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  1. Also someone please tell me what hot sexy words he said to her at the end there *snicker*
  2. Last scene.... JR and JS at her place. Think she's reassuring him about the kiss scene. Think she says she wants to rehearse it with him. Oh yes that's we wanted. Some hot kissing going on. Finallllly. Still ended too soon though. Preview, a lot going on with all the couples! Looks like JS finally goes overseas? Wow how will they have time for everything maybe we will get extended episode!
  3. Cut to another always dinner. Choi and dan are holding hands again being cringey cute. JR is kinda sad looking. CEO gives the cringey couple a credit card not sure what for. Intern tries to ask out young woman but she turns him down. She eyes scary face to make a move now on EJ but he doesn't. They all notice JR being a little sad. Cut to JS in her van. Think manager tells her JR felt bad to watch their kiss earlier. She looks lost in thought. Back at dinner. Just as they are gonna leave, JS shows up. She sits next to JR. CEO is being all over her. She learns about dan and choi and is all happy. CEO tells JR to stop scowling and smile. Well I think JS suddenly announces they are saying. Everyone laughs. She gets mad and bangs the table. Says I'm not joking. We are dating. Everyone is a little stunned. She holds up JRs hand. The CEO just takes a drink and puts his hand on the hot grill. Omg lol. Now he's like ouch that hurts and is crying. And gets up and leaves. Scary face and EJ are walking home talking about all the couples. Think they kinda sorta get together
  4. JR shows up to the drama set. Uh oh is this the kiss scene ? Why is he watching it? Lolol. Look away JR. Lol I seriously thought he was gonna tell cut but something else interrupted them. Lol what is he doing. Think he's telling the director a kiss scene is not right for this scene or something lol. He's definitely trying to change the scene. Manager has to pull him away. Manager is sitting with him now scolding him. While they're sitting there, he sees YR and SW walking by holding hands. They sit with him now. Maybe they are giving him better advice about JS and her kids scene. He comes back outside and sees her rehearsing with her co star. He leaves them be. Commercials again
  5. K real kiss rehearsal time. JS comes back with the script and hands it to JR. He's looking through. She's all excited about the kiss but he points out something else in the script, probably some lawyer thing lol. He's all upset about it. She tells him to move on. Once again he mentions something and she thinks it'll be the kiss but it's not lol. He makes her practice a lawyer scene. He's being a little critical. Come on JR she just wants to make out with you!!! Lol. He's making her do it over again. She asks for a break. Goes to kitchen like this is not going as planned. JR is all excited to keep practicing lawyer stuff. Ok finally he's reading through and reads the kiss part !! He drops the script lol. Dang it no kiss cause now we cut to always dinner and JR is there still thinking about the kiss. Dan and choi are seriously sitting right next to each other making googly eyes at each other. Does no one realize they're dating ? CEO mentions something about couples and they both raise their hands. CEO laughs at them being a couple then ducks his head and sees them holding hands all cutesy. Yes they are a couple, they announce to everyone.
  6. JR leaving the office. Suddenly JS is there in her car honking the horn. He's so happy to see her. They go back to her place and are eating dinner. She's got the red shirt on. Kissing practice soon! She gives him an energy booster thing. They keep talking. She goes and gets her script to rehearse. Then she sees the kiss scene on the page. I guess she wants to practice it with him. Sneaky JS. She chooses that scene and pretends not to know she chose it. Omo! Surprise. JR pushes her down to kiss and it's just her imagination! I think the preview kiss was her imagination! Now they cut to commercials. Maybe we will get a really hot kiss scene ooh I hope ....
