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  1. YS finishes the performance. She dances off stage and into Dan's arms. She's bleeding through the dress, dying in his arms. Noooooooooooooo!! I can't y'all. How they gonna bring her back from the dead now?? Preview ..... Ok looks like she goes into a coma and Dan disappears.
  2. I wondered why YS' lips were so pale! She's literally performing while she's dying what the heck!! Y'all I can't. Dan runs to off stage to watch her. She is doing a voice over in her head.
  3. Nina is performing. Back outside the theatre. Dan has caught up to RuNa. But where did YS go? RuNa pulls out the knife but throws it on the ground. Back inside the theatre the performance is still on going. RuNa is spitting words. Dan stares at the knife. She's tempting him! Don't do it Dan. Back to performance. Back to Dan. He picks up the knife but holds back on stabbing her...for now. Nina and YS meet in dressing room. I don't know what they say! YS goes back out on stage. Dan doesn't stab her. The cops come. What?!?!? Runa had stabbed YS?!?! No!!!! Earlier YS had gone to save Dan and got stabbed. She's on stage performing with her stab wound while she's dying what the heck!! RuNa tells Dan I think what she did before being taken away by cops...
  4. Dan seems to be on to RuNa. They are kind of chasing each other around. YS has disappeared. Nina must perform the 2nd act! Oh something bad is coming.......my nerves are so high.
  5. YS dancing her heart out. The music feels so suspenseful. YS is dying now I believe. Dan is watching nervously. Nina also still watching from sidelines. YS dies as Giselle. End of first half. Dan gets a text. It's from Nina. Shiiiii* I think this was part of RuNa's plan. Or maybe Nina is in on it too I don't know! But Nina tells something to Dan. Dan must have responded in a weird way. Because Nina is in the dressing room now looking confused. Ahhh what's going on?? Dan goes to find YS in the hallway before act 2 begins. They talk a moment but YS receives call to go back on stage. They exchange I love yous. When YS leaves, Dan calls someone. He goes up the stairs. RuNa is following him with a knife in her hand. Oh crap. YS sees all this. Oh no!
  6. Back to dressing room. Nina is really sweet to YS. They hold hands for a moment. YS sits down and pulls out Dan's handkerchief. Cut to hospital. And here we go....RuNa has hurt a nurse and disguised herself as the nurse to escape. Is she at fantasia now? I think that's her, wearing a staff shirt and a long wig and baseball cap. It's gotta be her. The ballet begins. Lights down. Nina is watching from the side of the stage. She gets a text. She goes into the hallway. Yup there's RuNa dressed in disguise. RuNa is telling her plan to Nina? I'm not sure. Nina is pleading with her. Something tells me Nina might sacrifice herself for YS. Would she do that? RuNa threatens Nina and walks off. Back to ballet performance....
  7. My nerves are getting worse. How I will I suffer through till tomorrow? In the dressing room, YS is getting ready. The creepster investor comes in and gives YS flowers. Dan announces himself as her husband. All the other ballerinas clap for her. On the stage, YS does the pep talk for all the dancers. Everyone smiling. Hey Nina is there. She smiles some too. Ms Butler and Dan are in the crowd. Ms Butler cries. Dan just looks in awe of YS. Dan is thanking Ms Butler I think for everything and giving her chills lol. Dan so in love with YS.
  8. Quick shot of RuNa in jail cell. She does something to make herself be sick so she can be taken away in an ambulance. She's clearly got a plan for escape. Quick shot of ballet rehearsals. Back to YS and Dan at home in the garden. This must be where they dance together. Yup, they go inside the room with the chandelier and piano and dance in the candlelight. Kind of like that first dance of theirs outside. But more elegant. Lol not so drunkenly. Omo, the clock turns to midnight. It's the final day, the 11th. We see Dan's handkerchief. It still sparkles. In the morning, Dan and YS leave the house hand in hand. They seem to say goodbye to the house.
