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  1. Okay my dears, I am going to try and live stream here shortly and hope I can keep it going. We are practically having a hurricane outside (not really but it may as well be) and the power has been cutting off and on, so fingers crossed!
  2. I feel like we will get some sort of time jump to show JS returning to school to study law, right? Maybe not, though I think she's highly suited for it. Do we know when these photos were taken? Just because they were posted yesterday doesn't mean they were taken yesterday, right? Maybe they just post them now to throw us off. I'm sure I would have fun trying to throw off fans if I were them. I'm still wishing for more of a time jump with kids than for a big wedding scene, personally. We'll see!
  3. otoke season 1 was so funny, but i can barely keep up with the 1 ongoing and 1 completed dramas that i'm watching. i still want to watch he is psychometic and the park min young drama is coming up. that's it, i need to quit my job and become a full-time kdrama watcher.
  4. But, let's think logically...the manager isn't gonna show up late at night, right? He'd show up in the morning if anything. And JR is missing the tie. Now JS. She isn't wearing the same outfit, right? Unless what she's wearing was under her jacket. Hrmm I'm intrigued now...
  5. Cut to JR cleaning up things from the case in his office. Boss barges in and congratulates him again. JR looks at JS empty desk again. Please go to her JR!! He's having memories about her. Go go go please ! He gets a text from JS. She asks him to dinner. She is sitting alone waiting for him. He shows up!! But he doesn't want to eat. So they are taking a walk. This is the scene from the bts pic someone posted the other day. Is he gonna dump her for a 3rd time? Seems like he wants to but she cuts him off and starts talking. Think she's arguing for them, how they can work even with her being an actress....he still being cold. He finally looks at her and says I love you and they kisssssy!!! Yaaay reunion kisssssy. Thank goodness!!! Preview....happy back together. Hiding it from everyone. Cuteness time!! Is JR gonna be in the drama? Well he's practicing kissing scenes with her hehe yaay
  6. YR brings the cctv discoveries to JR who brings it to the courtroom and shocks everyone. Commercials. YR is interviewing some guy. Maybe it was the suspicious guy in black meeting with the woman. Maybe he was a hitman? Hrmmm we are getting flashback. What the heck is going on? This was all some ploy? They got Park to kill the man, but why? Oh the man wasn't dead till this other guy picked up the knife and really killed him? But why? Looks like this guy was set up by the evil woman too. Anyways, the case is over. The truth this time has come out. Always staff is talking about the case. The boss is in his office giving phone interviews like hes the most amazing thing lol. Taking all the credit.
  7. Oh I lost all my progress again! Let me quick recap. Prosecutor seems up to no good. JR recieves more shocking cctv which he shows to YR. JS still being sad about JR and the case. Her manager got mad and either told her, forget about him already or go after him already. Not sure which. But the next day, she shows up in front of him and brings him coffee. And the day after that she meets him again. He pulls her away and says there will be trouble if the paparazzi spot them. Cut to jail, where the woman is meeting with Park. She suddenly turns evil and threatens him! Ooh evil woman and I felt bad for you before ...
  8. Manager enters JS' home where she's sitting sadly on her couch again. Now she's super dispirited. JR took her already broken heart and stepped on it again. At the office, JR hears the staff mention that JS was there briefly. Scary face offers some wise words again. Then we cut to JR in his office, reviewing evidence. He appears to make a startling discovery. Court room. JR making his opening statements in the trial. Has photographic evidence of something. You got this JR! He is shocking everyone in the courtroom with his evidence. Prosecutor stands up and confidently calls a witness-the woman. Dundundun. Park gets excited and waves to her. She's on the witness stand. She finally looks at Park and starts crying. He looks so upset. Guess she says again that he did kill him. JR tries to run after the woman after court but she runs off.
