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  1. Did anyone watch today's ep? I'll post some YT clips: And previews: I'm so glad An saved JI! Yaaay good job An! And their scenes in the hospital were so friggin adorable! I love them *cries* I wish I had subs so I knew what was going on in the investigative portion of the drama. I think SM is going to go after the bad guy ruh roh. Can anyone translate the last preview? Ppl on YT making it sound like JI and An spend the night together but I dunno if they're just saying that or what lol. Dirty mind here sorry!!
  2. @youngatheart You're welcome! Wish I could do a better job with it hehe oh well!
  3. Ryan at home, pouring himself some wine. He is looking at that painting from the auction in NY. The one that her idol likes. He actually has two of them. Back at her place, DM is watching her idol video with the painting in it. Back to Ryan, still staring at the painting. What is it about the painting?? I'm so confused lol! The episode ends with a split screen of both of them admiring the painting. Need explanations lol. Preview - Ooooh her idol comes to the gallery lol I dunno what else was going on sorry!
  4. Next morning, DM wakes up to some men knocking at her door. OMO! It's the police. Ryan is having her arrested for poisoning his drink?!? Omg they take her to the police station in her pajamas. As she's being taken to jail, there are all kinds of cameras and news reporters. Her family is there too. This has to be a dream lol. Lol yeah it's a dream. She wakes up in the hospital still, holding onto Ryan's hand. He wakes up too. Awkardddddd. She hands him some water but he eyes her suspiciously and won't drink it. Ooops. She immediately explains herself and apologizes. She won't let him talk lol. Okay, he finally speaks. Aghhh I missed their whole conversation due to work sorry!! Though I wouldn't have understood it anyways lol. Looks like DM is still there holding his hand. She's asleep and fidgeting all around with his hands. He seems intrigued that he was holding someone's hand hrmmm. Next day, DM goes home. She's repeating something in her head nonstop. Must be something Ryan told her. She's holding onto her heart and starts dancing around happily. It must be related to work, right? I don't think she likes him this quickly...hrmmm...
  5. Uh oh at the hospital now. So is he allergic to caffeine or something?? He was allergic to something that DM put in his drink. Uh oh. She's gonna be feeling guilty now. Oh while he's asleep in the hospital he has some flashback/memory from childhood. He is a little boy and someone leaves him crying at night on a doorstep. We didn't get much. But definitely some trauma there. DM is by his bedside. She apologizes to him in his sleep and wipes off his hands with a wet cloth. He grabs hold of her hand while he's having the bad dream in his sleep. His face looks pained. Ah, there's always a heart behind the cold exterior. DM pats his hand gently.
  6. So of course there appears to be a crisis at work. Some of the employees go to the cafe to get DM to come help, since I guess she's the only one who can handle it. She's proving her worth even though Ryan fired her. Ryan finds out I guess about what DM did. Sorry I'm not getting all the details. He goes to the cafe to speak to DM. Hopefully he's gonna apologize and beg her to come back to work at the gallery. She appears to be demanding something from him now. To which he's scratching his forehead. I guess he agrees to her demands because she's happy now. Except she still thinks nasty about him. Oh no sorry I missed some due to work. But I think DM put something strange in his coffee drink. And whatever it was made him sick and pass out. omo. DM tries to call him but he doesn't answer. So she goes to find him at the office and he's passed out on the floor. oh no. Her brother I guess was with her cause he came running in. They carry him out frantically.
  7. DM is getting a little emotional at the karaoke bar too. She starts screaming stuff I dunno lol. Now the three of them are drinking. Her friend keeps getting a text from someone so I guess she has to leave. I don't think brother wants to be left alone with drunk, emotional DM. Oh she is lamenting about that jerk Ryan. Her friend goes to get her kid. We see the kid's father for a minute. Hmm I'm a little confused. The friend and the guy hug but they are not together at all? Maybe she is the Aunt of the kid and she takes care of him for her brother? Will need subs to clarify this. Next day, DM is working at the cafe with her friend. Ryan comes in. DM giving him the stink eye. Then she goes off on him. But he leaves.
  8. DM is consoling herself by watching her idol on TV. She gets a text from her brother and goes downstairs to her parent's house. Her brother intercepts her and pulls her into his room. Not sure what is going on. Guess he got himself in trouble? Oh, maybe mom and dad are fighting. Guess brother and sister are trying to mediate the situation. It's not working. Mom is angry and yelling. It actually seems really dramatic. Maybe mom is saying nasty stuff about DM. DM starts yelling back. She's getting emotional. So her and her mom do not get along? She gets up and leaves. Brother goes after her. Her and her brother talk outside. Her friend pulls up. The three of them go to a karaoke bar.