  9. Dan and YS go outside to their favorite bench in the park. It's nighttime. Dan pulls down a leaf and writes his own mission on it, then gives it to YS. Wonder what it says. Well YS walks off. Not sure how she is feeling. Back at home in the little garden table, she has a pen and paper and is getting ready to write something. Must be part of his mission. Dan interrupts and sits down with her. They talk a moment. Then YS tells him something that makes him super happy. That she's pregnant. Omg just kidding of course I wish! Haha
  10. RuNa in her car in the parking garage. Having more evil thoughts. Remembering walking up on the scene with her dead minion. She must think Dan killed him. She gets a call from Nina. They meet outside. Suddenly all these cops show up. Dang you go Nina. Don't make me like you now. RuNa's room at home being raided. Mom is sitting on the couch having a kiniption fit. Uncle tries to comfort her. Back at house of good. Ms Butler is announcing to Dan and YS what is going on with RuNa I think. They talk a moment. Doorbell rings. It is JKW. You mean he didn't just walk straight in and surprise them? JKW talks to them about something. Sorry I was interrupted so I missed their convo. Not that I would understand anyways. Flashback of JKW talking to Angel Hu about something when they met before Hu died. JKW leaves the house looking thoughtful. Back inside, Dan stands up like he's gonna take YS somewhere. End of first half.
  11. Dan and YS go to the church and into the angel's lair. They find Hu's handkerchief, the feather has turned black. He has left a letter for Dan. I guess he had already made up his mind what to do, to protect Dan at all costs. The letter seems to go back to how they first knew each other, when Dan was still protecting the animals. Dan and YS hold hands and Dan speaks his final goodbye to Hu. <sad> YS says a simple thank you. They close the door to the angel's lair and everything disappears. Like the lair no longer exists. Dan and YS hug again outside the church.
  12. More suspense.... Cut to Dan in the hospital. YS watching over him. JKW pops up. Maybe he is finally going to help these two poor souls? Side note, I feel sad that Hu is gone. Even though he frustrated me at times. He really loved Angel Dan. K back to show. YS spitting fighting words at JKW again. Guess he's still being frustrating. YS walks away and meets Dan who is standing up, outside his room. Dan is upset for sure. They go into his room. Guess he's upset that she was going to swallow all those pills. <sad> YS is spitting fighting words at Dan now and crying. They are both spitting fighting words at each other. <sad> Finally they embrace. YS crying hard now. Dan just looks shell shocked. But now he's crying. He's crying over Hu I think. They both crying hard. <cries too>
  13. I leave you all in suspense. Back to church. YS puts the handkerchief on her wrist and is about to swallow all those pills. But poof! Hu brought Dan to the church. He walks up to her and knocks the pills out of her hand. He's bleeding a lot from his stab wound and he collapses in her arms. It seems like he's dying. He reaches up to her with bloody hand. And faints. YS doesn't know if he's dead and is freaking out. Cradling him in her arms.
  14. I'm so nervous I hope I can type properly lol... We begin where we left off. Dan and YS both reciting their monologues to the Deity in the church. Cut to JKW in his office, looking at their wedding invitation and thinking things over. He makes a phone call. No answer. He goes to make a second call. Angel Hu interrupts him. Angel Hu tells him something seemingly important. Cut to Dan. On the rooftop. Puts RuNa into a chokehold. Man! He was thinking aloud in his head almost like he was communicating with her telepathically. Then all of a sudden, the original minion shows up. RuNa runs away and Dan and OM (original minion) get into one bada** knife fight. After a good while, Hu breaks it up. Looks like Dan got stabbed in the lower chest. Not sure about other dude. Dan argues with Hu but walks away. And we see OM get back up. Whoa! Ok at same time it cut to YS in church taking out a bunch of pills. Then back to Dan. OM about to stab Dan in the back but Hu snaps his fingers and bad guy goes thru a cement wall and I think dies (OM bleeding from head). Dan can't believe it. Hu kneels down. He's now committed sin and after a long speech, he vanishes in front of Dan who is crying. Hu leaves final words for Dan. Wait what??? Hu snapped his fingers and both Hu and Dan vanished!! What happened?!
  15. It's about that time, my dears. Penultimate episode. Who else is feeling a whole mix of emotions? Let's keep the faith for a happy ending! I'll be recapping the best I can. Stay tuned....