  9. JS reviewing a script in a dressing room. Remembers SW's words about JR. Gets a call. The intern is calling her, probably needing advice for the job. Ok it seems the phone call is about her pink heart ball point pen that she left at the office. Lol I don't know? Meanwhile JR gets a call about the cctv footage. He goes back to his office and JS is there. Why do they keep mentioning the ball point pen? Lol. What did the intern do? The intern leaves and JS just stares at JR through the window. JR enters his office where she's waiting. She holds up the pen. JS trying to lighten the mood but JR looks serious. Poor JS, he won't even crack a smile. Oh! He calls her JS again for a minute. But I think he asks, why are you doing this or something. Guess she explains herself. JR stop being such a dodo head and accept her back. Oof. Think he's being cold again. Poor JS. She looks like she's gonna cry again. He sits down and ignores her. Oh no, she sees that her pink post its are gone, but it's only cuz he took them down for the intern! Sad.
  10. Cut to conference room. JR is briefing everyone on the Park case. They are asking a lot of questions regarding the first suspect woman and the suspicious man. Think they are throwing out theories. Hmmm what could be going on. (Sorry I haven't watched with subs yet so I don't know if anything has been explained yet, my apologies). A little silly scene outside the conference room with one of the interns happily offering himself to do a job. Cut to JR in his office. He looks at JS' desk and reminisces. Boss brings in the intern to help JR. He sees the pink heart post its which JR quickly removes hehe. Oh the intern is JR's new JS. Now he's really really going to miss JS! Hehe
  11. Next morning at office, all is well again which relieves the staff. Cut to JR filming outside. Guess she's in the same spot where the scarf incident happened because she's remembering it. Then she sees SW coming down the steps. She runs after him excitedly. Think she's thanking him for taking care of the stalker stuff ? He mentions JR but not sure what. Maybe she asks how he's doing, if he's ok. JS looks concerned but her manager calls her to the van and says they have a schedule to keep so she leaves. SW says something to himself.
  12. Back to JS. Think she was gonna text JR but doesn't? She's all stressing out. Back to the bar with boss and JR. Wonder how long they've been sitting in silence. Boss speaks first. Then JR. They got some make up bg music playing so I assume they're making up. Think boss says fine, I understand why you're doing this. Oh we get a flashback. JR and Boss at a bar with JR arguing something else to the boss. Maybe is this the incident from 5 years ago? I dunno but JR seems desperate about something and looking for support from the boss. Unsure what's going on, but I assume it must have been a time when boss really helped JR. Back to present time, think our boss says more sweet words to JR. Dawww how nice. JR pours them a drink and they both slightly smile. JR goes to the bus stop and looks at JS on the screen and says something and smiles. Guess he says, I will keep fighting or something.
  13. JS meanwhile riding home in her van, lost in thought. At home, she's on her couch, still worrying about JR. She pulls out her phone but doesn't do anything. Meanwhile JR gets off the bus and receives a call from SW. He goes to meet SW at a restaurant. Cut to commercials already. Oh SW has the boss with him. Guess he will try to mediate things between them... SW doing all the talking while the other two will barely look at each other. Think SW tells them they're both being fools. Hehe. Fool 1 and Fool 2. He tells them to have a shot together but they won't. Now he says he's leaving and they better work it out between themselves. Hehe.
  14. Episode begins with JR heading into work. Rides the elevator with the boss, quietly and awkwardly. Guess the office is in a bit of chaos with everything going on. EJ seems to be trying to mend things by talking to the boss first. He spouts off some stuff, dunno. JR comes into boss' office next. I guess handing in his resignation? Boss angry about it. Raises his voice. Maybe telling JR, don't so this. But JR is adamant about it. Which makes boss even angrier. Everyone in the office watches the argument. Cut to the conference room. Mama's boy going over a case, trying not to upset the boss more. JR in his office, reading JS' post it notes. Boss purposely avoids JR, pretends to be on phone when JR walks by. How uncomfortable...
  15. I'm kinda bummed JS is still going abroad. I got my hopes up watching without subs yesterday that maybe filming had been moved and there wouldn't need to be such a long distance between them. Now the question is...will they get back together before she leaves, or not? It would be nice if after the Park case, there were no more legal woes. I kind of don't need to see anything else with the stalker. So LDW being filmed at a trampoline park? I think I'd actually rather see kids than a wedding for them. So few dramas show the kids. But I think it's adorable when they do, so I will hope for that!
