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  1. Hold up...so I'm not caught up on the drama cuz my friend started watching again so we're gonna watch the last 4 eps together this week. But I caught a preview on Insta and....ummm WHAT? CM dies?!? That better be some cruel joke. I don't know if I can handle that!
  2. @triplem Imma be like I was after TSYB ended....happy cause it's a happy ending, but crying cause it's over! Not many happy dramas be making me cry like so but this will be one of them...
  3. I found it! https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/mysecretarylife/clip/59190/22000339996 OMO!! Ring and wedding dress and falling on the bed together? Yes give me all three!!! Haha she's gonna accidentally burn her sweater. Now Dom will have to recongize her without it lol Someone get a GIF of Dom in the preview shaking his head at her lol too cute I'm excited can anyone tell
  4. Wait, no preview?!? Nooooo I need a preview and for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about a proposal this episode. I want a proposal!
  5. Next day, Dom in uncle office. Rips up some paper. Outside the secretaries are hungry and tired. Dom comes out. GH gives a happy smile to see him. He says let's go eat my girl. He did something and fixed it all. Secretaries won. She's so happy and jumps up and down. She jumps into his arms and the other secretaries are a but surprised. Ends with both of them hugging and happy.
  6. DJ walking outside somewhere and meets with VP's mom. She's being annoying as usual and he's just being happy go lucky which is making her even more angry. Dom at home. Mom made him a whole chicken. He's looking at that poor chicken so sadly. He can't stop thinking about GH. Dom don't cry again! He doesn't eat it. He goes into his office instead, thinking so much about her. He calls DJ. They go to a fancy suit store. Dom says it's for DJ. What kind of plan does he have ? Or maybe he just wants to treat his best friend.
  7. Outside some gangsters come up to the protest stand. They start to trash the place and harass GH. Dom comes in and saves her! He kicks out the gangsters. He's very worried for GH who is coughing from not eating. He's gonna have to take action so his girl can eat and be healthy and happy again. Cut to Dom at doctor office. He's whining to doc as usual. He gives him some medicine box and is all annoyed and angry. Not sure what that was about. He goes to meet uncle now. I dunno I kind of want this office drama over with and more OTP moments but it isn't gonna happen today I don't think.
  8. GH goes to join the secretaries and drivers. It's night and Dom calls her but she doesn't answer. He goes to find her. He looks so good in street clothes dang. She's apologetic for being out there. He's not mad though, he just wraps his jacket around her awww. Next morning, Dom surprises her with jokbal in the morning. She is refusing to eat it. Why? Cuz of the other secretaries? Did she go on a hunger strike? Now Dom is a little frustrated she won't eat. He tries again to feed her but she refuses. She is holding firm to her beliefs. Dom slightly smiles.
  9. Dom is inside his office, contemplating what to do. GH comes in. She calls out to him but he's just staring off into space. GH, time to give your man the fighting energy to right the wrongs in his company. Awww Dom don't cry. GH tries to comfort him but he gets teary eyed. Aww. GH comes outside. She apologizes now to the protesters I guess for yelling at them earlier. They talk a bit. I guess Dom calls her to meet with him. The secretaries are like go, it's fine. But she seems hesitant. She meets Dom for fancy dinner. He senses something wrong. She finally tells him how she's feeling. She looks distressed. Dom sighs at first but then tells her to go. Yaay supportive couple. But I can't tell he might be a little disappointed I'm not sure. Hopefully not!
  10. Next day. Office dramas. GH going to work. After a quick cute text from Dom, she sees all the secretaries protesting and goes to see what's up. Dom is outside the office. Driver comes up and introduces himself. Dom is freaked at first but driver just wants to tell him what happened and turn himself in. He tells Dom about uncle and then bows and apologizes, then the cops show up and arrest him. Dom is in a bit of shock. Meanwhile secretaries also tell GH what they've been doing. She's angry at them. Head secretary goes to Dom to bow and apologize for her roll in it.
