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  1. Back to rehearsal. YS seems unable to stop thinking about her angel. She esp thinks of him running away every time it rains. Meanwhile Angel Dan is on a bus going somewhere. JKW starts the rehearsal. Whatever he says seems to confuse the dancers. But they start anyways. Switch scene suddenly. Evil B 1's henchman suddenly has his briefcase snatched by a mystery guy on a motorcycle. Ms Butler spots him standing around wondering what just happened and goes out to talk to him. But he runs off. Not sure what that was about. Mystery man on bike was the same dude from the cruise ship. He brings the contents of henchman's briefcase to evil B 2. Is she gonna go against her mom? Hmmmm.
  2. YS arrives at ballet studio. In the locker room, all the dancers seem afraid of her or maybe just avoiding her. They are in the rehearsal room now. JKW comes in ready to start. But now walks in evil B #1 and evil B #2. Blahblah they are being nasty ofc and whatever they say shocks the dancers. Evil B 1 saying nasty words to YS. But JKW puts her in her place. I might actually like him here ha ha. Think they're discussing the audition. Anyways the 2 evil Bs leave. But JKW follows them to exchange more words. No idea more threats I suppose. Evil B 2 seems to have another evil plan though.
  3. Ms Butler has gone after Dan while he packs his things to try and persuade him to stay. YS angrily is throwing all the food away. Angel Dan wants to say one more thing to YS but Butler stops him. She's angry but also so sad too. My heart! JKW sitting around thinking about his crush Angel Dan (sorry I had to). Butler calls I think to tell him what happened. He mumbles something and eats a chocolate. Angel Dan standing in front of the church. Thinks about what Hu did to the old couple. Then turns and walks off. Angel Hu is standing atop the church. He watches Angel Dan leave and JKW coming. He intervenes by teleporting to behind JKW and acting like the priest. JKW ignores him and goes into the church angrily. Priest Hu follows him in. Preview scene. JKW takes the candle holder to hit Hu and Hu changes it to a flower. They are both threatening each other now. Somehow I feel like JKW might have more power at least more evil power. I need to know their convo! It's obvs about Dan and YS. JKW leaves and Hu just sighs. He seems worried.
  4. Beginning. Clearly a dream sequence of our lovelies aww taking the same photo from marriage to old age. It's YS's dream. At least they got it over with so we won't be speculating the entire episode. They almost kissed but not quite in the dream I mean. Aww this was right before she cooked lunch for him. Awww. She's happily cooked for him when he runs in and says the dreaded words wahhj! Angel Dan walks off and YS stops him. She's spitting words at him like what why I think etc. She's very hurt. I think she heard him the other night when he said to her, how can I not like You? Yes she totally heard it all awwww. She's revealing what she knows now. We are getting flash backs of all their sweetness. Not sure what Angel Dan is saying. Wish I knew! I think he's being mean to try and push her away. He's probably saying I didn't mean any of it. She yells at him as Ms Butler walks in. She's really angry now, still screaming as he walks away. She stomps off.
  5. They haven't explained this part to us yet. We don't even know if JKW was once a human too (like Dan) or not.
  6. Well who the heck wants a sad ending, really? That person must enjoy human (and angel) suffering, I guess. I can't stay awake any longer. I'm going to go dream now of a beautiful wedding and happy ever after for our lovely Angel Dan and YS, because I'm not a sadist.
  7. So clearly this is just going to be some sort of dream and they are just toying with our hearts here right ? Oh you KBS not cool not cool and right before my bed time too...
  8. What?!?! Okay and here I had just finished catching up on the thread (even though I haven't watched with subs yet) and was about to go to sleep. Now I can't sleep till someone translates this nonsense! I need that Supernatural shocked face gif right now.
