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  1. They talk a little. He is still a little pouty. He hands her the cardigan and goes to leave again. They are having a cute little pouty stand off. He says some words then takes the red cardigan and puts it over her shoulders. She smiles some. So not together but she's back as secretary it seems. She's gonna have to prove herself now and protect Dom at all costs!
  2. Dom at home at night. He's looking for something. It's after midnight. He returns to office. He sees GH walk by in the lobby area. He goes upstairs. Goes to her desk. Her red cardigan is still on her chair. He opens up her journal and sees her confession note. He remembers what VP and DJ said and her stubbornness refusing to leave the office. He leaves the building holding her cardigan. He's looking for her but she isn't outside. But suddenly she comes running up to him.
  3. Dom leaving office at night. He sees GH is still sitting outside waiting for him. But he gets a call and meets with some business dude. He looks outside but she's gone now. He seems a little disappointed. Something going on with the uncle and other board member higher up guys. Uncle is mad, goes sneaking into Dom's office. He's snooping around for something. He finds that weird file. Dom had it printed put on his desk. He leaves with the file. Evil secretary spots him leaving with the file. Confronts him in front of the elevator. Uncle goes to leave but she blocks him. Dom is mentioned. Threats? I'm not sure.
  4. Nighttime date with VP and DJ. Her mother spots them and psycho music plays in background. Mom comes outside and VP holds out her arms to protect DJ from mom's wrath. But we know VP plays hard too. Well that wasn't much a showdown. Mom said some words but then walked off. VP and DJ end in a romantic moment.
  5. They are meeting now. Ofc GH is crying and upset. Sis is trying to justify herself. GH is yelling at her. But then I think she realizes she's yelling at her sis for being deceitful, when she herself was so deceitful. She's calming her words down now. She suddenly runs off. I guess to go find Dom. She goes to the office to see Dom. He isn't thrilled to see her. I think he tells her to leave. But she stays. She talks to him some more. Not sure about what. He listens but still wants her to leave. But he lets her keep talking. He finally walks off for good and shuts the door on her.
  6. GH outside now. She goes and eats a nice looking meal. She goes to a storefront and looks at some little dolls. She asks them questions and they nod or shake their head lol. She buys one of the little dolls. Omg!!!!! She went to watch a play and who came out on stage? Her sister!!!!! Omomomomo
  7. Dom goes home, talks to mom about the situation. He hugs mom but she doesn't hug back. He goes to his room and looks at his neck rash. It's gone. Remembers medicine GH stuck in his pocket. He looks at his phone. Sulking more. Sad Dom. Cut to GH getting her cast cut off. How long has it even been? She asks the doc to cut around the heart. Aww. She leaves and sees Dom in the hallway. She gets happy and smiles but he walks right past her and she gets sad again. Guess he didn't notice her at all. She does a voiceover in her head. She seems sad and sorry and worried for him. She's holding the little heart from the cast. End of half ep.
  8. Morning. VP shows up at GH's house. Guess she isn't gonna let GH sulk around. Yup no idea what they're talking about. Did VP give her a credit card? Lol not sure. VP leaves and calls Dom to go meet him. She introduces herself as original VP. Dom is just like yeah and doesn't even shake her hand. Dom doesn't seem interested in being there. Guess she's gonna try pushing for GH. She's being very sincere. Talking about how happy GH was when she learned Dom liked her. Dom just looks sad. Nighttime he goes back to his office and meets DJ there. They talk about evil secretary (who is still working) briefly. Now they're talking about GH finally. Guess DJ is telling him about the night at the movie theatre. Dom is listening but still sulking.
  9. Cut to GH. Sitting at home in her pjs. Talking to her mom who isn't there this time. Just talking to a picture. Oppa comes up to her. She starts crying about mom. Oppa rubs her back and she cries into his shoulder. Sad! Cut to secret secretary club meeting. Not sure but evil secretary is speaking to them about something. Cut to Dom and DJ watching a soccer team practice at night. DJ tells Dom he likes VP. Guess DJ will learn they never really kissed now. Or actually maybe not. Cuz DJ seemed a bit surprised that Dom was happy for him hehe.
  10. Lol Dom such a little kid. He rings the doorbell to DJ's place and shoves the model boat in his face making all these boat engine noises. Goofy Dom. They are talking now. Hopefully DJ finds out about GH being fake V. Awww Dom is starting to cry. Don't cry Dom!! He's apologizing to DJ. He isn't talking about GH at all I don't think.
  11. Ok so it seems it all started cuz Dom picked up the usb he wasn't supposed to. I dunno if the driver is feeling some guilt or if he just always looks innocent Lol! Evil secretary still seems evil though and yells at him. Dom with Doctor. Whiny pouty Dom. Doc flicking him in the head , now applying ointment on his neck rash. Dom pouty some more. Back at office now, looking at the model boat that DJ have him when he was a kid. I hope they make up soon!
  12. Starts where it ended last week. You're fired. Waaaah. K now meeting with evil secretary and evil driver. They're talking about the fish. Why the fish, what about it, I don't know. Some terrible old scene from her as a secretary and another secretary getting run over by a truck in order to save the fish? Then here giving a bunch of money to a young DJ? I don't know what's going on at all! But it's basically going thru the whole reason for everything she's doing I think. More awful old scenes with the driver. The uncle was kicking the driver when he worked for him and caused him to have a big crash and break his leg. That's when she approached him about revenge I guess. So really it seems both were severely mistreated, turning them this way? Doesn't excuse their actions tho esp against poor Dom who hasn't done anything wrong ! Anyways @ktcjdrama will prob have more in depth about what is going on here....