  7. Cut to JR back at office. CEO is spying on him. He comes in and starts questioning JR as he paces back and forth. Now I think he's asking about the drama. CEO is so jealous. Now CEO I think is mentioning does JS have any love scenes. Well whatever he says has JR all flustered. JR can't work now. He looks up the male lead. Oh that's right the male lead is like the kissing king or whatever lol. Oh poor JR. Cut to Dan in her office. One of the interns walks in and asks about the ukulele. She's helping him play and choi walks by and sees them and stops dead. His face turns seriously so angry lol. Now he walks outside and is venting to himself. He sees Dan and the intern leaving together, and cuts in front of them and says he has to talk to her alone. They are meeting alone now in a park. Think he's like why are you doing this to me. Now he must be getting sweet cuz they have sweet music playing. He takes her hand and holds it to his heart. Is his heart beating to some song ? Lol I dunno but he's sweetly confessing now I guess. She just stands there with her mouth wide open. She jumps into his arms now and is all happy. They are both all happy. The camera pans back and all these old people are at the park exercising and watching them lol.
  8. Lolol this is so cute. I am really cackling here. So JS is reading her lines and needs help with what to do with her hands. They keep touching each other and giggling and the manager is scowling in the background at them lol. Then she shows him her script and the heart she put on it pretending to have a question. Manager pushes in between them lol. Cut to always. Dan is getting a drink in the break room. Choi pushes in and tries to talk to her but she just fights back with her words and walks out. He looks like a sad puppy with his heart breaking. Dan goes back to her office. Think her heart is hurting but she's not letting herself go to choi. Now choi is on rooftop. He pulls out some letter. Maybe it's their dating contract. Yup i think so. He sets it on fire and nearly sets himself on fire lol
  9. Cut to JS in her dressing room. Think she's thinking and talking about JR to her manager. Yeah she misses him. Cut back to always. They're meeting about something else now. Is he checking their handwriting? Okay I seriously have no idea what's going on. Oooh he's trying to find out who didn't vote for him back in the conference room. Lol I get it now. Now he's scowling at Dan, choi, and the young girl for not voting for him lol Cut back to acting set. JS shocked to see JR. She drags him to another room like what's going on. He is giving a very stoic lawyer like argument for why he's there. She laughs at him as he waves his hands happily in the air. She hugs him and just then the manager walks in lol. JS leaves the room and I think manager is like why you doing this but JR remains his stoic lawyer like self and pushes past the manager.
  10. Cut to conference room. Yup they are all sitting there talking and when ceo mentions the consultant, JR immediately volunteers. CEO looks at him confused. Think is trying to talk him out of it but JR seems to be arguing otherwise. Are they having a vote? Lol I dunno but ceo loses and looks sad. JR meanwhile practically skips to his office to get ready. He's going to text JS but decides instead to surprise her.
  11. JR and JS are cutely texting each other all day. Think JR picks up food for them but she calls and says she can't make it. He's a little sad. He's at home eating alone. SW comes in and is scolding him for something. I guess for eating alone. He takes the other meal that was for JS and they eat together. Next day, the two CEOs are meeting at the entertainment company. Our always boss seems to be acting cocky as usual. Maybe bragging. Now it seems entertainment CEO is trying to one up him and brag about all his stars. They are being playful with each other. Now I think entertainment ceo mentions needing a consultant for filming. I think. Since we know in preview the always CEO asks his crew.
  12. Now the three of them sit awkwardly in the living room with manager trying to figure out the situation. JR is wearing some funny clothes. JS tells him to go then goes stomping back to her manager to scold him. She is not happy with manager. He tries to defend himself I think but she stomps off. Then he's talking to himself and the hedgehog looks at him and snickers. JR meanwhile returns home in his bright green shirt and walks into SW who definitely questions him. He's like what happened just now, to himself, looking at his clothes. Hehe
  13. Next morning, JS is already awake. JR comes into the kitchen and that's when the doorbell rings and they hear the manager. They freak out and she locks him in the bathroom. She's all nervous as the manager comes in and is trying to block the bathroom. He starts to leave then suddenly is like wait I have to go. She tries to block but he pushes his way in. JR is hiding in the bath tub behind the shower curtain. He closes his ears while the manager goes. Then suddenly JR 's phone buzzes lolol. He rips open the curtain and there's JR. Lolol so awkward. Then JR accidentally turns the water on himself and gets soaked lol.
