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  1. Next day, date time! Angel Dan has the picnic basket. They go out to their favorite bench. Quick shot of picnic and now riding bikes happily. They go for a walk and share some cute kisses. But it's too fast! Want more date scene grrrrrr. They cut short the happy moments, not cool. Now back to drama with Nina and JKW meeting. Nina slaps JKW. Drama drama. Back to date yaaay. They are on park bench. Dan is laying on her lap. Quick PPL for her foundation. Dan opens his eyes and they start talking. Something YS says makes Dan quickly sit up. I can't tell the mood of this convo. The music is kitschy.
  2. Cut to JKW walking. This time angel Dan walks up and grabs him by the collar. He is not happy with JKW interfering between him and YS. They exchange threatening words. Back at home, YS is making a list. This must be all the things she wants to do with Angel Dan. She seems frustrated and takes out her phone to call JKW. He's sitting at home in the dark. Whatever she asks him makes him think of Matil being shot in front of him. He kind of yells at her and they hang up. Outside, Dan goes to his favorite bench to write a journal entry. After he writes, he watches as his words disappear and the paper turns to ash. He goes home to try again. The same thing happens. He's writing the same thing over and over. It keeps disappearing. He yells upward that he's going to keep at it. Guess he must be writing like I will become human and keep loving YS and the deity won't accept it. Just my guess.
  3. JKW alone in ballet studio. Thinking about his talks with Angel Dan. Suddenly a lot of the ballerinas walk in. Wow he looks almost happy for a moment. Cut to YS and Angel Dan in car in parking garage. They have Ms Butler on speaker phone. They talk a bit then hang up. Angel Dan and YS keep talking in car. Decide to go on a date. Scenes from preview. They're going to the mall to play dress up haha. First they're taking selfies. Dan goes first. His came out all funny cuz he didn't know when the camera would flash. He smiles brightly and YS looks at him lovingly. They decide to dress up for couple pics. Angel Dan is so happy but YS looks like she's about to start crying. Aww she does start crying. She doesn't want him to disappear. Tissues time. Angel Dan hugs her and rubs her head. He tries to comfort her again. Awwww.
  4. Next day at ballet office board meeting thing. YS makes some announcement and then Aunt walks in. She starts speaking when suddenly everyone in the room gets a text message with a link to a news story. What is it? Aunt looks shocked and runs out of the room. Cut to uncle speaking to reporters. He turned himself into police Maybe? For what? Back to ballet studio, all the ballerinas are gossiping but YS walks in to shut down whatever is going on. Angel Dan and JKW are there also. YS and Angel Dan go for a walk in the hallway and meet RuNa. Angel Dan instinctively goes to protect her. RuNa wants to talk privately. Whaaat. RuNa is such a fake b. They go onto the stage and Runa kneels down and fakes crocodile tears of apology to YS. Thankfully YS isn't buying it. RuNa wipes the fake tears and stands back up. Guess she gave up on that and will just go back to threatening. Evil smirk and creepy whispers from RuNa now....
  5. Back to house of cuteness. Angel Dan in his room contemplating life. YS shows up, pillow in her arms. Aww she wants to spend the night together. Think he's trying to read the bible but she's laying there looking at him. Aww she reaches out for him. He lays next to her and she feels his heartbeat, sadly thinking what will happen to him. He pulls her into his arms and tries to reassure her. Aww cutes cuddles.
  6. Begins where we left off....warm embrace but also tinge of sadness about it all. Angel Dan's journal entry turning to ash... Cut to JKW sitting alone, recalling his words to YS. We get YS' reaction and see that JKW put his old Angel handkerchief on the table for her to see. Back to present. He leaves the cafe and Hu comes up to talk to him. Angry JKW. Cut to house of evil. Aunt and uncle are silently in the living room. Nina comes down with luggage. Guess she's being all noble and moving out. She is yelling and crying at her parents. Aunt breaks down in tears. Nina walks outside and Runa greets her. Nina is still crying but RuNa is ice cold. She says something to Nina that makes Nina even more dramatically break down. Oof it's exhausting just to watch all that dramatic mess!
  7. Good morning to all (or midday or evening etc)! I have been away from the boards for a few days so I'm a bit out of the loop but I will still be trying to live cap today's episode. Unfortunately I won't be able to do so tomorrow. It is holiday here in the States and I will be with family from morning onward Trust me, I'll be trying to check my phone as often as possible. I expect many cute scenes today, but then something really dramatic will happen at the end I'm sure. This show has the best endings to episodes, even if they're usually dramatic/heartbreaking. Do we have any news on an official OST album being released, and if so, where/when it would be available? I'd love to purchase if so!
  8. So many GIFs, so little time..... For those who still might be confused about the photo, of course....
  9. Marriage?!? Oh my this is why I'm thankful to everyone on here who can partially understand Korean
  10. Preview seemed like a good amount of cuteness incl a fun date, and more tense convo bt Angel Dan and JKW lol.
  11. JKW drinking at home. Looking frustrated lol. YS at home putting up the childhood pic of her and Dan on her nightstand. Oh noooo. JKW calls YS and asks to meet her about Dan. Don't go YS don't go. But she goes. Sigh. While she's waiting, Dan calls her. Guess she says she'll be back shortly or something. JKW comes in. Sigh. He's gonna ruin everything now, isn't he? Bastard ughhhhh. So annoyed. Hoped we'd get a sweet romantic ending. And this bastards gotta come in and ruin everything. YS leaves and sits on a bench feeling overwhelmed. Grrrrrr!! Angel Dan writing a journal entry. Flash backs to a lot of their scenes together. Long voiceover by Angel Dan. When he's done, YS comes into the courtyard. Ok this is weird........they shared a sweet hug and she said she missed him and he missed her too. But then the long journal entry he had written just dissipated and turned to ash! Huh?? Ok I'm glad YS didn't leave after her convo with JKW at least!!!!
