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  1. JG sent a food truck to his co-star LL. After 2 years of drama, I didn't know that he had contact with her.
  2. Happy birthday...JG sends a birthday message to his queen. I asked God, he answered my request.
  3. We expect a cameo in the drama or in the movie. hahahaha or food truck that hasn't arrived for JG yet. We haven't had any interaction between them since hoteldelluna, JG went to the IU concert, didn't take pictures We are without crumbs
  4. I think that some fans who don't want Moon Lovers 2, because they don't like UI against JG, I already read some comments. There might be a chance for the second season in 2021, especially if this year is for Netflix, let's pray
  5. @summer2017 Maybe, JG has always been hyperactive on social networks, maybe he didn't like to use insta story or found it practical now and his queen can like and comment without anyone seeing .
  6. Yes. agree Chingu, captain JG asking that we continue to rowHe and his queen are always in tune, JG now using insta story, in his story he posted BTS ML and saved on his Instagram, the only story post he has saved so far
  7. We miss you chingu, always come and rejoice with your predictions. We have positive thoughts on Joonu
  8. it's not LJG, this guy also appeared on IU TV vlive, I think it's from her team. As for the forum it really depends on Joonu's transporters.
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