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  1. Ewww nasty aunt shows up. Go away I want our lovely couple to be alone! Aunt has some contract for something. Dan is getting mad by whatever the aunt is asking of YS. Finally he raises his voice at the aunt. Both aunt and YS are surprised. Ugh go away aunt. I'm getting annoyed too lol. I will yell get off the screen too you nasty wench!!
  2. Dan is meeting with sister. I think he's trying to tell sister that YS was poisoned. Well duh she was the one who did the poisoning! Ugh! So frustrating to watch! Angel Dan protect your girl. Angel Dan suddenly seems to spot that bad guy on the stairwell. He chases after him. But he loses him. Dang it and sis and bad guy are literally standing right next to each other! At mansion, a doc has seen YS and is leaving just as Angel Dan returns. Dan and YS sit down to talk. Dan sees how tense her hands are and wants to reach out and hold them but can't do it aww.
  3. She's in bed now, drifting in and out of sleep. She sees Dan by her bedside and he turns into child Dan and she appears to have some childhood Flash backs with him. He gets up to leave but she takes his hand and says don't go awww. She wakes up with a terrible headache. She just now remembers what happened on the ship. MsButler comes in and brings her coffee. YS calls someone, who? They aren't answering. Meanwhile all the ballet people are having a meeting like how can you let YS run this company when she's acting this way? I mean I think that's what they're saying. JKW stands up. Think he defends YS. Meeting ends and NiNa approaches JKW. He goes to the rehearsal room. I guess the ballet artists are upset about YS? JKW gives them words. He's yelling. They are too afraid to respond to him. NiNa runs off. NiNa is crying and getting drunk and now throwing up in an alley. Oh girl! Some lady comes up and says something to her? What the heck who is that and what did they say? Nina got up and ran after the woman. The woman takes a stick and tries beating NiNa now. What the heck was that ?!?
  4. Evil aunt is making some speech that is leaving people confused. Ok she's introducing YS. YS stands up and is feeling woozy. Ooooh I just realized YS is going to think it's from the pills she took earlier and not because she was poisoned! Ugh! Outside on the dock, Dan runs into the cigarette guy who is now dressed as a waiter. He thinks what's up with that. Dang inside the dining hall, YS is going nuts!! She's yelling at those businessmen and acting nutso!! She wants to fight them oh dang and starts pushing everyone. She ends up outside on the dock about to fall off the ledge. Dan quick saves her and she passes out.
  5. Angel Dan is frantically running around the ship looking for bad things. He sees bad looking man but man just says he's out taking a smoke. NiNa dancing now. Need OTP moments soon plz! Ok Dan is back in the dining room. Sees JKW and YS and gets jealous. He gets an idea that the food may be poisoned and literally takes down a waiter! YS is like what are you doing. Angel Dan is flustered. Evil aunt is angry. Someone else is quickly slipping some powder into another glass of wine. The waiter turns around by uncle is there. What is uncle saying? Aunt looks peeved at her seat. Btw sis totally knows what's up too. Back to uncle and waiter. I dunno what's going on. But this time the grapes are definitely poisoned and given to YS. Oh I think the grapes were sisters doing, as a back up in case mom's plan didn't work. Oh dang!! Equal evil sis and mom or aunt however you see it. Mom seems pissed that sis got to do the poisoning.
  6. Dan takes YS to her seat. He seems uneasy seeing all the chandeliers around. He's being very protective of YS. Think he had a convo with Ms Butler and learned about evil Aunt's evil intentions maybe. Or maybe she just warned him to watch out for YS. JKW comes to sit next to YS and Dan leaves to walk around. The ship is sailing..no literally the ship is sailing now hahah I'm so funny. Anyways some performers are dancing. YS is watching. I think the Japenese guy is talking dirty in Japanese lol. YS is giving him dirty looks in return. Evil aunt is watching evilly from afar. She's served some food that may be....poisoned ? Hmmmmmm.
  7. Okay so YS is getting ready for tonight. I think she popped some pills. May be anxiety pills? Not good YS!!! Outside the gates, Angel Dan is trying to drive to pick up YS but he keeps hitting things. JKW pulls up too. They're both fighting to drive YS now though. Dunno who she rides with but now she's boarding the ship and has taken JKW's arm. Dan is behind them. YS shakes the hand I think of the Japanese business guy who is very touchy feely. There's a brief argument with YS and evil aunt. They board the ship.
