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  1. @kkddrraammaa I think Dom and GH had a very deep conversation that night @guinearoyal Dom isn't jobless. He still works there, just not as President (and had to switch offices too). Now I'm curious about GH though. She remained his secretary, but had to, what, re-interview for the position? Hmmm. That's what I gathered, at least.
  2. I have some work to get done before I can catch up on the thread. My feelings are pretty much with @jakey09's GIF after watching the episode without subs. The hugs and caresses are nice, don't get me wrong. But in order to believe that these two are destined for life and to have this beautiful, end all be all romance, I need a little more here. Something maybe like the scene with YS dancing and imagining Angel Dan, except this time with real passionate kisses between the two.
  3. At a cafe, YS puts the phone in front of JKW to ask about it. Whoa JKW revealed a pic of him and Matil! To show YS that they look alike and that's why he has fallen for YS I guess. Meanwhile Angel Dan back at house. Pacing back and forth. He gets a call from YS. Dan is trying to explain things to YS over the phone. It feels so sad!! Did she break up with him? She's outside trying to figure out what happened the other night. She asks lady at balloon stand if she recognizes ANGE L Dan. Angel Dan is speeding to the park. He finds YS sitting on a bench. He runs up to her. He starts to talk. She stops him. Think she asks who are you? Not sure but he just revealed something to her! Someone tell us, did he say I'm an Angel? Or something similar ? Need info!!
  4. YS finds the phone. Back to Dan cleaning. YS walks in. Not happy. She says something and walks off. Dan gonna go after her but gets a call from JKW first. Goes outside the gate to meet with JKW. More threats I guess. Angel Dan getting upset. Suddenly YS is there. She says something to them. Then she goes and gets in the car with JKW. First she says something to Angel Dan. Dan watches them leave, feeling very upset.
  5. Night at the house. YS getting ready for bed. Still sensing something be cause of the marks on her wrist. ANGEL Dan in his room. Hides the tin box with the childhood pic in it. And also hides YS' broken phone from the other night. Then he gets out a pen and paper to write a journal entry. About all that's happened. Next morning. Butler and Angel Dan speaking. Butler get a call. This must be about the dead lighting guy. Butler runs off to police station. I don't think she realizes that she's playing such a deadly game right now. Or maybe she does. Back at house. YS in her bedroom. Pressed the button. Angel Dan came running in in record time. Omg! More vacuum PPL. Lol he's cleaning her ballet studio. O oooh sneaky. YS got him to clean so she could sneak around his bedroom. Here comes some big revelations....
  6. Quick shot of ballet rehearsals. Bad guy walking again. RuNa grabs him to talk to him. Angel Dan is spying. Woot. Angel Dan can't be fooled that easily ! He also sees that it is RuNa who has been planning the whole thing. RuNa goes to parking lot and starts driving. Suddenly Angel Dan steps out in front of her car. She slams on brakes. Angel Dan and her exchange words. Dang he looks hot when making threats. YS leaves rehearsal. Looks for Angel Dan. He's not there. She closed her eyes and says like come to me Kim Dan. And it worked. Suddenly he's there. Walking towards her very determined. He gives her a tight hug and she hugs him back.
  7. Ballet studio. Everyone getting dressed and ready to rehearse. NiNa speaks up and says something to everyone there. Looks like NiNa is the understudy and she's being whiney about it. She leaves and walks off. JKW follows her. Trying to get her to stay I guess. Nina has flashback to Elena telling her something. She continues to walk off. Cut back to aunt looking all fake shocked and upset. She turns the corner and Dan is standing against a wall waiting for her. Angel Dan going to exchange words with aunt when he suddenly sees bad guy walk by in the distance. He runs after bad guy. Knows exactly who he is now from the ship. Angel Dan chases him into the parking lot. Tackles him. It's not the same guy? But it is! The guy does a good job of convincing Dan he's no threat. But when Dan apologizes and leaves, the guy gives him the evil stare down!
