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  1. OMG they need to be a couple in real life for realz that was so hot. I need a cold shower. And a re watch. Scratch that like 50 re watches.
  2. Happy Dom goes running to find GH. She's at his office. He calls her from outside. GH don't take the elevator lol. They are gonna meet. Dom is frantic. Dom Why you back in the elevator lol. They are looking around for each other. GH is wearing her ring hehe. Dom finally gets to meet GH and see her pretty face again. Awwwww. Be still my heart! He walks up to her all smiles and just stares at her. He gives her 3 kisses and she gets the idea that he can see again. OMG I'm sorry I'm so distracted the final kiss was so hot! Voiceovers at the end from both while they straight made out! My blood pressure up now!! I can't cry cuz I'm too flustered by their making out !!
  3. GH is meanwhile preparing a cake at some outside restaurant and staring happily at her ring. Guess she's gonna put it on now. Dom is stuck in the elevator though still while ppl try to free him. V and DJ show up for the celebration. GH is worried about Dom and runs off leaving V yelling after her. Dom is miserable in the elevator. But suddenly the doors get opened. And voila! He can see the faces of the rescue workers!!! He's in a bit of shock. Remembering something the doc said to him. Now he's hugging and shaking hands lol. Happy Dom!!
  4. GH at home sitting on her bed admiring her ring. Girl put it on your finger don't just be staring at it from the box! Mom is there. Think mom is saying goodbye now. Time for mom to go now that GH has Dom. GH gets teary eyed. Me too actually. Cut to Dom at home. Mom is with some new housekeeper. Guess mom is still being cold to Dom but i think he's accepting it. Dom goes to office. GH is cleaning the fish tank. Lol I am pretty sure Dom is looking for the ring on GH's finger. He seems disappointed she's not wearing it I think. Now they're outside walking. GH shows him she's still not wearing it. Why not??? Pouty Dom. Pouty me too. Wear the ring erghhhhhhh. But GH is still making Dom smile. Cut to Dom and DJ leaving some meeting. Dom takes the elevator. Dun dun dun. This must be where the fall happens....
  5. Next day. GH is clearly a new woman after her night with Dom. Lol. GH and other secretaries are looking for new jobs. Looks like Dom is leaving too. He's packing up all this things. GH comes in. Guess her interviews didn't go well. Dom starts tossing her things to pack away. She is a little upset but then he tosses her the engagement ring box. I want to know everything he's saying to her. Now he's holding her hand. She's all smiley. Cuuuute
  6. OMG I think he did suggest sexy bed time!! Lolol Dom is sitting in his office blushing like mad crazy!!! GH comes in with coffee and he just staring hopelessly. He takes some coffee but it's too hot omg this is the funniest scene! She blows on his lips and he blushed again and pushes her away. Then she rubs his hair again. He blushed again! Lol Dom you are hilarious!! He's like it's hot in here and runs out of the office. This is great!! Dom at GH's house now. Sitting on steps. GH dropped a jar of tea or something on his pants. Whatever she said to him, he is turned on like mad crazy! GH is so obvious. Dom looks like a mad man with his eyes bulging out. He's slowly pushing her to the bed. Cute he pushed her onto the bed and she took initiative and started kissing him first. It was short but still hot!
  7. Oh the problem is the red cardigan. Dom threw away all the trash. GH is frantically going through it but to no avail. Otoke! Dom say it's ok I think but GH very upsetted. Cut to GH sis going in for an audition. Cut to Dom whining to his poor doctor agaiiiinnn. We love you whiney Dom. Maybe doc should give him the idea for sexy bed time to get his BP up. No they appear to be talking about steak now. *disappointed* What is the doc suggesting now!! Please suggest sexy bed time please suggest sexy bed time!
  8. Dom, GH, DJ, and V having little party at V's house. Omg DJ said awesome like V. Dorks. GH and Dom do not want to be there with those weirdos lol. Oh no GH burnt her cardigan on birthday candles. It didn't get burnt too bad and she tries to save it but Dom is like it's ruined and throws it away. Now she's at the store trying on every red cardigan. None of them work. Lol dunno what's going on but Dom is being whiney and cute. There's some problem lol but it seems like a fun problem. End of first half.