  9. DM meeting with an older man, an artist. Seems as though maybe they were gonna display his artwork and Ryan said no because DM is very apologetic to the man. Just my guess as to what happened. Ryan doing a photo shoot in the gallery. He looks awkward. DM comes in and sees he's not in his office so she runs to the desk to retrieve her notebook but the desk is locked. Then Ryan comes in so she has to play it off why she was in there. His name is really Ryan Gold? Lol this is like his artist 'stage name' right ? Oof. DM is doing some work in the gallery. Ryan comes in all angry and shows her some letter. Guess she messed up with something? He's being nasty again. Nevermind DM, personality matters more, kick him in the balls. Oops! Did I say that ? Dang! He ripped her employee badge off her neck. Did he fire her? Grrr jerk.
  10. Omg next day, the employees are watching videos of Ryan painting. DM is watching too. Ryan is literally like finger painting. DM is not impressed. Neither am I. That is one ugly painting lol. Ryan on his way to work and gets crammed into the subway. So he comes in in a bad mood. When he arrives, DM sees him put her blue notebook into his desk drawer. They sit down and meet with another employee. He's being cold and nasty. But he looks good and we all know looks matter more than personality so get on that DM. I kid I kid. The other employee leaves and it's just Ryan and DM now. Sorry I have no clue what is being discussed. Ryan is doing that 'devilish smile' with her.
  11. DM argues with Ryan about something. Then we get a quick scene with fancy boss lady in the hospital ordering one of her minions around. Oooh DM and her gal pal are at the coffee shop. Being handsy and lovey dovey and Ryan walks by and sees thru the window. Yup he definitely thinks they're lovers. He walks away and DM's brother walks up carrying a little boy. Oh is DM's friend the mom of the child and her brother the father of the child? Interesting ..... either that or the brother was just babysitting the kid. That seems more likely. Brother and DM are arguing about something work related I think.
  12. My updates might be short today. Watching while working. DM is have a flashback to her job interview with the fancy boss lady. There was another girl interviewing with her. She wasn't doing well but then she started to make boss lady like her. But maybe she regretted it? Back to present day, leaving off from yesterday, her meeting Ryan at the gallery. May be he mentioned the boss lady. Dunno if he's filling in for her or if he's new director or what ? My stream is being stupid. I'll update what I can briefly. Looks like Ryan somehow got DM's blue notebook in the airport incident. She notices it is in his bag during a meeting. Ryan also seems really harsh and nasty. None of the employees look pleased after their meeting with him.
  13. My stream started being dumb but looks like next day, DM is at the gallery on a ladder fixing a bulb. Ryan walks in and introduces himself as new gallery director I guess? She sees his face and trips and falls off the ladder. No, he didn't move an inch and let her fall. The end. Preview, guess he will start working there and the two of them will not get along of course. Let's see! So far so good it seems. I mean Ryan is hot enough to make this show worthwhile watching, just saying...
  14. Hot Ryan in his hotel room. Gets a text from someone. Think DM and her friend pull up to same hotel room for something. Ryan is down in the lobby picking something up. Guess DM and her friend were gonna get a suite room but Ryan already took it. Her friend goes running after Ryan. I dunno what is going on. Her friend tries to talk to Ryan. Think she's trying to give a sob story but he just walks away. Now DM and her friend are at the bar drinking martinis. Friend is still upset about the hotel room i guess ? Ryan enters the bar. Sees the two of them being all huggy. He's got to be getting the wrong idea about something. He goes to the bathroom and seems to be mulling over something in his head. Ahh I need subs! Back to bar, her friend gets up to use the bathroom. Ryan corners her. I think he gives them his suite room. They go into the suite room and go giddy with excitement. Ooooh!! It's the same suite that their idol did a photo shoot in! They are recreating the photo shoot with themselves in all the same spots. Lol So when Ryan finds out this is why he gave up his room I guess he will be pissed?
  15. She goes to art gallery. Learns from co worker that something is going on with boss lady and she is in the hospital. She's pissed it seems. Guess her boss saw her meeting with that man about another job. And schemed something evil. DM imagines taking a gun into her boss lady's hospital room but instead she is holding a gift basket and trying to put on a smile. But the boss richard simmons her off more. She now has a dark storm cloud over her life.
  16. At the cafe with her friend uploading pics. Oh hey there's Ryan. She's remembering meeting him at the art auction now. K now she's at home editing her pics. She's mad that Ryan got in the way of some of her pics. She's having some weird imagination thing with putting her pics of her idol up in an art gallery for all the fangirls to see. Even the photo with Ryan's blurred out face. So it was an imagination thing but she did put her pics online and is getting all sorts of comments on them.
  17. She's meeting with her friend as she gets her all black get up. Guess she's going to meet her idol at the airport. Some fangirls go online and look at pics that some girl is taking of the idol on an airplane. Oh hey the idol is on the same airplane as Ryan, go figure. DM shows up at the airport ready to stake him out. She's got his pathway lined up to his van in her head. Or his path may be different. She's going thru all the possibilities and even has a ladder lol wow. So dedicated. Ok it's arrival time. There he is. She starts flashing away but Ryan is in the pictures too lol. Uh oh, Ryan is in the pathway of all the screaming fangirls. They run straight at him and he gets knocked into DM who is standing on her ladder. She checks her camera. Thankfully it's ok. Then she realizes there's a man on the ground with her. She asks if he's okay but he yells at her. Omo he said "what the f---" but they bleeped it out. Anyways he tried to take off her mask but she quickly ran off.