  8. JKW at Buddhist temple visiting Matil. Flash back to them leaving the church after his love declaration. Oh dang!!!! What is this nonsense? Hold on let me watch then I'll type it out. Right after they left the church, there were all these lightning bolts and 2 Angels or something appeared. One wearing one and one wearing black. Oh dang!! Out before him was layed a handkerchief like that one Dan has. Matil couldn't see the 2 Angel demon people. One of them had taken out a gun and was gonna shoot JKW I guess as punishment. But when they shot, Matil had stepped in front of JKW. What the heck.......... Not expecting that to be how it happened!! After she died, JKW's handkerchief feather turned black. And holy shizzz he hung himself. Except the noose broke. Then he tried to overdose on pills but I guess that didn't work either? Or it did work? I don't know! Either JKW couldn t kill himself or is a dead human right now. And what was that? JKW was speaking to an old man outside the temple but it was Angel Hu in another disguise! Man they gotta reveal all this stuff right in the middle of the episode! I'm all confused and can't concentrate now!!
  9. Lol okay Angel Dan is trying to learn how to drive and get his license now. But his teacher turns out to be Angel Hu in disguise. They have some ridiculous antics with Angel Dan driving like a mad man lol. He's upset and stomps away. Hu follows him and laughs at his temper. Hu reads something he had written in his diary about YS. YS this YS that. Angel Dan is mad he was reading his journal I think.
  10. YS just like rolls her eyes lol. She's scolding Angel Dan now. Angel Dan touches his heart. Dunno if he tells her that she moved him. She doesn't seem happy. They are driving, all of them. Awkwardddddd. My stream died for a moment but it seems Dan and JKW were arguing. My stream isn't working well arghh. Quick flash back of child Dan running along some cliffs in the rain. He slips and is holding onto the rocks barely, about to fall into the sea. Dan wakes up. I guess he was dreaming it. My stream is crapola so I missed a quick scene of Dan and YS. Wah.
  11. Here we go!! Team sweet Angel Dan too!! Begins with flashback of Matil and JKW. They're the same spot as yesterday with Matil dancing and saying something about going crazy. Ominous. Really neat scene with juxtaposition of Matil dancing and her being shot. It almost seems like she chose to die because she was so immersed in the ballet where maybe the lead died. I dunno it's weird. Okay back to YS and JKW on the beach stage. From JKW's perspective, he sees Matil and now he's crying. He says some words and gets on his knees now and omomo!! Angel Dan fell out of the shack right in front of them!!! I'm dying here lol
  12. @titania1000 You really got me thinking about Angel Hu now...if he is in cahoots with JKW, then all the "rules" he's told to Dan get thrown out the window! Or should I say thrown out of the sky...ya know...since they're angels. Yeah, ignore my sad excuse at humor...
  13. Okie I just watched with subs. I jotted down a couple notes. I think some of it has already been mentioned but I'll mention again... JKW...as much as I don't like the annoying brat...I still want to know more about his backstory. I'm afraid if we don't find the differences between him and Angel Dan, Angel Dan and YS are doomed to the same fate, and I cannot accept that. One obvious difference is we know that Dan was once human. We have no indication that the same goes for JKW. Even though Angel Hu (Dan's superior) has warned him of the consequences for liking a human, perhaps the rules really do change because Dan was once human. I dunno, just something to consider. Second thing I noticed...how come JKW didn't turn to dust for declaring his love for Matil? So I started to wonder, maybe after he declared his love to her, God accepted it, and all was okay for the moment. But perhaps after that, JKW slowly became obsessed over the ballet stuffs. He came to stop loving Matil purely and only care about her as a dancer. And that's when things went awry? But still then, why was Matil punished, when it seems the rules are clear that it is the angel who will be turned to dust. Hmmm. I also bring this up because it sure seems to me that JKW is more obsessed with the ballet than anything right now. At the beginning of the episode, when he returned home and Matil's photo was on that large screen, he said something along the lines of "I just have to get you on stage. Then my life will be complete" or something weird like that. Basically implying that Matil's only purpose for him was as a dancer. Let's just say, his love with Matil doesn't seem as pure as Dan's love for YS, at least not after all this time has passed. Hmmmm. Well just some thoughts to ponder. I'm reaching here for reassurance that neither Dan nor YS will not be punished and/or turned to dust for loving each other. If this happens, I will be very devastated. I'm not super religious so I'm gonna find it hard to get on board with any strict religious messages the show sends. I am much more a fan of just plain true love. Anyways, does anyone know the song that was played during the flashback scene of JKW and Matil dancing under the sunset? What a beautiful scene and a beautiful song. The song carried over to the flashback of his love declaration in the church, too, I believe. I don't think it's part of the OST though. It had English lyrics from what I heard. Everyone excited for today's episode?? I am!!