  11. Lol I don't know what their convo is about but it seems really awkward and cute. Dom why you so afraid to kiss her lol she won't bite. Instead he takes her hand then hugs her. They are acting so funny and cute. I can't wait for subs lol. Is he afraid of missing her lips? Think she's like I'll just point it out to you. Now she's getting whiney cuz he won't kiss her. He finally takes her face in his hands and kisses her so softly and gently but hotly too lol. Good kiss and good close up woot!!
  12. VP and DJ scene. They are playing some spinning game. They are happy. DJ gets a call from head secretary. He rushes to the office. She's in the secret club room. All the secretaries rush in. They're going to stand with her through the unfairness I guess. Back to beach. Dom is sexually frustrated cuz he's got bro and sis in between him and GH. He reaches over with his toes to wake her up. She's mumbling things in her sleep like yes right away boss or something. Dom sits up and smiles at her and her siblings. He goes outside to the ocean. And calls his mom. GH wake up and go out there with him plzzz. Yaaay she got up and went out to him just as he hangs up with mom.
  13. At the beach GH is frustrated watching Dom chase around her brother lol. So she stops him and they run off together. She loses her shoe and Dom fixes it. She's so happy to be leaning on him this time. Then bro comes back up and puts on a pity party. He gets Dom to take them out for meat and keeps hogging it all. Lol GH bumming again. GH tries to sneak away again with Dom but bro and sis are trolling hard. Poor love birds. Bro wants Dom to drink. Basically forces him too. So GH drinks too. Now they are gonna have to stay at some guest house place. I hope the two love birds take a romantic stroll on the beach.
  14. She comes out without her red cardigan or her glasses but not sure he can see her face yet hrmmm. But he says she looks pretty. They are so smiley. She wants to drive him and chauffeur him but he opens the door for her instead. Then brother and sister come up and say some words. They are totally trolling them. Haha they convince Dom and GH to bring them along to the beach. They are acting like fools in the back of the car lol. Family trip! It's cute. They will be family forever, after all! But GH is a little sad for lack of privacy I think. Dom whispers some stuff to cheer her up I think hehe. The PPL is real so far this episode. Lol
  15. Office drama time. The secret secretary club was raided and an announcement was made. Head secretary is trying to plead with uncle now about it, I guess trying to get him to stop whatever is happening. He is acting all smug. And pretty much slams the door on her. Back at GH's house, she keeps thinking about Dom and getting all giddy as she gets ready. She is so cuute. Dom shows up and tells her to change her outfit cuz they're gonna go on a date. Man I bet her poor sis is so jealous of GH having such a hot man. I know I would be! Dom goes outside and waits while she gets ready.
  16. Here we go! The end is nearrrr. Starts with Dom holding out GH's chair for her. Then pouring champagne. She looks a little uncomfortable but happy. She's reintroducing herself. Now Dom says he's crazy I'm love with her. She blushes and giggles. They are toasting to their love I think. Such cutiesssss.
  17. His jeans need to be just a *wee* bit tighter and he needs to hold that back stance a little longer....you all know what I'm sayin' No seriously though someone give me Dom butt shot pleeeeaseeee
  18. I thought I'd come on here and everyone would be having a bed party but half the comments are sad about it. I feel y'all. I'm gonna contribute to the sadness by predicting the scene takes place pretty much immediately after her fall/memory erasure and that's why she's pretty much passed out. And yes, I guess Angel Dan is going to leave again once he knows she's OK *sigh* Maybe....maybe....we will get a proper bed scene later on. I mean, it would fit the narrative of an epic and unsurpassed love....but I'm not sure because thus far things have been pretty chaste (irk). Plus Angel Dan is so innocent (aww). By the way, I'm still confused about their ages. In the beginning of ep 9, we were told the childhood incidents happened exactly a decade ago. But then later on when Angel Dan confronted his father in the hospital, Angel Hu said his father had done charity work at the hospital for 13 years. So that assumes Angel Dan died 13 years ago, not 10 years ago. Can anyone clarify? Was there an age given for the characters before the show began? So anyways I can't sleep and I was thinking this so I'll ask...since slapping JKW didn't seem to deter him from continuing to bother her, what should YS do next to try and get him to go away? I personally think she should grab his arm and bite his wrist. Like, hard. Lol I dunno. Don't mind me. But really what should the poor girl do?
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