  18. Morning, her phone is buzzing, and she is passed out on the floor. Cut to her at a cafe where her female friend works. Seems she is meeting a man about a marketing job? So I guess the other gallery got shut down? She has some weird flashback to stopping a fight between her fancy boss and some other woman. Oh maybe she's imagining what her boss will do when she says she wants to quit? Yes I think that's it. She's at the gallery which is still open, and she goes to her boss to say something. Her boss is saying all this stuff to her. I dunno whatever her boss says makes her happy and see fireworks. She dreams of herself becoming a gallery director.
  19. So Ryan gets up and DM runs after her I guess to try and win the painting back from him. Ofc he's like no and leaves her disheartened. She arrives back in korea and the art gallery. The police are there. Her fancy boss lady and her both go to the police station to be questioned. Hrmm they are confiscating materials too. Wonder what happened?? Cut to her arriving home. She opens her door and her female friend is on the couch waiting for her. They sit and drink a lot. DM seems to get all sentimental and thoughtful with her friend. She is even starting to cry. Think she calls herself an idiot. Her friend hands her tissues and rubs her back. Now they are both crying.
  20. Lol her brother opened her door and saw the cardboard cutout of her idol and punched it and its head broke off. She was very upset and taped it back together. We see her packing for something. Not sure if she flew to NY or not but we cut back to NY with Ryan. K they are both at an art auction now. They are sitting next to each other. A painting come up. He stares at it for a long time and she stares at him. He says something to her and acts like a jerk I think. Omo a painting by this artist pops up and DM remembers it's her idol's favorite artist so of course she must have it. Now her and Ryan are having a bid off. She stares at the painting and only sees her idol in it. For him, she must keep bidding. It's up to $30k. Ryan wins. DM sees her idol in the painting sadly turn away.
  21. Back to DM meeting with a lady who was at the art reception. It's some fancy lady, not sure who she is. Maybe she owns the gallery? It's an actress that was in romance is a bonus book, I recognize her. Anyways not sure what they talked about. DM thought about her idol love for a second. Dunno sorry. DM is eating at her mother's house (she was the mom is 20th century boy and girl). Think her mother is scolding her about her idol obsession. I think she's pointing out well your obsession is crocheting and dad's obsession is polishing rocks, so what's the big deal with having an obsession? Based on photos in the house, looks like she has a brother. Maybe that's who was doing chalk drawings with her in the beginning. Oh, there he is. Lol I was about to type, I wonder if he'll be in the show at all, and there he is. He came out of his room for a minute to help her carry her food bags home. She lives on the very top of a house. She says something that seems to make her brother angry but he's just messing with her. She has a hallucination of her mother coming at her with hair clippers and she starts guarding her hair.
  22. Cut to a building in NYC. Some snooty artists are standing around. "When is Ryan coming?" He's acting all cool and suave. We learn Ryan looks at a painting for 1 second, it's bad. 2 seconds, not bad. 3 seconds, good. 5 seconds, well, that only happens once. If he smiles, it's the devil smile and means no talent, no future. A fan asks him when can I see Ryan as an artist? You're gonna work again right? But he doesn't respond and just walks away. Side note-i love that it's always the same few actors doing the English speaking scenes in k-dramas. But it's always SO awkward lol. K anyways cut to Ryan meeting with a friend in his apartment I guess. They are speaking Korean again. Think we learn he has some reason for not painting anymore? I don't know if it's some syndrome he has or something? Him and his friend seem to be talking about kpop stars now but I don't know why. Ryan seems pensive. His friend pronounced his name wrong and he corrected him hehe.
  23. It's opening reception for the exhibit. She introduces I think the artist. She looks a little perturbed. She keeps checking her watch. Guess she has somewhere to go cuz she catches a ride on a motorcycle, goes to some locker room, changes into all black with a hoodie and a mask, and gets her giant camera. Her idol love arrives for a concert and she's taking pics of him. Now she's inside the concert being a fangirl. Her idol love tosses his water bottle into the crowd and she catches it. Cut to her house where we see it's not the first water bottle she's caught lol. She has a case full of them. Along with his face plastered all over her house. Even on her pillows. She's happily looking through pics and videos of him on her phone.
  24. Okay! I'm so late but I'm gonna try to live cap even tho it will be terrible cuz I haven't learned any character names yet! Starts out showing 2 kids doing chalk drawings. Then we get a voice over from PMYs character (DM??). Cut to her as an adult, fixing up some art piece in a gallery. Her and other employees are redoing the whole gallery now for a new exhibit, inspecting art pieces, repainting, etc.
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