  9. Next day. Office final election I guess? Lol all I know is DJ is speaking and V is in the audience with this huge camera, taking pics of him lol. She whooped it up when he was done speaking too. Honestly I dunno what's going on with the office stuff. Hey DJ changed his hair. I guess it wasn't office election. Maybe DJ is president now for good. And Dom is cool with that. Anyways V and mom meet DJ outside the meeting. Guess mom approves of DJ now. V with her giant paparazzi camera is pretty funny. DJ receives flowers from Sec Lee. Cut to Sec Lee talking to the driver who is in jail behind bars. Both are receiving their redemptions here then I suppose.
  10. GH getting ready for bed now. Dom is still there. Comes and sits next to her bed and asks her cutely about the dress. Lol she's so embarrassed. She hid under the covers and fake snored. He just lifts up the covers and whispers goodnight. Then he goes and sits with brother on the front steps. Brother start a crying I think out of happiness and sadness for his sister growing up. Dom has to comfort him. Now they're going to have a nice heart to heart. Hey, mom showed up. She gives her blessing to Dom too. Dom looks sweetly at a sleeping GH. Sweeet!
  11. Cut to VP at home trying on wedding dresses in front of GH's sis. Think sis starts looking for dresses for GH instead. VP is wearing this ridiculous queen's crown lol. I wonder if a wedding will really happen now or just trying on dresses lol. Maybe they trolled us! If they did darn you AND! Cut to Dom meeting with mom. Seems they are talking about office stuff first but maybe he's telling her about his love for GH now. Not sure. Cut to GH at home, trying on the wedding dress for brother and sister. Oh don't be trolling us now SBS! Lol Dom comes in. She's so embarrassed to be wearing the dress in front of him. Think sister prob called him brother in law or something. Bro and sis want a pic with GH in her dress in front of their house. Dom takes it. Then Dom wants a pic with her. This might be closest to wedding we get lol. But it's still cute!
  12. Dom comes back in his office. GH still a little upset and gives him a cutesy angry look. He gonna cheer her up. He spins her around and shows her how all the moss balls are floating. Probably some analogy about how happy he is. He cutely wants her to rub his hair. He leans down then finally puts her hand up there to rub his hair. Now she's smiley and happy. Cuties!
  13. Uncle goes downstairs to meet with other jerk board members. Suddenly Dom and DJ come out walking in their suits. Flashback to Dom and DJ discussing a plan the day before. Not sure what the whole plan is but I'm sure it will somehow make Dom President. Dom for President! Hottest. President. Ever. Anyways back to present. Dom is all smiley and trolling on uncle now. Hehehe. Not sure what he says to uncle but he owned it ofc.
  14. Here we go!! Begins back in office. Dom is happily feeding GH who is happily eating. Eww uncle comes in. Guess GH gonna find out what Dom did. Uncle is being a jerk to Dom. GH knows, she looks sadly at Dom. He's trying to brush it off and keep feeding her but she's upset now. She leaves to chase after uncle. She starts yelling at him at the elevator but Dom stops her. Uncle is such a jerk. Dom tries to calm GH who is still real upset. Think he has a plan.
  15. Good morning my friends! I've been super busy last night and this morning but I am ready to live cap a hopefully super awesome episode!! Yaaaaaay let's do this! Hopefully I don't cry too much when it's over!
  16. Awww this must be when he can see her whole face again - I hope he kisses every part of it to prove he can see again!! I wonder if this is before or after their wedding....
  17. @extrodinairey Thank you for sharing that profile and filling us in on the story! @kkddrraammaa Thank you for capturing that most bootyful image (you see what I did there )
  18. But now I'm really so confused because I thought everyone is always complaining for the male to show his forehead. Or is that just an international thing too? Which one is it! But now personally, well of course he's hot either way, but I'll side with the bangs down crew on this one @Ameera Ali For the swimsuit GIF...I just want you to know...sorry I'm getting a little teary eyed here...but,
  19. Why I Google image search "Kim Young Kwang butt" and I get an image of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un instead? On a more positive note, I did find this. Well, at least the thumbnail looks pretty good...
  20. Perfume is on my watch list. How many episodes in so far? Maybe I can catch up and join the thread soon. Hotel Del Luna looks intriguing. Is it supposed to be a romcom? To make this post more on topic. Here's a whole slew of still cuts from today:
  21. A little GH edit I found yaaay. Plus bonus shirtless Dom: @ktcjdrama I feel ya! Are there any new worthwhile dramas coming out? I don't even know! @Ameera Ali But why in that first bed scene GIF Dom looks like a cross between an old man and a waddling penguin!! OMG I'm dead
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