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  1. Anneyonghaseyo chingus, still alive , baby ? (My favourite lines in Mr. and Mrs. Smith) hehe How are you all ? Hope all is well with you. Drop by to say that I’m so proud seeing our Namji doing great job in their individual project. Glad to see the snippets of Wookie from the army musical. Is he korean Benjamin Button? Because it seems like he ageing backward. Haha. And for our baby girl, so happy to see 100 Days My Prince received so much love these days. I love this drama so much. We stan the right girl. She did great job bringing Hong Shim’s character to life . My fave line from Hongshim would be “I promise to marry someone , the problem is he is serving in the army” . Haha. Is it only me pause for a while seeing this line? Hehehe anyway, happy shipping. Let’s support our OTP.
  2. Anneyonghaseyo chinguduel ~~ it has been so long since I posted here. I decided to delurk because today 5th July 2018 is such a special day for our Namji land. It is our captain’s birthday. Happy birthday to our Wookie Dear Chang Wookie oraeboni, I sincerely wish you abundance of happiness, health and success in life. It almost one year you have been serving in army (hope you already get “chicken and pizza” visit from your jihyunyangie) and another months to go, we will be waiting for you. Serve well
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