  14. Good grief, talk about depressing y'all I have a different perspective on suicide as a sin, however I'll just say *if* Dan committed suicide as a child, he was a child and I definitely don't think he deserves the wrath of God. If this ends up being the whole message of the show, I'll probably lose it.
  15. Yeah I don't know. I guess we'll learn more about the God portrayed here as the story goes on. I really want more backstory on JKW. Already things are a little different since Dan was once human (different from the Bible, that is). I think the best we can hope for is Dan to somehow be granted life as a human again. But if they pull some City of Angels BS....yeah...
  16. This is a very interesting point. Did Matil die because JKW made a vow of love to her in front of God, or for some other reason? I hope we learn that JKW was not really a good angel in the past. And not just because he fell in love. Otherwise, history is just going to repeat itself and it would paint God in a very strict and not very good light. And it would surely make one question the writer's intentions.
  17. Is there anyone who understood the episode without needing translations? I'm very curious, when Dan's superior told him the story of JKW and his past lover, did he just say, "there once was an angel..." or did he specifically point out JKW? I'm assuming the former, and that Angel Dan doesn't have a clue that JKW was/is/whatever an angel... I really can't wait for full translations, especially of all the voice overs and the final scene!
  18. I'm going to go to work now *sniffle* and think about Angel Dan and YS crying *sniffle* and longing for one another *sniffle* and their sweet childhood together *sniffle* and baby human Angel Dan crying watching her dance as a child *sniffle* and that lovely rainbow *sniffle* and everyone at work is going to stare at me like I'm crazy *sniffle*
  19. Ok that was legit the perfect ending! My heart cannot take the sweetness and don't worry, YS was NOT into that hug with JKW! She was sensing Angel Dan's presence I think. Preview shows YS in some danger but Angel Dan saving her and also piggy back ride! A real one with her angel!
  20. YS starts dancing on the stage. Angel Dan feels something in his heart. Omo flash back to them as children in the same spot with her dancing for him! Omo my heart!!! Sweet babies since childhood!!! Omo Angel Dan starts crying and so does YS at the same time. Omo Angel Dan reaches out for her through the shack. And watches JKW hug her instead. Flashback to childhood again. Him watching her dance and crying and there's a rainbow and she gives him the sweetest hug. Omo!! Y'all get the tissues for this ending!!!!
  21. JKW is driving her, it looks like to the beach. Oh you dodo Dan! Yup Dan is making a whole beautiful set up for her on the beach where the photo was taken at. JKW brings her there. Dan runs and hides in a little shack. Ughhh I need YS to know this was Angel Dan's doing! Omo I think she already knows it's his doing? She's calling out Dan's name but JKW stops her. Is he taking credit for it? YS starts talking all serious and sad. Angel Dan looks sad hiding in his shack from afar.
  22. Next day, voiceover of Angel Dan writing in his journal. Meanwhile. YS continues rehearsing hard. He watches her thru the window. A few days pass I think. Angel Dan is sad. He walks the dog to his favorite bench. Think he wants to go back to how it was, when he got missions on the leaves. More voiceovers from him. He looks thru her photo albums and sees a pic of her on the beach. Hmmm could be inspiration for upcoming beach scene. Morning, Ms Butler wakes up YS who is asleep in the studio. She scolds her for pushing too hard. Then YS gets a call from evil aunt and shady husband, whom she goes to meet at a restaurant. She doesn't really want to hear what they have to say. Evil aunt bought her earrings. Think she's like um why. Shady husband is trying to be his nice self. Hopefully YS doesn't fall for it. Now YS is outside walking with Ms Butler and talking about things. Ughhh stupid JKW is suddenly there, waiting for her with his car.
  23. YS has been rehearsing all day. Angel Dan comes to see her. She's exhausted. He tells her it's enough. To please stop. She's just like this is how it is. She sits down and her feet are all bloody. She starts to wipe them but he comes up and wipes them for her. She re wraps her feet to keep practicing. He's upset I guess that she's pushing so hard. She argues back and starts crying probably saying you don't understand. I think she's asking do you like me. And he's remembering something his boss told him. So he says no. Awww. Of course we know he does. She gives him back his handkerchief, now covered in blood. Sad scene.
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