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  1. @daloula what you wrote inspired a thought. i think, actually they have discussed this at length. before army they talked so much about the visit. he hopes she will, she thinks she should, it became the talk of the town, and then it became awkward and stressful because it really is not ready to be everyone’s topic yet. but it would be nice to leave a memory on his military life. and i’m not sure how much they could keep things under wrap if she visited him at cheorwon, so how about the musical, and publically. that way when people asked, he wouldn’t have to say she visited though technically she did. i also find the reporter’s question strange. i even want to look at other discharge interviews to see what kind of questions are asked, if i had the time. this was not even one of those official rumored dating topics. but everyone has their eyes on them. i suppose they like him enough to come and ask. and he’s still so cute as a big big boi now. cannot tell lies w a straight face. blink blink blink. hahahah
  2. 2 years... i had some doubts i’d still be here.. but here i am! sail away captains! welcome back! our fine looking Wookie!!
  3. i’m sorry i’m late gals!!! i lost my soompi password and didn’t have time to go dig it out.. but seeing Hyunnie at the musical, openly posting about her orabeoni... i’m here to wave the flag of victory and declaring what a cool gal she is. do. they. know. how. long. we’ve. waited. for. this. day!?!?! haru haru guys. haru haru..
  4. Does someone have an animated gif of eun bong hee in the bar swatting away a fly? From ep1
  5. Me too!!! With Hyunnie’s drama ending the drought will be dryer than ever!!
  6. Actually it was kinda side-story. Hong-shim as a character was solving problems for everyone in the village, and when her problematic husband got into lots of debt, she turned it into a semi-enterprise so that she could earn some money. But throughout the story they highlighted her quick wit and resourcefulness. i was kinda disappointed that it was not a full-blown agency tbh..
  7. Just finished watching Hyunnie’s performance in HDH13 and i LOVED the scene with her father where he caught her going through wondeuki’s stuffs.. she went from guilty to angry to exasperated to hopelessness to sadness.. and made me tear.. wow.. uri Hyunnie zzang!!!
  8. Finally it’s Monday again!! I’m so missing Hyunnie i’m gonna watch it live if i have the time.. although the sageuk speak really baffles me even more.. i’m missing the nuances that Hyunnie was switching between yangban and peasant accent.. sigh.. does anybody know what is the plot of the musical? I’m curious..
  9. Not random at all.. not random at all.. not random at all.. not random at all.. this is a sageuk.. not random at all.. Mitchigeda!! i love my captains!!!
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