  14. Too many commercials but it's starting now YAY! Begins with them talking on the street meaning we get to see the kiss again woot. Still no good close up though lol. JR drives her home. They are being highly again. Think JR asks do you want me to come up and she nods her head sheepishly. In her place now, looks like he's just putting her to bed. She's in bed but he's sitting next to her. He still has his tie on for now. He says something that makes her really excited. She sits up and takes his hand. They are probably saying super sweet words to each other. Now JR is kind of talking like a lawyer again. But sweetly. Omg think he said they could sleep together and she was being shy but instead he made up a bed for them and put a barrier between them and said don't worry I won't touch you lol. She's disappointed but it's ok cuz he's sweet. Lol.
  15. Okay my dears, I am going to try and live stream here shortly and hope I can keep it going. We are practically having a hurricane outside (not really but it may as well be) and the power has been cutting off and on, so fingers crossed!
  16. I feel like we will get some sort of time jump to show JS returning to school to study law, right? Maybe not, though I think she's highly suited for it. Do we know when these photos were taken? Just because they were posted yesterday doesn't mean they were taken yesterday, right? Maybe they just post them now to throw us off. I'm sure I would have fun trying to throw off fans if I were them. I'm still wishing for more of a time jump with kids than for a big wedding scene, personally. We'll see!
  17. otoke season 1 was so funny, but i can barely keep up with the 1 ongoing and 1 completed dramas that i'm watching. i still want to watch he is psychometic and the park min young drama is coming up. that's it, i need to quit my job and become a full-time kdrama watcher.
  18. But, let's think logically...the manager isn't gonna show up late at night, right? He'd show up in the morning if anything. And JR is missing the tie. Now JS. She isn't wearing the same outfit, right? Unless what she's wearing was under her jacket. Hrmm I'm intrigued now...
  19. Cut to JR cleaning up things from the case in his office. Boss barges in and congratulates him again. JR looks at JS empty desk again. Please go to her JR!! He's having memories about her. Go go go please ! He gets a text from JS. She asks him to dinner. She is sitting alone waiting for him. He shows up!! But he doesn't want to eat. So they are taking a walk. This is the scene from the bts pic someone posted the other day. Is he gonna dump her for a 3rd time? Seems like he wants to but she cuts him off and starts talking. Think she's arguing for them, how they can work even with her being an actress....he still being cold. He finally looks at her and says I love you and they kisssssy!!! Yaaay reunion kisssssy. Thank goodness!!! Preview....happy back together. Hiding it from everyone. Cuteness time!! Is JR gonna be in the drama? Well he's practicing kissing scenes with her hehe yaay
  20. YR brings the cctv discoveries to JR who brings it to the courtroom and shocks everyone. Commercials. YR is interviewing some guy. Maybe it was the suspicious guy in black meeting with the woman. Maybe he was a hitman? Hrmmm we are getting flashback. What the heck is going on? This was all some ploy? They got Park to kill the man, but why? Oh the man wasn't dead till this other guy picked up the knife and really killed him? But why? Looks like this guy was set up by the evil woman too. Anyways, the case is over. The truth this time has come out. Always staff is talking about the case. The boss is in his office giving phone interviews like hes the most amazing thing lol. Taking all the credit.
  21. Oh I lost all my progress again! Let me quick recap. Prosecutor seems up to no good. JR recieves more shocking cctv which he shows to YR. JS still being sad about JR and the case. Her manager got mad and either told her, forget about him already or go after him already. Not sure which. But the next day, she shows up in front of him and brings him coffee. And the day after that she meets him again. He pulls her away and says there will be trouble if the paparazzi spot them. Cut to jail, where the woman is meeting with Park. She suddenly turns evil and threatens him! Ooh evil woman and I felt bad for you before ...
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