  12. She leaves and it's raining. She gets a call from Angel Dan. He's sitting in the car waiting for her. They smile sweetly at each other. In the car they talk some and hold hands. Now let's go home and have some sweet romance time pleaseee. They get home and YS is sleeping in the car. Dan reaches over and caresses her hair. She wakes up. They smile and 2 more short but sweet kisses.
  13. Back to house of evil. YS has a big envelope. Inside is a letter she received, as well as a tape recording of aunt talking to her minion. Most likely stuff talking about plotting against YS. Aunt and Nina are crying like they really give two sh*** about YS (eyeroll). YS is being bada** herself here too. She ain't gonna stand for their b.s. anymore that's for sure.
  14. At the house of evil. I dunno I zoned out for a moment lol. But suddenly YS showed up. Uncle aunt and Nina are there. Whoa. Cut to RuNa on phone with her minion. He turns the corner and suddenly Angel Dan is there looking got and wet. Cuz it's raining. He snapped his fingers and suddenly we see minion tied to a pole and blindfolded haha sucker. We see Angel Dan with his wings out, throwing the phone on the ground. Then he goes to find evidence of their evil deeds. Angel Dan is so hot when he's being a bada**
  15. Something I don't understand is going on. Aunt minion seemed to stick some note into NiNa's ballet locker at night. Next morning she read it but when it was read, it was a females voice. Maybe a trick by the Aunt's minion/butler's helper? I dunno. Then YS and Nina had brief convo. Then YS had brief convo with other ballerinas. JKW in his office. Looking frustrated what else is new. Remembering convo with Angel Dan previous night. YS comes in and they sit down together. As JKW talks we get flash back of Dan helping to film YS dancing in her ballet studio at home. Something is clearly bothering him. Cut to Angel Dan going to church to find Hu. But Hu isn't there. Cut to Hu in a jail cell. And somehow Elena is in the same jail cell with him! Lol well this is interesting.
  16. So now that truth is out, hopefully no separation and just them against the world from here on out. Stream is pausing but it's back. Angel Dan and JKW are having their "tense" conversation now. Aren't all their convos tense? Now nighttime at the house. YS is ready to do some gardening and plant the flowers from their special field. But as Angel Dan is helping her, he is remembering JKW's words to him. And here I was just thinking no separation. But maybe so if JKW gets into Dan's head too much blugh.
  17. Almost kiss time! They go sit in front of the fountains. Awww Angel Dan pulls out the tin box. She opens it. There's the picture of them. And the drawing. I'm glad truth is being revealed. And that Dan is doing the revelation himself. She starts crying and gets up to walk away. Dan runs up and holds out his arms to her. Awww she's really sad for him. Tissues time. He wipes away her tears and they kiss. But no close up really darn! Still a sweet kiss. End of first half.
  18. RuNa listening in to convo of butler and that other guy. Butler and other guy are outdoors at some fishing spot I guess. Suddenly YS and Dan walk up. We get flash backs of the morning with them talking to butler about everything. The other guy, aunt minion, kneels down in front of YS. But YS is super angry. Think the guy had something to do with the accident that killed Mr Jo. YS and Dan walk off. YS seems weak so Dan has her sit down. Sad YS and sad music playing.
  19. Scene at house of evil. Aunt and uncle speak briefly. Aunt enters RuNa room where she was sleeping. Suddenly she opened her eyes. Aunt sits down to talk to her daughter. Sorry aunt but your daughter going to the Fiery pit this I'm pretty much 100% sure of. Anyways back to house of good. YS in bed, with her phone next to her. It rings. It's Angel Dan. He's in his bed. They speak over the phone. YS smiles when they hang up. Dan is outside her door. He touches it and says goodnight. Sweet. Still wish he'd go in and hold her though hehe.
  20. At home Dan sitting outside, arguing to himself. Dog made brief appearance lol. YS in her room talking to herself too. Angel Dan knocks on door but just comes right in. He sits down right in front of her to talk to her. Takes her hands. Uses his puppy eyes to get her to forgive him hehe. It would work for me too. YS stands him up. They are headed to the church. It's night. They meet a nun on the church steps. Of course it's Hu in disguise. Think Dan motions to Hu that YS is not right in her head lol. They go inside. YS has the two of them bowing to her lol. This has turned into a fun scene. YS asked something and next thing we know YS is chasing Dan out the door and they are bickering away. Hu even comes out and laughs and smiles at them oops. He isn't supposed to do that. He got sucked back inside the church haha. I think YS asked what Dans mission was but not really sure.
  21. Back to present. YS angry about the secret, walks off. Dan goes after her, pleading himself. He apologized a few times. Seems she's really hurt more about the secret than anything else. She walked away again. He followed again. Accidentally got cut on his hand. She asked to see it. He showed her and the cut magically healed. They are bickering now. YS goes home and Dan just follows right behind.
  22. Good morning! A little late to start but here we go.... Looks like we're finding out how YS found out Dan is an angel. Even though her memory was erased, it all came back to her. So even Hu's powers couldn't work on her. When she remembered, all the candles went out in the church and Hu knew exactly what it meant.
  23. Don't worry, it wasn't SongSong couple, as I'm sure many are going into meltdown mode right now yikes. It is Lee Joon and Jung So Min from My Father Is Strange. Loved that show and them especially
  24. It's only my 2nd one! My first one sailed and is still afloat to my knowledge. Maybe I'll have good luck with these two also!
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