  9. I suppose from Dom's POV, intentions don't matter so much right now. If you're on the receiving end of a deception/etc I think at first you're going to only care that you've been lied to/hurt, not whether the person meant to do it. I think intentions start to matter when it comes to forgiveness. Ofc most people are not going to forgive someone who maliciously hurt them. I think when Dom comes to realize GH's true intentions, then it will matter in terms of him forgiving her. I don't think intentions matter much to GH right now either. I don't think we're going to see her saying "oh well my intentions were never to hurt Dom so it's okay." I think instead we are gonna see her hating on herself and not being able to forgive herself. I guess where intentions matter most then would be with myself as a third party. Knowing where GH's heart really lies helps me understand her intentions and be able to forgive her.
  10. Thanks for getting this side-by-side for us! So interesting...I don't think he's bad either. His smile seemed genuine. I thought maybe CM's father too somehow but then how would he even recognize CM without knowing about the abyss? The place seemed like a place CM maybe visits often. Also didn't it look like some sort of temple? Maybe the guy really is some alien or angel or supernatural being. Hmmm....
  11. Everyone is making some really good strong and valid arguments on here. I am not angry with GH. Maybe frustrated would be the better word. I see her as naive and misguided but never intentionally hurtful. In fact we know how much she cares about Dom esp his health. Thanks @ktcjdrama for pointing out it was his medicine that she slipped into his pocket, not her confession letter. I was surprised to see GH show up at Dom's office but to me that just points more to her naivety. After breaking someone's heart like that, the normal thing to do would be to stay away for a while. I personally think she should have quit rather than let herself get fired. I honestly think she just doesn't understand the true results of her actions, maybe still not even yet. Perhaps when she discovers the truth about her sister, it will help her understand Dom's perspective better. I also feel like GH's character is really human to me. I can imagine myself being that naive in my younger age before life experiences put me in my place. She will come through this a better person. I'd like to see her really protecting Dom over herself in the coming episodes. She needs that redemption I think to prove she isn't as selfish as she seems right now. So I guess overall I'm not angry with anything. Just heartbroken for 2 characters who clearly love and care for each other and are hurting so much right now.
  12. That's actually smart reasoning. I feel ya. BTW, it looks like ALML is another tear jerker episode today. Oooof what's up with this week? Gonna need to find something funny to watch in between all this sadness.
  13. Looks like from preview that Angel Dan left! And YS is heartbroken about it! I thought this week's episodes were gonna be happier! I was wrong!! But I have to say this show is delivering SUPER POWERFUL scenes, even though they're sad. What Angel Hu did just now with Angel Dan watching was like WHOA it definitely isn't just JKW getting this treatment. It's literally any angel that tries to be human/fall in love. I'm devastated. How will there be any hope for Angel Dan and YS now???
  14. Flashback to childhood. YS saving Angel Dan. Their first meeting. Angel Dan wakes up. I think it was his memory. He called himself Dan in the flashback. He runs to the church and interrupts Angel Hu. I guess he's probably asking why am I having human memories? They are bantering back and forth. It's morning now and Angel Hu has taken him to a building somewhere. To this older couple. The older couple is scared of Angel Hu. What is going on?? Angel Hu seems mad at the older man. Not sure. Older man seems to apologize while on his knees and then goes and hugs the older woman. It feels really sad. Angel Dan is watching the whole thing. Angel Hu I think is gonna take one of them to heaven? Angel Dan tried to stop Angel Hu. OMG what? Angel Hu made the old man disappear. The old man was an angel I think! And I think Angel Hu turned the man to dust! Is this a lesson for Dan?? Like he better not fall in love with a human? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE. Angel Dan suddenly can only see YS in the image of this older woman. THIS IS AWFUL. Why God why?? Angel Dan sees the handkerchief left in the woman's hands. The feather on it turned black when the man disappeared. Angel Dan is horrified and runs quickly back to YS. Either he's gonna say I can't see you anymore or he's gonna say the truth about himself. I'm not sure which he says!
  15. Oh yay it's kitchen scene time! So happy I didn't miss it! It seems Dan is trying to cook but is really pitiful. So YS takes over. Dan puts an apron on her. They are so cute and close cutting vegetables. Uh Oh Angel Dan dropped a pot of hot water. He carried YS over it and set her on the counter. He leaned up close to her and said something but no kiss. It just made her all hot and bothered. Now they're eating noodles. She's so hot and bothered. He giggled at her. Now she's in bed thinking about their dinner and smiling about Angel Dan.