  8. Morning at house. Angel Dan carries breakfast to YS room. He knocks on the door and enters. She isn't there. He's a bit panicked. She left a short note. Ahh so she went to ballet studio to meet with aunt and RuNa aka her plotting killers. She kind of shakes RuNa's hand. Don't trust the beyotch, YS. YS walks off. RuNa on phone with bad guy again. Aunt overheard whole convo. Looks shocked that her daughter is a murderer. Really? Eyeroll. Yeah you're so shocked when you been trying to poison YS yourself! Yeah that's the girl you raised. Bad guy enters building and bumps into YS. Bad guy turns around. Does YS remember him at all? And what is he thinking? How does he know her memory was erased? Angel Dan runs up to her after bad guy walks off. Wants to know why she left and without him, I guess. He so worried for his woman. They talk a bit then he walks off. And there is JKW waiting to talk to Angel Dan. Or rather, be angry at Angel Dan. More face off between the two.
  9. Angel Dan on ground. Retrieves a phone from the bushes. YS phone? He finds a disturbing message on the phone. He drove to a house, it's night now. Maybe the evil ones house? But Hu is there. Hu snaps his fingers and the two of them teleport to the church. They're talking in the church. Flashback. Hu entered the house and erased YS' memory with snap of a finger while she slept. Angel Dan is angry and yelling. Hu is yelling back. Very emotional scene. Hu seems very worried for Angel Dan. I can see tears in Angel Dans eyes. And sad music playing. Angel Dan goes for walk outside looking thoughtful. End of first half.
  10. Angel Dan and YS arguing about YS going to the ballet studio today. He wants her to rest. She wants to go. They get close for a moment. Then JKW calls Angel Dan. YS grabs the phone from him to talk to JKW. I think JKW was gonna cancel the rehearsal but YS said no, I am coming? Not sure. Then some flashback of Angel Dan cleaning the house and YS watching and snapping pictures of him? Oh I dunno I'm so lost. Quick shot of Angel Dan standing on the rooftop where YS fell. He clinches up his fist. Now JKW going to meet aunt and RuNa. Shows them that message on his phone again. Whatever it is about YS. The bad vibes are flowing in this room. Now Nina comes in. Looks like NiNa and JKW made some deal? Or maybe JKW has a plan for NiNa. But what?
  11. YS wakes up. Dan is still there by her side. Cannot tell if she remembers what happened. I don't think she does or she would be more shocked. Plus Angel Dan looks confused about it all. Yeah she totally doesn't remember. Angel Dan leaves. YS goes to change. Notices some marks on her wrist. Think her memory will slowly come back cuz that's how connected the two are. YS goes downstairs. Ms Butler has hired a lot of new staff. YS suddenly asking Dan what happened the night before. She remembers Dan waving at her from across the street and then fainting. I don't know everyone seems confused here including Ms Butler and me of course too! So confused lol
  12. JKW goes to RuNa. Shows her a message on his phone. Something about YS. She acts fake surprised for a second. But now she just looks evil. She doesn't seem to be hiding her dislike for YS now. But JKW isn't one to mess with either. Let's see a showdown between those two. JKW leaves. Bad guy and RuNa meet outside. Bad guy gonna be in trouble for not killing YS. Whoa what was that!! RuNa just now was really Angel Hu!! For how long was she Angel Hu?!? Hu goes to the church and kneels down. What is he doing? Such plot twist!!
  13. Bad guy calls RuNa. Back to Angel Dan laying in bed with YS. Still holding hand and rubbing her shoulder. He takes her hand to kiss it when suddenly everything goes black. Bad guy is in the house!!! Bad guy and Angel Dan about to come face to face. I sense black Angel is coming soon. Dan opens the bedroom door. Bad guy is gone. Bad guy went outside after getting a message from RuNa.