  16. Didn't want to come on the message boards till I had a chance to watch the Raw episode. I was expecting a *little* more of a dramatic ending to be honest. Also I thought in the preview that there were guests at the wedding? Maybe not lol it just seems in my mind that there were. Anyways so the ending...so Angel Dan was going to kill RuNa so she can't harm YS? I thought it would end with him kicking her off and her tumbling down. But no that would be too bad of him to do, right? I don't think he's ready to go to murdering lengths to be with YS...but if he does, that will definitely be a shocker! So no preview. I wonder if the Giselle performance will happen next episode or the very last episode. I really hope the writer can give us some good twists and turns esp during the performance. I want more ballet! Right now I really have no idea what could happen. I'll be back this weekend sometime after I catch up with subtitles. Happy Independence Day to any Americans on the thread!
  17. So it's going to come down to the question, free will or fate? I guess the ending will be the writer's interpretation of which is more powerful. I've been all about a happy ending for the past, oh, 10 episodes or so. But to be honest, at this point, I think it's all up in the air....
  18. Omo I have to find a way to watch tomorrow's episode live. It's gonna be sooo good. Wedding but then major sadness is coming!!
  19. Everyone seems to be prepping for Giselle. Already so soon? Angel Dan shows up with the flowers and hands them to her per preview. He mentions the first day he watched her dance in the same spot. She runs off to go rehearse. Oh plz no sadness coming oh plz no. She goes up on stage. He goes into the auditorium to watch her. Wait she can't feel him? Did he become transparent??? Flash Back to bed. I think she touched his face but her hand went right thru. Did I see that right? I hope I'm wrong. Back to present. He waves at her on stage. She waves back. Spotlight goes on her. She's performing just for him. Oh no! Dan suddenly feels a gust of wind from somewhere. Oh shiz. She's still performing but he suddenly can't see her!! She became invisible. What?!? Hu walks up to him. Dan is freaking out. Hu starts explaining things. Dan is crying and covering his ears. He doesn't want to know. Hu leaves. Dan is left alone. Suddenly at the end of the performance he can see her again, laying there "dead" After performance he walks up to her with the flowers. I'm glad he can see her again. Think he says he wants to marry her. They embrace. But Dan is worried you can tell. End.
  20. Oh noooo. YS calls Dan. He's outside walking. All he says is sorry. Sorry. What is gonna happen? I'm scared. He goes into a flower shop. I know the song they're playing in the background! I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more. Sorry distracted. He is getting the bouquet of flowers wrapped up. Quick shot of runa hiring a new henchman. Wonder if that other dude is still tied up on the bldg? Cut to Nina at ballet studio. She starts cleaning out her locker. YS walks up. Nina crying again. My face hurts watching her cry all the time.
  21. Morning time. They are sleeping in the same bed but still clothed so who knows! Dan reaches to caress her face and suddenly freaks out. He runs to the church to ask Hu what is going on. Is he human now? Hu just seems frustrated. And Dan seems confused. He must realize it's not as simple as that. He walks out of the church looking a bit dismayed. He starts smiling, then laughing, then crying. Awww Angel Dan. Need more tissues.....
  22. YS and Angel Dan are waiting for rain now so he can show his wings. But it's clear like every day. But now it's night and per preview stills, they are outside watching the moon and it starts raining. He stands there with his arms out wide. No wings. YS is super happy be cause it must mean he's human right? They hug and then share a pretty hot kiss in the rain. That was a good kiss. Omo he puts her to bed and they keep kissing. What are they implying here? Quick shot of his handkerchief sparkling on the table.
  23. Omo so YS took Angel Dan to the church. Think she wanted to get married. He walks away. She went after him saying I love you and practically begging. They argue and he looks sad. Suddenly he sees a kid about to get hit by a truck. He runs out in front and gets hit a little. Then faints. He wakes up in hospital. YS is there. They go home and she bandages up a little cut he has. So I'm confused. He didn't get totally healed but he got healed a little bit? Hrmmm need more explanation.
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