  16. My doctor took me really quickly! He must have known I had important business to attend to. Anyways, I was able to just now turn it on. Angel Dan was shopping in the grocery store and JKW was creepily following him. And then Angel Dan ran into an old lady who asked about the food he was buying but the old lady was really Angel Hu. Hahaha. Angel Hu looked good as a woman JKW is at the church now going to confession with Angel Hu who is dressed as a Priest. JKW seems just plain scary to me and I don't even know what he's saying! I hope Angel Hu puts him in his place. Like worry about your dang self, not Angel Dan and YS thank you very much.
  17. Good morning my friends (or evening if you're on the other side of the world). I am impressed by how close to 100 pages you got. Gold stars to all! I am off to my doc appt now. Happy viewing to those who will be live streaming! I cannot wait to come back and read all about what happened
  18. Chingu I think your countdown clock is off. It was only 22 mins ago that you posted 12 hrs to go. maybe you need to be more specific and include minutes. Actually, if you posted the hours and minutes from now until then, we would surely surpass 100 pages!
  19. @raziela you and I posted at the same time and had a lot of the same thoughts Someone on the thread (I just read through it but I forgot who now) said that the man watching CM and SY on the hilltop was the same man who witnessed Shady Seo leave SY's apartment on the night of the murder. Hmmm not sure if this is true. I would need to go back and re watch those scenes. I will try and do so this week. All I know is, we better not have any more bad guys! I see there is a lot of criticism on this thread. I agree with some of it, mainly the detectives being such nimwits. But I don't know even so I am really enjoying the show still! Lol maybe I'm a nimwit myself so it's right up my alley then
  20. @turtle0217 Thanks turtle chingu for your thoughts. You are brave to watch the episodes already. I don't want to watch them (well, with subs ofc) till Sunday night cuz otherwise I will feel too sad all the rest of the week and weekend. And this is assuming that Monday's episode will bring some happiness (which it very well may not).
  21. Just watched the latest episodes of Abyss! So good! Everything is really picking up in pace. It looks like it's gonna be a showdown with Shady Seo from here on out! So I'll post some thoughts in no particular order. -I really thought HJ would be the one to pull the plug on YC. I was yelling at her to go in and pull it haha. But then it was Shady Seo who did it. Ha ha little does he know what he did with the Abyss now... -Speaking of HJ, I'm so proud of her for standing up to YC. I knew she wouldn't suddenly turn bad. High five HJ! -Speaking of Shady Seo, I can't believe he killed his own mother. Yes I know technically not blood mother, but still! What a rotten SOB. -Now is mom going to be revived or not? Preview made it seem like she may not be. But surely they must revive her! Poor innocent sweet lady. -So glad some secrets have been revealed esp SY realizing that it was Seo who killed her. She's one tough cookie and is gonna go after him so hard. Also looking forward to seeing CM defend her. I'm all about girl power but I also enjoy the tall strong protective male -I felt sooo bad for Detective Park! I can't wait for his redemption to come. -CM and SY are pure love. That scene on top of the hill overlooking the cityscape was sooo cute. Their little bantering back and forth and CM's cheesy but sweet lines...just a big AWW. Now some things I'm still confused about. -Gi Man - what is with his storyline now? Who was that guy who ratted him out on the little traffic accident? Was it someone working for the Judge (I thought he was top prosecutor but they called him Judge these episodes)? I think I need to re watch his scenes. -And now for the most confusing part for me...who was the dude watching CM and SY having their love fest on the hilltop? His smile seemed genuine and like he was a good guy....but who was he?? Do we have any guesses? I'll be reading back through the thread soon! Look forward to hearing y'alls insights
  22. How long before an arm cast comes off? Seems like it would be a while. If GH is getting hers off next week, then a lot of time must pass, huh? Well, ya know what they say, time heals all wounds! So maybe there will be a reunion sooner rather than later.
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