be losing her mind on stage ! She gets standing ovation even from Angel Dan and JKstalker.
  18. I guess YS just went back to her studio to rehearse. Angel Dan is hanging around outside for her. Angel Hu pops up. He's telling Angel Dan something shocking. Oh maybe he's reminding Angel Dan what happened to the old man. Angel Dan don't be swayed. Keep believing and having faith that God brought you to her for a reason. If you keep having faith it will be okay!! I think he tells off Hu and walks way.
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