  13. Good morning! I've been off the boards for the weekend but I'm back for our show today! Hoping not too much sadness please don't keep breaking my heart showwww.
  14. Where as in 'place' or where as in 'where on the body'? Omg sorry dirty mind *slaps self*
  15. Has the song that's played during the opening title sequence been released? If not, that will be three OSTs that I'm looking forward to. Eeeks I can't wait!
  16. The very beginning. It was a dream of YS. She imagined them taking the same photo as a couple, then a married couple, then a middle aged couple, and finally an older couple.
  17. I am exhausted too, y'all. I wish the preview we could just see them being sweet on each other. They sure are dragging this out. The angst is really good but I feel beat after sitting through it all. And I will have to re-watch with subs.
  18. Dang this show is so good!!!! Sorry just had to say that!!!! Nighttime. Dan is wandering a village. He takes cover from the rain under an old crappy house. He suddenly has a vision of child him running from the house. He's being beat up by his father. He wakes up the next morning after having the vision. He searches an old plant holder and finds a tin case. He remembers another memory. YS outside his house trying to get through the gate. He won't let her in. She left the tin case for him. It has a picture of the two of them. And a drawing she made of them. He's realizing it all! He was a child and she was his best friend! He runs to the rocks and YS is there per preview. He sees her and drops the drawing of the two of them. Episode ends. But where is epic hug and kiss scene? C'mon KBS! Ok the ending was really good but I really thought they would at least hug! And the preview I don't know. A lot going on! More JKW interference. But at least Angel Dan is back. But I need less angst and more sweetness in that preview!
  19. Angel Dan left a note for Hu. I guess saying he's going to go love YS now! He spread Grandmas ashes in the field. And is now going on a hunt to find the places in his memories. He's drawn all the places in a sketch pad. We also get a flash back of him praying in church to God about what he's going to do. At the ballet studio, it's rehearsal time or audition may be. Seems like NiNa has been working with the old lady who is her old teacher. Nina goes first. Now YS turn. JKW is not happy with it. I mean clearly YS can't do it well because she's too busy missing her lovely Angel Dan. They argue some more and YS goes again. She's thinking about the pain in her heart from Angel Dan's words and now she's performing well! She sees JKW as Angel Dan and thinks about how much she misses him. She almost kisses JKW thinking it's Angel Dan. Everyone claps for her. But she misses Angel Dan so much!
  20. Omg! Another childhood flash back. Angel Dan has it while he's looking after the old woman (she's not dead). It's a flashback of him using chalk and drawing a ballerina YS on an abandoned building. He put a heart under the drawing. She ran up and saw it. End flash back. When he woke up the old lady was gone. He finds her in the grass outside talking to herself or her dead husband maybe. We have a flash back to her and her husband. But I can't tell when the flashback is from. When they first met? She seems happy thinking of him. Maybe Angel Dan will come to think it's better for them to love now and him to die later than for them never to get to love. I dunno. That's what it feels like. It's a bittersweet scene with this old lady. Angel Dan def seems to be having a revelation of sorts. He's remembering more of what the old man said to him. Now he seems to be talking about his love for YS. He's becoming very emotional. Awwww. Get the tissues y'all and I don't even know what they're saying! Grandma died after offering her words of advice to Angel Dan. She died in his arms! *sobs*
  21. JKW and YS keep drinking. YS got upset with JKW for something and took off. She is walking around at night. She goes to their bench. She sits down and starts talking to him and crying for him. Awwww he's there! He's standing behind the tree dressed in a black shirt. He reveals himself. She thinks at first it's a vision. He is very stern with her. I guess how they can't be together. He goes to walk off. She stops him and holds onto him and says some more angry words but whatever she says makes him a little shocked. She walks off and is crying sadly. Angel Dan is angry and pounding the tree hard. Ahhh I need subs!
  22. YS is leaving rehearsal in that red suit. She goes to meet Ms Butler. She has a vision of Angel Dan and runs off. Ughh JKW saw the whole thing. Guess he's gonna go following slash stalking her again. YS goes to the church and asks Hu about Dan. *I haven't watched yesterday's episode yet but how does she know about Hu and Angel Dan connection, exactly?* well Hu speaks some words and leaves YS feeling very sad. She leaves the church and ugh there's JKW AGAIN. They go to drink but ofc while she's drinking she keeps thinking about Angel Dan. Waaaaah. I need their reunion asap!
  23. 2nd half. Angel Dan goes to church to pray. I imagine he is very confused about the Deity's intentions. Hu comes up to talk to him but he seems angry and walks away. Hu follows him. Poor Angel Dan. I think Hu is trying to be light and happy again but Angel Dan isn't smiling. He walks off again and Hu just sighs again. Cut to evil B 1 (aunt) snooping around her daughter's room (evil B 2). Evil B 2 comes in. Man I'd sure love to see a showdown between the two of them! Let them destroy each other yes yes I would laugh so much. Now the evil Bs are in the kitchen cutting apples. Blah blah evilness blah blah more evilness blah blah blah. Yes the weird whispers are creepy! Maybe evil B 2 is a devil Angel and we will have a female Angel then albeit a devil Angel...
  24. Meanwhile Angel Dan goes to visit the old woman who is in the hospital still unconscious I guess. Life sure can be cruel. Angel Dan is remembering the old man who dissipated to dust. Suddenly the old woman's heart stops. Angel Dan sees the black feathered handkerchief in her hand. Thinks about YS. Not sure if old woman really died. Commercial break.
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