  14. Kind of a compilation of last week's end...with a voiceover by the possessed one (RuNa).... YS falling. Thinking about Angel Dan as she falls. Him saving her. Seems like he's being very open with her about who he is. Guess he won't be the memory eraser here. She passes out in his arms. He holds her and JKW runs up.... Bad guy leaves the building. There are bystanders and an ambulance on the ground. JKW had called them. Bad guy sees no body on the ground. Leaves confused. JKW on phone in his car seems frustrated as usual. Angel Dan puts YS to bed. Caresses her face a little. Says sorry. She seems to be having a nightmare. He holds her hand.
  15. Good morning! I'm here I'm here. But look how behind I am on the thread agaiiinnnn. Y'all too fast for me! I'll catch up after the program airs today. Let's see how this goes!
  16. I don't want to let them go eitherrrrr. Wow a second season, that would be wonderful! I thought about how will he recognize his baby (or babies, I guess) but surely his BP will rise at least a few times having little ones running around. I also wondered where they will live once they're married. I hope poor brother doesn't try to follow them wherever they go. Hopefully sis will become a successful actress and buy a house for her and brother. Btw did anyone else notice that her sister was actually wearing the VP earrings to her audition at the end? So they didn't get thrown away after all. @VanillaSalt I guess he proposed because their time in bed together was that good...kudos to you, GH! And here I thought you'd be all innocent but yet you kissed him first. Right on sister
  17. One of my sacred rules in life: Never apologize for admiring a nice male buttocks. And Angel Dan definitely has one of those!
  18. I guess everyone is getting around to watching with subs now. Me as well. And I must say, this time I am very teary eyed. This show... is really...up there for me on my list of favorites. I'm definitely going to need to be re-watching it at some point. I was glad to see Dom is going to try for President again in 3 years. Also happy that his mom at least somewhat started accepting him at the end (well, about as much as she could). Haha so the uncle went to Cuba to salsa dance - and here I thought GH and Dom might end up there for a destination wedding I really enjoyed brother's advice to Dom. If you focus on everything you don't have, then you miss out on all the gifts you have been given in life. And then Dom looked so lovingly at GH. And then I also liked the final convo with mom and GH. That started the tears flowing for the finale for me. Mom said, time to let me the dead one go, and go and live a happy life with the one who's alive and loves you. That's what I call sweet but sad right there. So in the end, Dom's facial blindness was only temporarily cured. But like he said in the voiceover, in the future, he was able to see her face from time to time. But every time he could, he made sure to stare at her a long time and kiss her passionately since he didn't know the next time he would get to see it again. I suppose then for that reason, he cherished her even more. This couple was pure love. Plain and simple. I'm going to really miss this thread too! We've had a lot of fun and you all have given me some great laughs that have helped lift my spirits on even the dreariest of days. Thank you all for that!! Lots of love to all
  19. So I couldn't help but peek at the pics even though I need to watch the last 4 eps. So happy for a happy ending! Who can tell me, how much time passed before CM returned? I see SY's hair was long but then short again by the end? Were they hair extensions or did a lot of time actually pass before he came back? Can't wait to finish up this show - hopefully some time this week! I actually really enjoyed it
  20. Beautiful Girl So question....so was Dom's facial blindness only temporarily cured because his BP went up when the elevator broke? Or do we think he could see again for good for good? I dunno, but if it was just temporary, then he's gonna need a lot of moments to get his BP up so he can keep on seeing his pretty lady's face....I'm thinking Dom gon' be like: Too much??
  21. I'm a non drinker too, but I get drunk off the LLlLlOOoooVVvVVvEEeeeEEE <----when I start typing like this it means I'm drunk off the Love AwwWWWwwww the little pregnant figurine. CuuuuUUUUtttteeeeee I didn't even notice!!! I thought if I left for a while a stood in front of the big fan at work, it would calm me down. But then I came back to the thread and read through the posts/gifs/videos/images again. BRB going to fly to the north pole now so I can do this:
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