  16. I want to watch the ending again. It was so sweet/sad/sweet/sad I don't even know!!
  17. So my best guess is JR wants to take on the Park case but no one else wants him to. The prosecutor in the case just found out and is not happy. JR gets swarmed outside the courtroom by reporters. Boss watches the news from his office. JS watches from her van. JR seems to be alone in this battle. He gets to his office and starts imagining JS there with him. Think he remembers her telling him something like he can do it. Omo! I think JS went there overnight and organized everything for him. His desk is covered in papers. Her heart notes are all over it. Awwww JS why are you so amazing. JR goes to bus stop again. Just sitting there. Oooh JR I see now. You were watching JS on a commercial screen across from the bus stop this whole time!!!! JR!!! He sits there watching her on the screen and cries. The music stops and he just sits there crying, hard. Oh my god my heart y'all can't do this to me!! What a beautifully sad ending !! Y'all Preview-stuff with the case. JR and Boss at odds. JS seems to be back to helping JR but they aren't back together yet ?
  18. Cut to JR at the jail meeting with the guy. Is his name Park right ? JR is questioning him. He talks about his mom and cries. JR leaves looking somber. Cut to JR and Boss speaking back at law firm. Oi they are arguing. Boss seems upset with him. He gets up angrily and slams the door. Oof. JR arrives home. SW starts to talk to him about what's going on. JR sits down. Is speaking sadly. Sorry I'm doing terrible with these recaps today because I don't know what's going on with this Park case. But JR is speaking very sadly. SW seems to understand. JS at home, also feeling sad. She gets a picture of her with some of the staff earlier eating lunch. Think the young one is texting her more about the Park case. JS looks concerned.
  19. Boss, EJ and the young receptionist seem to be standing outside a courtroom. It looks like where JS is filming her drama. So they aren't filming overseas I guess after all. The boss seems to be getting offended by one of the staff members. Think he says he knows JS but the dude didn't believe him. Suddenly JS yells their names and runs to them. She hugs the girls and boss goes to hug her but she doesn't hug him hehe. They go out to eat with her. She's happy to see them. Guess she asks how they're all doing. Boss seems to mention the case that JR is working on. Cut to JS in her van, she starts texting JR but then deletes it.
  20. Hrmmm so what's going on....JR and scary face talking about something ....they are meeting with a woman who knew the woman who was on trial before. Sorry I'm a little confused. Seems like the woman who was on trial before was up to no good with a man dressed suspiciously in all black...so did....that one guy really not so the murder ? Hrmmm. JR has breif flashback to being hit over the head and JS being all concerned. At law firm, JR meeting with boss. Boss is getting all anxious about whatever is going on. JR calmly leaves the room. I'm sorry I have no idea what's going on.
  21. JS getting styled before filming. She's filming a break up scene I guess. As she's filming it, she thinks about JR. This allows her to really cry well. The director is impressed. Think manager sees through it, that the tears are real. But he just tells the staff that JS is just an awesome actress I guess. He goes to her dressing room and asks if she's ok. Yup, he knows her tears are real. I hope he feels bad still. She apologizes for crying like that. Guess she tells herself to buck up.
  22. Back at law firm, here comes that guy's mother from the case before. She's all upset yelling at JR. I'm not sure if it's following the web novel and if the son died in prison or what, but the mother is very upset. Boss, JR and EJ are meeting about it. Oh ok, the guy is still alive. This is his trial. He seems to have a public defender. JR walks into the courtroom to watch the case. The prosecution gives its case. The jury seems swayed. This may be a sentencing or appeal. There are 3 different judges. Mom starts freaking out, leading to the guy to freak out. It's a sad scene. JR looks on. He meets the mother on the courtroom steps outside. She runs to him and is begging him, I guess to help her son. She says something that makes him curious. Hmmmmm....JR rushes back to his office and is looking for something. They got some suspenseful music playing. Who is he calling ? Whoever it is, their phone is turned off. Commercials again.
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